Schedule of Worship Services

Sunday, November 15 (Pentecost 24)
10:30 AM - Regathering On the Lawn
Rain plan: Parish Hall
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Sunday, November 22 (Christ the King)
On Eastern Shore Chapel YouTube channel
No in-person service

Sunday, November 29 (Advent I)
at 10:30 AM - Regathering on the Lawn
Rain plan: Parish Hall
Also on Eastern Shore Chapel YouTube channel
ESC Vestry Candidates
By Sally Cox, Senior Warden

As we near the end of a year that defies all description, we at Eastern Shore Chapel have much to celebrate. We are a vibrant church, growing in spiritual maturity and financial health. Through our many important ministries, we are serving the needs of our community. And we are taking the first careful steps toward a joyful time when we can physically reunite with one another for worship.
Because of the impact of Covid-19 on our congregation, our ministries, and our finances, we may face new challenges and uncertainties that require difficult decisions in future months and years. Despite these challenges, we will always be committed to our call to be “conduits of God’s healing and restoration” in a broken world.
Following is information on members of our congregation who have responded to the call for service and have made a commitment to run for election to our Vestry. Details for our December election will be mailed in the next two weeks. Please be on the lookout for this important information in your mailbox.

David Boling
Member of ESC for: 1 year 11 months
Marital Status: Married to Betsy
Name & Ages of Children, If Any: Warren (57), Will (45), Katy (37)
Occupation: Retired Director of Government Relations
Service Most Often Attended: 10:15
Parish Ministries/Activities in which you have been Involved: Choir, office volunteer, men’s breakfast group
Areas of Interest at ESC: Finance, administration, and music ministries
What Special Talents would you bring to the Vestry: Business and legislative background, consensus builder, certified mediator
I understand the Role of the Vestry to Be… the representative body of the parish, reflecting the aspirations and goals of the membership as we serve God and our community. The Vestry assumes stewardship of the assets of the church in order to support the vision of the parish. Vestry members need to be good listeners and compassionate advisors to the rector.
I Think God is calling Eastern Shore Chapel to… grow spiritually as we become an even more essential presence in our community which reflects God’s love and concern for all people through worship and outreach. We can’t be just the historical brick building on the corner. We must be the people who answer God’s call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and help those in trouble.
Gina E. Williams
Member of ESC for: 7 years
Marital Status: Married
Name & Ages of Children, If Any: Elliot - 17 Jordan – 22
Occupation: Homemaker
Service Most Often Attended: 10:30
Parish Ministries/Activities in which you have been Involved: Welcome Committee, Altar Guild, Seton Friday Dinners, Winter Shelter, Chili Cookoff, Helping decorate for any event, Basically help where ever is needed
Areas of Interest at ESC: Pantry, Outreach, Feed my sheep, Family Ministry
What Special Talents would you bring to the Vestry: Creative, Social, Handy, Fast and willing learner, Flexible, Problem solver, Multilingual, Great gofer
I understand the Role of the Vestry to Be… to be the voice of the congregation and help lead the church into fulfilling its role by overseeing or taking care of different activities, programs, and the day to day decisions involving the future of the congregation.
I Think God is calling Eastern Shore Chapel to… help the community and congregation where ever is needed. Be it physically or spiritually. To offer support in becoming better Christians, as a community and individuals. To be a voice of reason and understanding in these troubling times. To be a shelter and solace for whomever seeks it. In other words, to help us remember Jesus words and why God put us in this earth.
Patricia (Pat) Edwards
Member of ESC for: 5 years & 8 months
Marital Status: Life Partner
Name & Ages of Children, If Any: Jaydan (stepson) (18)
Occupation: Paramedic – GMS Coordinator
Service Most Often Attended: 0800
Parish Ministries/Activities in which you have been Involved: Eucharistic Minister, 128th Annual Council, Adult Acolyte, Special Election to elect the Bishop (Delegate)
Areas of Interest at ESC: The Chapel Pantry, Haiti Medical Mission Outreach, Prison Ministry, Adult Forum, Winter Shelter
What Special Talents would you bring to the Vestry: As a cradle Episcopalian – Baptized as an infant, confirmed in 9th grade – I bring a lifelong commitment to my church community. Throughout my life I have been extremely active in my church. As a youth I had perfect attendance for all 6 years of Sunday School; was 1 of 4 girls to become St. Peters’ first female acolytes in 1975 and was active in the Youth Group. As an adult I have served as an Eucharistic Minister, an adult acolyte and on the Vestry at St. Thomas, Hanover, NH. I was called to serve those in need and that is reflected in my church life, my career and as a Rotarian. All done with an open mind, a kind & willing heart and a smile.
I understand the Role of the Vestry to Be… An elected body that provides leadership and oversight to articulate the mission and ministry of the congregation. The Vestry protects the vision and insures the values of the church community by ensuring effective organization and planning. Provides financial integrity, manages church resources and supports the clergy.
I Think God is calling Eastern Shore Chapel to… Continue to strengthen our ministries to serve those in need – the homeless, those that struggle to provide food for their families, and those in prison. We live in crazy times with so many that are struggling, are experiencing injustice and pain. During COVID and in a post COVID world we’ll one day see, many within our community will need us – and we need to make sure we are there.
Susan F. Kaufman
Member of ESC for: 2 years
Marital Status: Single
Name & Ages of Children, If Any: Charles F. (Chuck) (23)
Occupation: retired Ayurvedic Practitioner & Community Volunteer
Service Most Often Attended: 10:15 in choir
Parish Ministries/Activities in which you have been Involved: Choir, Chapel Pantry, Building Committee, Office of Government Relations, Prison Ministry
Areas of Interest at ESC: Diversity, Inclusion, Outreach through OG Relations & Pantry, Buildings, Music
What Special Talents would you bring to the Vestry: Previous Vestry (Christ & St. Luke's) & Building Committee
I understand the Role of the Vestry to Be… Servant Leadership
I Think God is calling Eastern Shore Chapel to… Express the Love al All People & All Creation thru Action. Worship that recharges & restores us for that mission.
Kenneth Lamott Fields
Member of ESC for: 3 years
Marital Status: Single
Name & Ages of Children, If Any: One Daughter
Occupation: Car Detailer Charles Barker Mercedes-Benz
Service Most Often Attended: Every Sunday
Parish Ministries/Activities in which you have been Involved:
Areas of Interest at ESC: I am also the co-chair Newcomer Committee, and Historical Committee
What Special Talents would you bring to the Vestry: My leadership and commitment
I understand the Role of the Vestry to Be… Yes, I do understand position been on Vestry
I Think God is calling Eastern Shore Chapel to… Call of faith and Duties and Eastern Shore
Do you feel called to help lead ESC through the excitement and uncertainty of the next three years and want to join the above candidates for Vestry? Let the Vestry Elections and Nominating Committee (Sally Cox, Senior Warden; Deb Painter, Junior Warden; Patti Frankenfield, and Dan McCready) or any member of Vestry know of your interest.
Stewardship at ESC
By Marty Thumel, Finance Committee Chair
In the past few months, trying as they’ve been, I have researched what Stewardship means to our Church. My conclusion:
Stewardship is the way we use all our resources, including time, talent and treasure, to continue to do God’s work.
Each year, we start our formal stewardship campaign with news on the bulletin board; Finance Committee develops the Pledge Goal budget; an announcement letter and pledge cards are sent out; then we have an “In-gathering” to collect the pledge cards, and they are blessed.
This year is different, thanks to COVID-19. The Stewardship Committee has learned how to send out our message via the different ministries in our church. Worth Remick (Stewardship Chair) has filming and interviewing skills, both of which have been used since the start of our campaign. 
The Stewardship committee has met with Fr. Cameron to discuss the pastoral letter that will accompany the Pledge Cards. Too, Fr. Cameron will be speaking to the importance of Stewardship via sermon and video.
Each of you is invited to think about the following questions, and send your responses back to

What does Stewardship mean to you?
Worth: It means that each of us individually assess our own God given strengths and treasures and apply them according to our own abilities. If Pantry calls us, we help Pantry, if singing in the choir is joyful, then we participate in the Choir. If teaching Sunday School is rewarding and motivates us, then we teach Sunday School. We don’t question it, we just do it as it is a calling and it is a duty to fulfill and it rewards us as well as others. We are Stewards of our own strengths, passions, cares and some of us have the time and talent to do this at different times in our lives. Thankfully, there are enough of us to commit time to do our duty. I am reminded of the “Theology of the Hammer” that is central to the ministry of Habitat for Humanity—that we act out our faith. We act and do as God directs us. It reflects our belonging to the Kingdom of God and our brothers and sisters.
What does the Pledge Card mean to you?
Worth: It tells Eastern Shore Chapel what I and my family plan to give in a calendar year. I pledge money to assist the Church pay its expenses and perform its mission. In the aggregate, it allows Eastern Shore Chapel to exist!
Pick up your WESC Soup & Quiche order this Sunday

Reminder - WESC soup and quiche orders should be picked up this Sunday, Nov. 15, from noon to 2. Checks are made out to ESC with "WESC" in the memo line.

You can also make donations to the Parish Book Store's book drive for Mission of the Holy Spirit. Those checks are made out to Parish Book Store with "mission" in the memo line.
ESC Virtual Choir: The Lord is My Shepherd

Please enjoy our second edition, "The Lord is my Shepherd" by Howard Goodall, presented by Eastern Shore Chapel Episcopal Church virtual choir. Our choir members include: Sopranos Ann Armistead, Delaney Brown, Haley Brown, Elvis Buckman, Mary Ann Hernly; Altos Elise Krepcho, Beth Miller, Holly Sunderland; Tenors Eric Baskerville, Patty Olivieri; Basses Bob Balcom, Bill Hunter, Martin Sunderland, Walter Taylor.

Thanks and kudos are extended to all who have participated. Special credit goes to Eric Baskerville for his professional editing for this project. Stay tuned for our next edition.
Parish Book Store Open House & SALE!

A reminder from the Parish Book Store of our BIG Sale and by-appointment Open House on November 17 and December 8 from 9 AM to 1 PM each of those days (If these days or times listed are not convenient, call to arrange another time). Call Susan Buchanan (757-2595) to schedule your time to browse and buy Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas items, cards, and books, many deeply discounted! Toffee-to-Go is also available.

Books for Mission of the Holy Spirit
And don't forget that we are taking contributions for purchasing books for the children of the Mission of the Holy Spirit for Christmas. Eighty-six children from ages 3 months to 17 years will be so grateful for your support! Checks are made out to Parish Book Store with "Mission" in the memo line. You can send the check to the church, 2020 Laskin Road, or bring it when you come in to browse and buy.
Zoom with your Sunday School class!

Join friends and teachers, by Zoom, as they meet and discuss lessons from this year’s curriculum – Feasting on the Word. Confirmation classes for students in the Senior High Class meet on the first and third Sundays of the month during the regular Sunday School hour at 9:10 a.m. Classes on the second and fourth Sundays include Lectionary based topics.

Classes are organized as follows:

Anyone wishing to receive a link to these Zoom classes may email the teachers listed above. To discuss formation needs or other questions, please contact Patti Glowatsky (, Director of Family Formation.
Parish Day School enjoying the fall weather

This month we welcomed back our half day 2s and we are proud to say that we officially have all our classrooms open. We are so thankful to have our entire preschool family back together. Our students have been enjoying this fall weather and exploring nature around the preschool grounds. We are working on our developmental milestones through with our leaf investigations, play dough creations, and tricycle practice. We are having so much fun in preschool!
Women's Advent Retreat at Chanco on the James

Chanco on the James will host a Women’s Advent Retreat, led by Bishop Haynes, on December 4 & 5. The retreat will focus on preparing for the coming of Christ, remembering the reincarnation, and how we care for ourselves as we do so. You can attend in-person or virtually. Click here for details and registration.
Morning Daily Office

Join us every morning but Sunday at 7:30 on ZOOM to celebrate the Morning Daily Office.
Click here or go to ZOOM Meeting ID: 562 715 368 Passcode: John1513. On Thursdays join us live in the narthex - just like we did pre-pandemic! Everything is provided, all you need to do is show up. All are invited, all are welcomed.
Evening Daily Office

Evening Daily Office is now available on ZOOM at 5:30 Monday through Friday. Meeting ID: 896 1777 7644 Passcode: Ex1414. Join us once, join us occasionally, or join us regularly; we are made richer by your presence.
Prayers & Prayer Cards for Our Military

From CRU Military Ministry - PRAY for godly wisdom for the many leaders of the world, understanding that the nation whose God is the Lord is blessed! PRAY for leaders around the world to seek Him and allow themselves to be used by Him to maintain justice and righteousness in their respective positions and nations. PRAY, especially, for those men and women who have been called into leadership roles with their military. PRAY that they give God first place in their lives and seek Him for wisdom in making difficult decisions that affect the lives of so many people. PRAY that by their godly lives and leadership, they will affect many for the Kingdom, within their command.

If you would like a prayer card sent to your deployed service member please contact Bill Hunter at or 757-402-6384. I would also be happy to place the service member on the prayer list at church for inclusion in the weekly Prayers of the People.
The Chapel Chimes is distributed every Wednesday.
If you would like to submit an article to the Chapel Chimes email
please send an email to Ann Turner,,
with "CHIMES SUBMISSION" in the subject line.
Deadline is every Tuesday at 5 pm.