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Providing support to emergency services personnel and to the victims of emergent crisis.

This Month's Features:
  • Fire Service Private Cruise Vacations
  • Upcoming CISM & Peer Support Training
  • A Good Read - Articles of Interest

Hey Chaplain, What's This Cruise Thing About?
A Fire Service Yacht Cruise!
I have had several questions about the RE-Cruise offer. Here is some more info...

Chaplain Bill and his wife Bobbie have been enjoying the refreshment, restoration, and revival of classic yacht cruising for many years. They have found that spending a week, or even a few days in the US San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands provides the deepest vacation they have ever had. Bill is a trained skipper and the boats they use are classic cruisers maintained by Anacortes Yacht Charters. Although they often take friends and family along, it is time to expand this blessing.

They would love to share this experience with you . Bill & Bobbie's invitation is going out to two groups, firefighters and ministers. We know that both of these groups experience a great deal of stress in their work and have high levels of job burnout. You may already be there, or perhaps you just want to keep your work life and home life from heading toward stress difficulties. READ MORE...

Find out more about the RE-Cruise offer on our website. CLICK the boat below!

By the way...
If you are thinking that this sounds interesting, or know someone who may be interested, NOW is the time to contact us . Plans for the summer cruises are well under way!
Upcoming Peer Support/CISM Training
Group Crisis Intervention & Assisting Individuals in Crisis (GRIN) is a certified training by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation being taught in the Tri-Cities this Spring by a CISM Approved Instructor.

This is a foundational class for Peer Support personnel, CISM teams, chaplains, and more. It is designed for emergency services personnel and is applicable to your setting. The class is three days and provides a certificate for 27 contact hours.

WHEN: April 28-30 0830-1700
WHERE: Richland Public Library
955 Northgate Dr, Richland, WA
More Upcoming Training
Advanced CISM - Individual & Group Courses - June 12-15 in Olympia, WA

This event will offer

  1. Advanced Peer Support - June 12-13
  2. Advanced Group Crisis Intervention - June 14-15

This training is the next step for those who have had the basic individual and group classes and have some field experience. The course deals with more difficult interventions and special applications of the SAFER Crisis Intervention Model and Group Crisis Intervention models.
These advanced CISM courses are hard to find and you can get either one or both at this one event.
(Take BOTH and save $50!)
There are TWO Upcoming Pastoral Crisis Intervention classes:

  1. Vancouver, WA April 24-25 PCI-I
  2. Kennewick, WA May 13-15 PCI I&II
Even MORE Training
Pastors and Ministers are often called upon to provide help during community crisis events, but seldom receive training for this type of ministry in their schooling.

Pastoral Crisis Intervention courses are designed to help Ministers, Chaplains, and others effectively provide support and intervention during crisis events.

This course provides a very complete treatment of one on one crisis intervention for pastors, chaplains, and others with emphasis on crisis of faith and spiritual / religious intervention mechanisms of action.

A Good Read?

Since we are dwelling on Stress Management and Recovery this issue, here are a couple of resources that I have found helpful and educational.
CLICK on the image above to read the article
CLICK on the image above to read the article
What Can You Do To Help
Chaplain Services Network?

Our programs need your involvement to survive. Our contracting agencies pitch in some financial support, but we need charitable giving from individuals, churches, and businesses to stay afloat. Our programs serve the entire community and we hope to involve the entire community in supporting Chaplain Services Network.
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