June 5 , 2015 | Issue 30

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Heaven and Earth Reveal God's Glory 

Summer sessions in academic institutions offers an opportunity of respite from the frenzied pace of the academic year. Despite the absence of the majority of students, there is still much to be done including conferences to attend, preparations for next year and the planning of convocation.  I had the privilege of attending two conferences during the month of May that have given me much to reflect upon as I move into the planning phase of the 2015-2016 academic year.

At the beginning of May, I attended the Ontario Regional Assembly for Development and Peace. There I learned that "
A Climate of Change " will be the theme for next year's campaign.  The supporting resources for this campaign should be available on the website in August.  They can be downloaded or ordered directly from the website at  www.devp.org . This is a very timely campaign as we in the Canadian Catholic Church anticipate both the promulgation of an apostolic exhortation on climate change during the summer months and look to a Canadian Federal election in the fall.  It provides an opportunity to link both our Church and secular worlds. 

Pope Francis calls us to explore the relationship between our faith and the secular world.  He speaks of the desire to have a church bruised and dirty from being on the streets.

His encyclical "The Joy of the Gospel" calls us to reflect on our Church and how we are to be a people of mission.  As we make plans to engage our young people, and ourselves, in this call of Pope Francis, be aware of a new resource put out by the Jesuit Forum last February. It provides a series of reflection questions on "The Joy of the Gospel" in a section by section format.  The resource is designed to be used by small groups of both high school students and adults to reflectively engage us in the life that the Joy of the Gospel promotes.

There is also a variety of other resources   ranging from books, essays, films and even cartoons that help engage students and adults alike in the work of simple, prayerful, social justice-mindful living that Pope Francis challenges us to explore.  

While we look ahead to issues of climate change the Development and Peace conference still dealt with issues pertaining to food sovereignty, and seeds that from this past year's campaign of "Sow Much Love".  Yvonne Prowse from the  Ignatius Spirituality Centre of Guelph  spoke of seeds and the value of seeds.  The book Sacred Seed is a collection of essays on this topic with an introduction by Vandana Shiva. 

In keeping with the initiatives promoted by the campaign, we celebrated with a delicious meal of local foods, even at the beginning of May prepared by Terra et Silva

While the month of May began strongly rooted in the ground, it concluded with sights set on the sky as I attended the Sherlock Lecture given this year by Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno of the Vatican Observatory. This year the lecture took place on Prince Edward Island in conjunction with the Canadian Catholic Campus Ministers Conference. Brother Guy has been awarded the Carl Sagan Medal for his incredible ability to communicate about science. He speaks regularly of the relationship between faith and science.


If your summertime provides the opportunity for some educational but fun reads and includes star gazing, I would strongly recommend having Brother Guy Consolmagno join you for part of your time of renewal.  

However, before we set our sights on our own stargazing, it is important for us to honour the graduating students of our various institutions as they set sights on their own stars after years of personal growth, challenge and hard work.  Each of us strives to provide a meaningful convocation for our graduates whether they are leaving elementary, secondary or post-secondary institutions.  Below is a prayer for high school graduates that can be adapted to all ages.


High School Graduation Prayer

Father, we thank you so much for our time here together

For all the friends we have made
For all the days of laughter and fun
And for all the times of great discovery and learning.
We thank You for all who have given of their energy and
So that we can graduate today.
Our teachers and mentors
Our family and loved ones
We thank You for them and give them all to You in prayer.


As this chapter on our lives closes, so a new one begins.
We present ourselves like an open book before You.
Come and scribe Your words of life into our lives -
Fill our minds with Your thoughts
Fill our bodies with Your strength
Fill our hearts with Your dreams
That we might eternally love and serve You

This day and every day.


We ask all this in the glorious name of Jesus
Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit
World without end.

(a modern prayer for a graduation ceremony,from

There are a variety of other prayer options available on the internet. 

Some of the song options for a graduation mass include:  


Anthem - G 494, GP 83

Be not afraid - CBW 481, G 430, GP 8

Come and journey with a Saviour (Tune: Beach Spring) - CBW 476

Eye has not seen - CBW482,  G 450
For you are my God - CBW 483, G GP 72

God has chosen me - G 488

Go make of all disciples - CS 6.28

Here I am, Lord - CBW 520, G 492, GP 198

Jubilate, servite - CBW 572, G 377

Lift high the cross - CBW 435

Lord, you give the great commission (Tune: Beach Spring) - CBW 691

Make me a channel of your peace (Prayer of St. Francis) - G 524

Send me, Jesus/Thuma Mina - G 484

The servant song - G 476

Sing a new song - CBW 563, G 384, GP

The summons - G 510, CS 6.39

Table of the world - CS 6.30

Take, Lord, receive - GP 53

We are called - G 518

We are marching/Siyahamba - G 357

We walk by faith - CBW 495, G 414

You are near - CBW 487, G 428, GP 242

CBW = Catholic Book of Worship III (1994);
CS = Celebrate in Song (2011); G = Gather, 2nd Edition (1994);
GP = Glory & Praise (1984)


May God continue to bless you in your ministries and may you have a blessed summer break.



Annette Donovan Panchaud

Campus Minister

King's University College


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