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May 6, 2021, "The Newz Flash"
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Leaves of Change
By: Jessica Lerman
Tree of Inspiration? What does that mean? The Tree of Inspiration was an activity completed years ago where people had the chance to share how they would like to see Chapel Haven grow.

Mike Storz, President at Chapel Haven stated, “When it was determined that Chapel Haven was going to be renovated, we needed input from the students and families that are a part of the Chapel Haven community to see what could be possible in Chapel Haven’s future.” He also said, “Not only were students and families involved in this, guest and potential students were able to be a part of this as well.” While doing this activity with the tree, they came up with a survey to see what people would say or be interested in overall.
In addition to Mike Storz, I was able to also speak with Einera Beauvais, who was working at Chapel Haven during this time. While talking to Einera I was able to get some detailed answers about this activity.

Einera Beauvais, RN and Executive VP at Chapel Haven, stated that Tina Menchetti, Chapel Haven Schleifer Center Art Director, painted the tree for them to utilize. In addition, this activity was unveiled at a luncheon that was 5-6 years ago at Anthony’s Ocean View during the May Family Event. At the luncheon they laid out the leaves on all the tables and asked for the attendees to describe their wishes for what the future of Chapel Haven could be. At the end of the event, the leaves were all collected and put up on the tree.

"Seeing the way everyone was interacting with the tree made me excited," Einera stated. She hoped that people would embrace this activity and that is what happened. Einera stated that she would, "definitely plan on using this activity in the future to engage with families. It was a wonderful way to see and hear people hopes, dreams and ideas."

On the tree we found many leaves that have come true. For example, someone asked for more jobs for clients. It wasn't long after that leaf was written that CareerAbility became a part of the Chapel Haven community. Led by the Executive Director of CareerAbility, Danielle Chiaraluce, the CareerAbility team has been able to bring job opportunities to many individuals at Chapel Haven seeking employment. This growing department has gained momentum and we hope to see the program grow even more in the future.

In conclusion, many wishes that people were hoping for came true since that family luncheon and while some dreams for Chapel Haven are still in the exploration phase, the possibilities are endless!

On that note, I propose that we should be thankful for what we do already have and strive to accomplish even more things that were on The Tree of Inspiration in the future.
(PAVE Student Seth Light)
The “E” in WWE stands for “Entertainment.” Entertainment is big business. This business has been around for a long time. It was started in 1953 and there is some debate over who actually founded the business. There is a legacy of family ownership beginning with Vincent J. McMahon and Jess McMahon who were wrestling promoters involved with the founding of Capitol Wrestling Corporation and the World Wide Wrestling Federation. The brand WWE was finalized for commercial use in 2002.

In 2020, the WWE had $974.2 million in revenue and $208.6 million in operating income. Live events account for approximately 18% of total revenue, generating $175.4 million in 2020. These events feature the men and women superstars of the WWE and normally tour across the country with sensational promotional headers such as:

 WrestleMania Survivor Series Royal Rumble Elimination Chamber
 TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs) Money In The Bank Hell In a Cell

Live events are very popular and are available to a national audience through the WWE Network that connects the viewers to the event by pay-per-view. Ben Butler is a Chapel Haven community member who frequently watches these fantastic pay-per-view events. During pre-Covid times he would invite other wrestling fans over to his apartment to watch the show together, much like a Super Bowl party. “I became friends with people who were interested in wrestling and that’s how I started watching” he says. Ben always roots for the good wrestlers and finds the rivalries to be most interesting. “The most appealing thing about WWE Wrestling is the rivalries,” adds Ben. “I like the rivalry between Randy Orton and John Cena.” He is also a big fan of the women WWE wrestlers noting “the most memorable match was when Bianca Belair won the Royal Rumble.” Ben thinks that Bianca is very talented and was happy that she won that match.

Mike Storz is also familiar with the WWE and watched it years ago when he was a teenager. Then, Hulk Hogan was the big WWE superstar and he was Mike’s favorite wrestler then. Mike notes “I couldn’t wait to see Hulk Hogan wrestle.” He remembers how Hulk Hogan had a cameo appearance in the original “Rocky” movie and discussed how the film was loosely based on the true story of Chuck Wepner. Chuck was an unknown boxer who once got a chance to fight Muhammad Ali. According to Mike “Chuck once got thrown out of the ring by Andre the Giant.” This was also used in “Rocky” when Hulk Hogan throws Rocky Balboa out of the ring. But Rocky gets back in the ring and does the same thing to Hulk Hogan.

Besides Hulk Hogan, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is the most memorable wrestler for Mike “because of his acrobatic moves, leaping off the top rope and flying through the air before landing on an opponent.”
“I think talent and skill are the most important aspects of entertainment and athletics, more than appearance” according to Mike. .
In high school, Mike took a class in stage fighting and now is interested by how this form of entertainment is made to look so life-like. “To be able to choreograph all this and put on a show is fascinating” he says.
The Rock and Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania XXXI 2015
The WWE has quite a fan base here at Chapel Haven. Jeff Blattmachr is another huge fan of the WWE. “I got into wrestling in 1987 when I was living in California” recalls Jeff. He saw “The Ultimate Warrior” on television and this inspired him to attend live matches at the LA Coliseum after that. Jeff’s favorite female wrestler is “Lita” who retired from professional wrestling in 2006 and is now an animal welfare activist.
He follows wrestling very closely and says that he “…became a Peacock subscriber as a result of WWE’s deal with them.” When asked how the WWE could expand its demographic Jeff suggested that “the WWE should do more community outreach events to attract a younger audience. Undoubtedly, many people at Chapel Haven who are hungry for entertainment would agree with Jeff and welcome WWE superstars on campus once Covid is a thing of the past!
Rhys' Pieces

By: Rhys Harris
Words of Wisdom
·         Be thankful for what and who you have in your life, especially family.
·         Appreciate your opportunities.
·         Know that all the little things add up to a big thing and this is what makes
life special.
·         There is always something to learn.
·         Enjoy yourself!
Ask Jessica!
By: Jessica Lerman

Welcome back to Ask Jessica!

A lot has happened since last month's column. During the past few weeks, I have been working with Partnership for Achievement through Vocational Experience staff to prepare for a job opportunity at the Welcome Center working at front desk at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center. This includes filling out an application, creating a cover letter and also revising my resume so that it is up to date. Your resume is your work biography. Here are some things to remember to include in your resume:

Keep it to 1 to 2 pages only- You want your resume to stand out and be easy to read.

Use an easy to read font- for example Courier, Times New Roman and Calibri.

Your career narrative / work experience- Show how you are different from the other potential employees.

Always check your grammar and punctuation- You want to always paint yourself in the best light.

In addition to all of this, I have also been watching several videos from Professor Heather Austin. I have found these videos to be extremely helpful. If you would like to watch one of her videos, please click the link below.

Here is a question that I just received from fellow job seeker Abram Resnick.

His question is: How do you manage time with tight deadlines?

Dear Abram,
Thank you for sending in your question. This could be tricky for anyone. What I would suggest is to try to divide up your work into smaller piles and make deadlines for those piles so that you can stay on track. If you find that you are not going to meet the said deadline, ask your boss/ supervisor to give you more time to complete the task.

One thing that has helped me is sending a progress notes email so that everyone who is involved in the work is in the loop. I hope that this advice has helped you out. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to send them my way. Have a great day!

Ask Jessica

I hope to see you all in next month’s edition of The Newz Flash!

Ask Jessica!!!

Seth's Game Reviews
Superman Returns DS
By Seth Light

Hello everyone, and welcome back. Today, I’m not going to be talking about a good game. For the sake of variety, and to vent about my childhood trauma, I’m going to be talking about a bad game. Some of you may have heard of Superman 64, a game widely considered to be one of the worst games of all time. Ugly graphics, barely responsive controls, and glitchier than a Bethesda game. But this lesser known Superman game is, in my opinion, even worse. Superman Returns for the Nintendo DS.

As the title suggests, this game was released to coincide with the 2006 movie of the same name. There were other Superman Returns games released on different consoles, but due to the differences in hardware, the DS version is completely different. And like most movie tie-in games, its development was rushed, had a small budget, and none of the developers really cared. As stated by Jon Jordan in his review for Pocket Gamer UK, “It's less to do with being the Man of Steel, more a rusty version of the tin man – because this is a game without a heart.”
Superman Returns DS starts with what I consider to be its best feature: you can choose one of several different costumes for Superman to wear, all based on different suits he’s worn in his movies and comics. It’s a nice touch that calls back to the character’s decades of history. Unfortunately, this good moment is followed by one so bad it basically nullifies any enjoyment you’ve had up until this point: the gameplay starts.

You start in space, where you have to navigate through an asteroid field in a short time frame. With the incredibly loose controls and strict timer, this is an extremely frustrating experience.

Once you reach the end, you get a short cutscene styled after comic book panels explaining the plot. Villains like Mongul will attack Metropolis one by one. Superman is, to put it lightly, pretty darn tough. So he doesn’t take damage, but Metropolis, the fictional city where Superman lives, does. The city is represented by a bunch of connected squares and hexagons. Each turn, villains will attack more and more of these tiles while the player navigates towards them, and any tiles left under their control at the end of the turn takes a bit off the city’s health bar. If Superman lands on one of those tiles, he starts a mission.
The missions take place in the streets of Metropolis. Sometimes you have to use x-ray vision to find robots pretending to be civilians, sometimes you rescue civilians from falling into a crevice, sometimes it’s just Superman racing through the city to find a phone booth so he can change and go to work. They’re always different, but none of them are fun. Especially the Bizarro levels, which flip the screen and controls upside down. The controls change depending on which of Superman’s powers he’ll be employing, and while it’s neat to be able to use his full arsenal of abilities, it’s also confusing. Not to mention how awful it feels to fly him around. The controls combined with the bad camera angles make precision extremely difficult. And they all have a very short time limit, which can be extended, but it’s still very strict. The sounds the game makes as the timer approaches zero will come to fill you with an indescribable rage. Even now, I get frustrated just thinking about it. Success or failure, each mission is preceded and followed by a newspaper headline and a picture of Superman. And that’s the entirety of the gameplay.

Eventually, you reach the villain. Finally, Superman gets to show off his real strength against a worthy opponent. The battles are long, tough, and portray the characters accurately. Just kidding! The boss fights are just a very slow and easy game of Dance Dance Revolution, with some mediocre animations of the two hovering in the air and taking turns punching each other.
So, the game is ugly, controls worse than a fourteen wheeler driving over a field of ice, and is all around not fun. What about the sound design? Other than the aforementioned countdown timer, the music and sound effects are thoroughly forgettable. There’s nothing to say about this.

In short, I would not recommend this game even to my worst enemy. If, for whatever reason you want to play this game, you can buy a cartridge off ebay for a few bucks. Play Megaton Rainfall instead. It has the same premise of playing as an all-powerful character defending Earth from invaders, but accomplishes that much better and is all-around a superior product.

Thanks for reading! Next time, I’ll return to talking about games I would recommend.
Staff Spotlight-Sarah Davison

By Seth Light
(Sarah Davison and her dog, Maggie)

I’ve been a Chapel Haven student for almost two years at this point. I like to think I’ve gotten to know the ASAT staff fairly well, and I’m very grateful to all of them for everything they’ve done for me and the other ASAT students. And today, I would like to bring attention to someone in particular. When we writers were told to pick a staff member and write a story on them for the Newz Flash, the one that immediately came to mind was none other than Sarah Davison.

From massage therapy to speech pathology, Sarah Davison has spent much of her working life in careers dedicated to helping people to improve their lives and giving them opportunities for growth. Her social communication classes have become a highlight for many ASAT students coming to Chapel Haven, including myself. Her classes are full of humor and positive energy at all times. She isn’t like your typical school teacher who stays at their desk and reads from a textbook. She moves around the classroom, getting everyone involved and making sure they’re every bit as engaged as she is. During my interview with her, Sarah said, “seeing and helping students grow and transform, learning the skills they need to become fully independent adults,” is her favorite part of her job. She considers herself as having a very small role in students’ development, but I (as well as some of her peers) would argue that she plays a much bigger part than she gives herself credit for.

Sarah has been working at Chapel Haven as the ASAT Program’s Speech-Language Pathologist for the past ten years, developing social communication lessons to enhance the students’ education. But she didn’t start off planning to work in this field. She reported to me that her first job was as a ‘Fountain Girl’ at a Howard Johnson’s, a franchise unknown to the younger generations, but was absolutely massive back in the day. Her role was to scoop the ice cream out of the big containers and make customers’ sundaes, floats, and milkshakes. I remember her talking about it on my first day as a Chapel Haven resident, in fact.

Following this experience, Sarah moved into the financial world, landing a position as the assistant to the vice president of a real estate company in New York City that converted apartments into co-ops. Eventually, she left that position, and spent seventeen years running a massage therapy business, assisting those recovering from injuries and trauma. These clients included survivors of strokes. In order to properly assist them, Sarah started learning about speech pathology and ended up discovering a passion for the subjects of language and interpersonal communication. After her time at that business eventually came to an end, Sarah decided to pursue a career path related to her newfound passion, and came across a job listing for a position at Chapel Haven.

As you may have guessed, Sarah did indeed get that position, and quickly struck up a friendship with Kelly Caldwell, Chapel Haven’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Kelly told me that she remembered Sarah’s first day on the job, and how she immediately liked her energy and “infectious smile”. When I asked Kelly to share any interesting stories about herself and Sarah, she told me, “more than any story, I’d like to talk about all the laughs we’ve shared.” Sarah is always a, “ray of sunshine,” for the ASAT team, always bringing a game or two to staff get-togethers. She also makes the turkey every year for the ASAT program’s Thanksgiving dinner!

Sarah Davison is at the top of her class as a Speech-Language Pathologist. She is an incredibly compassionate person who always gives 110% effort into anything she does. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the pleasure of learning from her, and I’m incredibly grateful for the lessons she’s taught and the support she has given. This article is my way of expressing that gratitude, and sharing with all of you just how incredible she is. Thank you all so much for reading. If you ever have the chance to meet her, be sure to say hello. You won’t be able to stop yourself from immediately liking her, I guarantee.
The Newz Flash Interest Survey

By: Seth Light
We've received a ton of very positive reception to the first edition, from staff, residents, and even our families. We're all ecstatic that people are enjoying our writing, but we know we can do better. Please take a moment to click the link below and fill out the survey on what you'd like to see more of in future editions of Newz Flash! We look forward to receiving your feedback, and we'll use it to make our stories even better going forward!

Thank you all so much for reading!

  • Newz Flash staff
The Future of Amazon
   By James Stavola
We’ve all ordered stuff from Amazon. You probably wanted clothes, electronics; anything you can think of, Amazon has it for sale. Amazon Prime allows you to get most of these items within 2 days in most areas, and even less in certain cities for a certain price. But with Amazon Prime Air on the horizon, those delivery times will decrease exponentially and change the company forever.  

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been investing in automated drones for a decade. He announced the plan publicly in 2013, and has spent $100 billion in research and development since 2012. Amazon has been working with the government and the FAA to build the revolutionary devices. Today, Amazon Prime Air is testing its drones in the Cambridge area in England. The drones have multiple types of sensors that enable them to deliver packages safely. In the near future, drones will save Amazon $47 billion annually.

The Amazon delivery drones are designed to explode in the event of failure, and the smaller pieces will inflict less damage to any nearby buildings. Since the packages are in the air, no one can try to steal them from the ground. It’s unlikely that a drone would be shot down because they might hit something or someone unintentionally. 
The Seattle based e-commerce giant has made hijacking a significant threat to drones, and has therefore received a patent for hostile takeover avoidance for unmanned vehicles. Amazon predicts that attackers will set their sights on drones simply to steal their packages, resulting in a huge financial loss for Amazon and its customers. A drone’s resistance to hijacking will start with a “heartbeat” signal automatically transmitted from the aircraft’s controller. If the “heartbeat” isn’t transmitted, this will indicate hijacking and the drone will immediately turn into safety mode. In safety mode, the drone will perform one or more pre-programmed designs to re-establish communication with the controller, enabling them to regain control of the drone in the event of a hostile takeover, and/or land the drone in a safe place.  
Weather Challenges
Amazon also has resolve as many problems as it can, and bad weather is definitely a significant issue. “Bad weather is proven to be an interesting challenge for Amazon’s drones.” said meteorologist Jon Erdman. “The drone has to be resistant to ice buildup, and wouldn’t fly in thunderstorms, heavy rain or snow. Even small winds on an otherwise clear day would damage the small craft.” One might ask “If the drones survive the bad weather, how will the packages fare?” The answer is that packages will have to be temperature controlled to withstand extreme cold and heat.  
Jobs at Risk...?

With the introduction of a new technology like drone delivery, comes the fear that jobs will be lost in the process. A recent “Clutch” survey found that “18% of online shoppers are anxious about drone delivery replacing jobs.” This concern was ranked as the third most common worry about drones being used for delivery purposes. “Damage to packages,” and “Drones getting stolen or hijacked,” were ranked as the #1 and #2 concerns in the survey. An earlier study published by PwC found that, “drones could replace $127 billion of human labor in the future, including $13 billion in the transportation industry.”
The advent of automation creates the possibility and likelihood that new jobs will be created. Faster delivery times results in more packages being delivered. This will have a direct effect on the expansion of fulfillment center and customer service jobs.  
Amazon isn’t the only company creating drones. Alphabet owned Wing and United Approval were among the first companies to make drones. Wing uses drones to deliver packages throughout Virginia thanks to its partnerships with Walgreens and FedEx. And UPS has been delivering medical supplies to hospitals in North Carolina. Even Amazon's rival Walmart is testing its drones in North Carolina.  
Undoubtedly, the drone delivery program will help Amazon deliver more packages in a day than it has in previous years. A recent Bank of America report noted that, “Amazon is approaching a truly vertically integrated logistics network on par with the largest delivery companies in the world.” According to the article, in 2019, ”Amazon shipped 4.5 billion packages to Americans. Of those, 2.3 billion were moved through its own logistics network, which it's been building for more than a decade." By 2025, the report estimates, “that Amazon will deliver between 7.5 billion and 9.7 billion packages.” Indeed, the future looks very bright for Amazon as it takes this advanced technology to the skies. 

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