Outdoor Worship Services Extended Through November
By The Rev. Cameron Randle, Rector
With crisp autumn days and accompanying cool nights, October is about to relinquish its pumpkin spice-flavored primacy to November. For the church, this annual transition is always marked by the observance of All Saints Day on November 1. The occasion promises poignancy and a degree of sorrow as we honor the memory of those in the faith who have died since last year’s Feast of All Saints.
Our worship service includes the great hymn For All the Saints and stirring language from the Collect of the Day, “Almighty God, you have knit together your elect in one communion and fellowship in the mystical body of your son Christ Our Lord…” Perspective is in ample supply at this juncture of the liturgical year. We are encouraged to look back at those saints, known and unknown, who have gone before us. At the same time, we recommit ourselves to looking forward, toward those saints whose lives will follow ours.
This year’s COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll. The pound of flesh extracted from us is being taken in the form of physical proximity. Community has become the most valued currency. Yet, we anticipate a time when it will be safe to return to indoor corporate worship and resolutely insist upon finding our way forward as a healthy parish until that day arrives.
In the interim, we are privileged to worship together in the beauty of holiness, sans doors or walls or ceilings. Our Eucharists on the back lawn will continue through the month of November, with services at 10:30 AM on November 1, 15, and 29. Please RSVP to the parish office via phone or email, wear masks, and bring your own seating if able.
For those who appreciate multicultural experiences, please plan to close out November 1 with our brief Dia de Los Muertos service. We’ll gather at 6:30 PM in the Columbarium section of the ESC Cemetery for a Compline service in Spanish. Bring photos of departed loved ones to add to the altar.
Our appointed readings for All Saints feature a vision from The Revelation of St. John the Divine, in which we are assured that, “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”  Our hope comes from a narrative conveyed to us by precursor saints. Our comfort comes from knowing the source and subject of that narrative is faithful beyond measure.
Meanwhile, what better sanctuary from which to hone our worship skills as saints-in-training than one adorned in dirt, sky, grass, trees and the warmth of renewed relationships? 
Altar Guild and Flower Guild
By Marty LaGiglia
Liturgy begins and ends with the work of the Altar Guild and the Flower Guild; true ministries. Our mission is to care for the sacred vessels, the bread and the wine, the fair linens, hangings, candles, torches, and flower arrangements which are used for worship in the sanctuary.
Our role is to support the clergy by ensuring that all things be done properly and in good order. The contribution of each Altar Guild/Flower Guild member is so important. Together, those contributions are a devotion to the glory of God.
Eucharist Duties:
  • Ensure the proper placement of the vessels, wine, wafers, and linens for Eucharistic services
  • Prepare the Eucharistic visitor communion kits which are administered to those that have requested communion in their homes
  • Place the receiving basins for the offertory on the credence table
  • Service books are marked and placed on the altar
  • Place the hymn numbers on the hymn boards
  • All the vessels, linens, and other items are brought to the sacristy for cleaning after each service

Other Duties:
  • Change the hangings for each liturgical season of the church year
  • Polish all the brass and silver
  • Replace votive candles at the prayer station
  • Fill candles on the Altar with oil
  • Hand wash and iron all linens
  • Order supplies as needed

Flower Guild Duties:
  • Purchase and arrange flowers
  • Place them on the altar for weekly services
  • After Sunday services, flowers are arranged in smaller vases and delivered to parishioners who are unable to attend church
  • Arrange flowers, wreaths, and palms for our special services during Advent, Christmas and Holy Week

Serving on the Altar Guild and Flower Guild is both a privilege and an honor. If you would like to volunteer or join a team, please call Marty LaGiglia at 757-425-6758 or Audra Byrn at 757-408-6916. 
Hard Passages of the Bible - Week 6 discussions tomorrow
The Episcopal churches of Virginia Beach are back for week 6 of our Bible Study - working together to help us all grow in Spirit and Truth as we grow in knowledge of God’s Word. This week Fr. Cameron leads a discussion of Matthew 16:18. Watch this week's teaching video and then join us at one of the Zoom discussions on Thursday, October 29 - 11 a.m. or 7 p.m. The log in information for those gatherings is below. The Zoom link for each week will also be posted with the weekly video on the YouTube channel, Episcopal Churches of Virginia Beach. Click on the screenshot below to watch this week's video from Fr. Cameron.
11:00am Zoom Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 29
Meeting ID: 852 8328 7602
Passcode: cT7e9r

7:00pm Zoom Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 29
Meeting ID: 817 5577 4397
Passcode: TDq35C
First Friday Men's Breakfast on Nov. 6

NEXT Friday is November 6 and time for our First Friday Men's Breakfast. We are working on making this gathering particularly special - be sure to see next week's Chapel Chimes email for all of the details!
Chapel Pantry update
By Kay O'Reilly, Chapel Pantry Coordinator

The Pantry served 380 families on a warm fall Saturday. The need is great; we are hearing stories of evictions, of mothers who can’t stretch their dollars any farther, and of folks who spent the last of their money on gas to get to the pantry. Everyone who visits the pantry is deeply grateful. They tell our volunteers what a blessing we are to them and to the community. Thanks to all who have helped in any way to keep this ministry strong.

As always, we are in need of eggs, egg cartons, paper grocery bags and volunteers!

Photo: Chapel Pantry volunteer BJ directs traffic
Peanut Group not headed back to the kitchen yet

The Peanut Group is not planning to start cooking peanuts until it is safe to do so. Our kitchen at ESC is wonderful for many things but is not large enough for any kind of distancing. We cannot plan to cook until there is some kind of control over the COVID-19 virus. Thanks for understanding.  
Parish Book Store: Start your holiday shopping here!

Check out our virtual bookshelves at bookshop.org/shop/parishbookstore for suggestions for children as well as for adults. You can also “browse” to find just the right book for your reading pleasure. If you would like to peruse our actual bookshelves, call 757-425-0114 to make an appointment. 

Help us get books to Mission of the Holy Spirit
The Parish Book Store is once again partnering with Mission of the Holy Spirit to provide books for their children at Christmas. You can help us by making a contribution to the purchase of the 96 books. Make your check out to THE PARISH BOOK STORE, put “Mission” in the memo line, and send it to Parish Book Store, 2020 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach 23454. Thank you in advance for your support of this outreach.
Zoom with your Sunday school class! 

Join friends and teachers, by Zoom, as they meet and discuss lessons from this year’s curriculum – Feasting on the Word. Confirmation classes for students in the Senior High Class meet on the first and third Sundays of the month during the regular Sunday School hour at 9:10 a.m. Classes on the second and fourth Sundays include Lectionary based topics.

Classes are organized as follows:

Anyone wishing to receive a link to these Zoom classes may email the teachers listed above. To discuss formation needs or other questions, please contact Patti Glowatsky (pglowatsky@easternshorechapel.org), Director of Family Formation.
Parish Day School: Pumpkins!

This week at Parish Day School we are exploring pumpkins. Our students are having so much fun painting and decorating pumpkins, sorting and organizing pumpkins, and discovering what is inside our pumpkins. All of these activities look like play in the classroom but are purposefully planned to help our students reach their developmental milestones. It is so much fun to be in preschool!
Virtual tours
We are doing virtual tours for families interested in joining our preschool. If you or someone you know is interested, please give us a call at 757-491-6130 or email us at pds@easternshorechapel.org.
Sending you our blessings and love!
Good advice from Sirach
By Lee Davis

Because the book of Sirach is found in our Apocrypha (that part of the Bible between the Old Testament and the New Testament) it is often overlooked. The full name of the book is Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach (not to be confused with Jesus, the Christ). To make it worse, sometimes it is called Ecclesiasticus (not to be confused with Ecclesiastes which is found in the traditional canonical text). The Daily Lectionary cycle currently includes selected readings from this wonderful book of teachings. Following are just a few excerpts. Take the time to read the book, it’s not long and is chock full of good advice. If you can’t seem to find it, just click here.
  • 11:8 - Do not answer before you listen, and do not interrupt when another is speaking.
  • 6:16 - Faithful friends are a lifesaving medicine: And those who fear the Lord will find them.
  • 15:11 - Do not say “It was the Lord’s doing that I fell away”: for he does not do what he hates.
  • 21:26 - The mind of the fools is in their mouth, but the mouth of the wise is in their mind.
  • 30:16 - There is no wealth better than health of body and no gladness above joy of the heart.
  • 5:5 - Do not be so confident of forgiveness that you add sin to sin.
Morning Daily Office

Join us every morning but Sunday at 7:30 on ZOOM to celebrate the Morning Daily Office.
Click here or go to ZOOM Meeting ID: 562 715 368 Passcode: John1513. On Thursdays join us live in the narthex - just like we did pre-pandemic! Everything is provided, all you need to do is show up. All are invited, all are welcomed.
Evening Daily Office

Evening Daily Office is now available on ZOOM at 5:30 Monday through Friday. Meeting ID: 896 1777 7644 Passcode: Ex1414. Join us once, join us occasionally, or join us regularly; we are made richer by your presence.
Pray for Our Military

From CRU Military Ministry -- Pray for more collaborative efforts with international ministries and churches to help reach out to the global military community in their nations. We ask the Lord for our ministry to be able to build trust and to share a greater vision with others to spread the gospel among those who wear their nation's uniforms in an additional 20 countries this next year. We trust the Lord to give us an anointing of understanding His heart and for us to be bold and faithful to His vision to bring the gospel to those who don't know Him, to the ends of the earth!

Prayers & Prayer Cards for deployed military
If you would like a prayer card sent to your deployed service member please contact Bill Hunter at whunter9@cox.net or 757-402-6384. I would also be happy to place the service member on the prayer list at church for inclusion in the weekly Prayers of the People.
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