Worship Hours Extended Through May
Regathering for collective worship continues at Eastern Shore Chapel, with singular Sunday services at 10:30 AM extended through May 30, 2021. Please join us for Holy Eucharist at 10:30 AM on Sundays, either in person or via livestream on our YouTube channel. For those opting to attend in person, please continue to register in advance of each Sunday service.

Looking forward: Sunday, May 9 is Mother’s Day. Sunday, May 16 is a special Youth Service, planned and conducted by our youth confirmands. Sunday, May 23 is Pentecost, with the sacrament of Holy Baptism.
Communion Kits Go Out This Saturday

If you plan to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion at home or elsewhere while viewing our livestream services, please know that members of ESC Altar Guild will be distributing communion kits “to go” this Saturday, April 24, from 9 AM until 11 AM.

Simply drive through the parish parking lot this Saturday morning to receive the consecrated elements for future use. Altar Guild members will be stationed in front of the main entrance. Our thanks to Altar Guild for this extra effort in keeping us all connected!
By The Rev. Melody Perdue
I had many people request the link to the website I referenced in my sermon for the Third Sunday of Easter. biologos.org was founded by Geneticist Francis Collins, director of the National Institute of Health, and led by astrophysicist Deb Haarsma. BioLogos is committed to helping the church and the world see the harmony between science and biblical faith. Faith leaders and authors such as N.T. Wright, Tim Keller, and Philip Yancey are frequent contributors to the website and their conferences.

So what is BioLogos? Well it all began with a scientist and a book. Francis Collins, the physician and geneticist who led the Human Genome Project, wrote the book, The Language of God. In it he describes his own journey from atheism to Christian faith, and the harmony between Christianity and science (and especially evolution). Collins began receiving letters from people asking further questions about science and faith so he formed the BioLogos Foundation in 2007. The idea was to develop a website to house resources for this conversation. It launched in 2009, and now receives thousands of visits each day.

The term “BioLogos” comes from two Greek words: bios, which means “life” like in our words “biology” (the study of life) or “biohazard” (something not very pleasant for life); and the word “logos”, which can mean a bunch of different things like “the study of” or “reason” or “word”. Collins had in mind the use of the term from the first chapter of the Gospel of John where Christ is called “the Logos”, usually translated into English as “Word”. The Gospel starts with “In the beginning was the Word” and a few verses later says, “All things came into being through the Word.” So BioLogos references the fact that Christ is the source of all life. Therefore, life is an expression of the will of God.

Book recommendations and resources for leading small groups discussions in response to video presentations are available on the website. There are also several articles supporting the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Visit the website and type “resurrection” in the search feature. Happy Easter!
Hallelujah! A great opportunity
We have been given the option and permission to allow a limited number of singers (choir members and others), to sing with singer’s masks (see pictures below) at our 10:30 worship services. We will wear singer’s masks and be located in the normal choir area, being socially distant. If you would like to participate in this opportunity, please contact Dr. Sunderland, msunderland@easternshorechapel.org
Once you have registered your request to be part of the masked choir, I will contact you about your possible participation. A singer's mask will be purchased for your use in the service. The mask will be yours. You will be responsible for proper care, storage, and cleaning. We will sing service music, hymns, and easy hymn anthems. We are looking for a balanced grouping of singers that includes sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses. 
Preparation (call time) for the service will be in the sanctuary at 9:30am. 
Bell Choir to resume on April 21 at 6 PM

The Eastern Shore Chapel Bell Choir will resume rehearsals beginning April 21 at 6:00 pm in the Parish Hall – new location. (Please note that this is a change from the date previously announced, Apr. 22) Covid restriction will still remain in place; meaning, mask wearing, hand sanitation, social distancing, and bell sanitation remain in effect. 
Potential new members who have music reading skills are welcome. Please contact Dr. Martin Sunderland (msunderland@easternshorechapel.org) if you would like to join our fun ensemble. We are multi-generational, including ages 12 through 99+
Chapel Pantry Update
By Kay O'Reilly, Chapel Pantry Coordinator

The Pantry served 368 households on Saturday and 85 individuals on the Mercy Chef Monday distribution. We had an abundance of volunteers, which was wonderful! We are still looking for a few more folks on Thursday and Friday afternoons from 1 to 4 pm for packing bags.
Speaking of volunteers, we are so excited to see one of our volunteer families honored for their pantry volunteer service! The Watkins family is being recognized at the Hampton Roads Volunteer Achievement Awards ceremony next Wednesday at noon. The ceremony is virtual this year. Register to see Anthony, Nerissa, Raymond, Ryan, Adam, Matthew and Allison receive their award at volunteerhr.org/hrvaa/register.
Our volunteers felt the love on Saturday when one of ESC’s Creative Community groups brought lunch for all of us! Rusty and Ann Onhaizer, the Hagues, the Shirleys and Priscilla Jaffee, brought enough goodies for our volunteer crew of 30 to munch on throughout the day. Thanks to all!
Parish Book Store: Independent Bookstore Day Sale!

The Parish Book Store is celebrating “Independent Bookstore Day” (Yes, it is a real thing…) for a whole week by offering 20% off all items beginning Sunday, April 25 to Friday, April 30. Our hours are Sunday at 11:30, Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 to 2, and by appointment at your convenience (call 757-425-0114). Check out our new titles (Meditations with Julian of Norwich; Peanut Butter and Jelly Prayers; Dusk, Night, Dawn among others) and gifts (Olive wood palm crosses and pocket tokens). Join us in celebration of independent bookstores!
Parish Day School: Preparing for Summer Camp!

This past week we celebrated the Week of the Young Child with the National Association of the Young Child, www.naeyc.org. It was a week filled with music, food, hands-on collaborative activities, and art. Many of our students and teachers dressed up like superheroes, tacky tourists, sports players and in our PDS Spirit wear. We celebrated Music Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Work-Together Wednesday, Artsy Thursday and Family Friday! It was so much fun celebrating our little learners and their families!

We also got to work together and raise money for the Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters (CHKD) through our annual Trike-a-Thon. Our Trike-a-Thon took place last Thursday and Friday. We will continue to collect donations for CHKD through the month of April. If you would like to donate, go to www.teamchkd.org/PDSTrikers2021.

Parish Day School is preparing for our upcoming Summer Camp, Camp Turtle Trap that serves children ages 2 to 9 each summer. If you or someone you know is interested in attending camp, please contact us at ctt@easternshorechapel.org or give us a call at 757-491-6130. We have summer camp information located on our website, www.parishdayschool.org.
Lawn Care Volunteers Needed

Spring is coming! We are in need for new volunteers to help our teams maintain the grounds at ESC each week. Starting in April, we will be cutting the grass and tending to the lawn weekly into the summer months. Volunteers are needed to assist on Friday late afternoon and early evening or on Saturday morning depending on which team you’re on. If you are interested in joining our dynamic Lawn Crew team, please contact Rod Gilmour by calling 757-613-0448 or email at gilmo856@gmail.com. Please consider sharing your time and talent by joining this important ministry!
Ongoing at ESC
Zoom with your Sunday School class!
Join friends and teachers, by Zoom, as they meet and discuss lessons from this year’s curriculum – Feasting on the Word. Confirmation classes for students in the Senior High Class meet on the first and third Sundays of the month during the regular Sunday School hour at 9:10 a.m. Classes on the second and fourth Sundays include Lectionary based topics. To discuss formation needs or other questions, please contact Patti Glowatsky (pglowatsky@easternshorechapel.org), Director of Family Formation:
Morning Prayer Opportunities
Every morning (except Sunday) Morning Prayer Rite II from the Daily Office (BCP page 75) is available live online via ZOOM. The routine of daily Morning Prayer is foundational; it starts your day with recognition of the blessings that/who surround us and leads us through prayers for the church and for the world. It is led by lay folk - no previous experience is necessary and everything needed is provided (that is except for you of course). ZOOM is opened for pre-prayer conversation around 7:00, the service begins promptly at 7:30 and is completed by 8:00. Thursday mornings you may attend in person in the narthex or ZOOM. Simply click here to join. This opportunity is open to all, and that means ALL! Try it, we will all be made richer by your presence.
Prayer Cards for Deployed Service Members
If you would like a prayer card sent to your deployed service member please contact Bill Hunter at whunter9@cox.net or 757-402-6384. Please let Bill know if deployed military members have returned so that he can welcome them back and remove them from the deployed military prayer list. Sponsors should contact Bill with contact info for formerly deployed members.
The Chapel Chimes is distributed every Wednesday.
If you would like to submit an article to the Chapel Chimes email
please send an email to Ann Turner, caturner62@icloud.com,
with "CHIMES SUBMISSION" in the subject line.
Deadline is every Tuesday at 5 pm.