Chapter 2020 Planning 
Chapter Planning Committee Members
Contact Us:

Connie Gilder SSJ

Rosimeire Dias Noleto OSF

Maria Isabel Pereira OSF

Joyce Ramage OSF

Goianira Silva OSF

Jo Streva OSF

Sheila Vincent (Associate)

Marlene Weidenborner OSF
Pat Tyre OSF
Dolores O'Brien OSF

Leadership Liaison: Margaret Magee OSF
Upcoming Meetings
September 27-28
Via Zoom

December 6-7
Tampa, FL

The Chapter Planning Committee is pleased to share our finalized Chapter 2020 logo! The image was created by Camille Robinson of Elli Mac Designs, a graphic designer and photographer in Jamaica who also crafted the Associate Anniversary logo. We are grateful to Camille for all of her hard work.

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