February 2019                                                                                                         CPC - 1
Chapter 2020 Planning 
Chapter Planning Committee Members
Contact Us:

Connie Gilder SSJ

Rosimeire Dias Noleto OSF

Maria Isabel Pereira OSF

Joyce Ramage OSF

Goianira Silva OSF

Jo Streva OSF

Sheila Vincent (Associate)

Marlene Weidenborner OSF
Pat Tyre OSF
Dolores O'Brien OSF

Leadership Liaison: Margaret Magee OSF
Upcoming Meetings
February 9, 2019
Via Zoom

May 10-11, 2019
St. Clares, Tampa, FL

Dear Sisters, Associates and Partners in Ministry,
   The Chapter Planning Committee (CPC) held its first meeting at St. Clare Convent, Tampa, FL on January 18 and 19, 2019.
The members of the CPC are:
Sitting, left to right : Rosimeire Dias Noleto OSF, Dolores O'Brien (Secretary),
Pat Tyre (Translator);  
Standing, left to right : Connie Gilder SSJ (Facilitator), Maria Isabel Pereira OSF, Goianira Silva OSF, Marlene Weidenborner OSF, Joyce Ramage OSF,
Sheila Vincent (Associate), Jo Streva OSF, Margaret Magee OSF (Liaison),
Gwen Melhado OSF.

   We welcomed Constance (Connie) Gilder SSJ, Sister of St. Joseph of Philadelphia, PA, as our Chapter facilitator. Each day of our meeting began with contemplative prayer and sharing.
   Our first day, Connie led the group in conversations to identify and name the culture of being Allegany Franciscans, as well as understanding the various structures, committees, assemblies, and means of communication that the CPC will utilize moving toward Chapter 2020. We discussed and affirmed that our Chapter process will be one of Communal Discernment. We will continue to use Contemplative Dialogue as a part of the process at our assemblies and in our local communities, clusters, and Self-Organizing Groups (SOGs).
   Another decision we made was to use Communal Discernment during the Chapter for the election of leadership. The CPC will be working with Connie to help the congregation to understand this discernment process. More information will be shared from our future meetings.
   We began to voice and bring to the table possible Chapter themes. We are grateful for the many suggestions that were submitted for both the Chapter theme and logo. Read more about the Suggested Chapter themes below.
   On day two, Connie led the committee through a creative process of word association and sharing to assist and identify broader concepts that would bring energy for our Chapter theme. This e-newsletter contains some suggestions that we, as the CPC, have developed and ask for your input on.
   Also in the issue:
  • Information on the Process For Determining Chapter Content and the timeline for this process
  • Chapter Committees
  • CPC next meeting dates
Suggested Chapter Themes 
   The suggestions received from the sisters and associates were presented to the CPC and were appreciated. There was time for reflection, individually and collectively. After a discussion among the members of the group, it was decided to present the following themes for our Chapter. We invite your suggestions and feedback. These will be considered by the CPC.
Suggested themes:
  • We Walk a New Path Into New Life
  • Behold, I Am Doing Something New. Listen! (Is. 43:19)
  • Clarifying Our Vision: Welcoming Transformative Love
  • Be Transformers of the Future
  • Walking Toward the God of Our Future
   Please send your suggestions/feedback on these Chapter themes to Denise Bunk-Hatch by February 15.
Mail to: 2020 Chapter Theme  
                    c/o Denise Bunk-Hatch  
              P. O. Box W  
              St. Bonaventure, NY 14778
FAX to: Attention of Denise Bunk-Hatch FAX # (716) 372-5774
Process for Determining Chapter Content 

   There will be two Congregational opportunities for surfacing Chapter content based in part on the feedback that we received from the latest Communal Responses to questions posed by Carol Zinn SSJ.

   Round 1 - Before the March, April, and May Assemblies, the CPC will send reflection questions for the sisters, associates, and partners in ministry to discuss within their local community, cluster and/or other SOG groups. These questions will invite deep conversations to help identify what we want to talk about at Chapter 2020.
   Response/feedback forms will be provided and you will be asked to bring your group(s) forms to the March, April, and May Assemblies for further table-sharing and possible consensus by each table-group. This feedback will be collected and synthesized by the Assembly Planning Committee (APC) members. The final draft of this feedback will be available for the CPC to refine during their May 10-11 meeting, and sent with our CPC e-newsletter.

   Round 2 - The process will be repeated before the Assemblies in September, October, and November, using the material that has been refined by the CPC, to be discussed in groups and brought to the Assemblies for further table-sharing and possible consensus. After synthesis by the APC, this material will be available to the CPC for the December 6-7 meeting for further refinement.
   The CPC will develop the final draft of Chapter content from your input and this information will be sent with our CPC e-newsletter.

Chapter Committees
   As in the past, the CPC will be inviting you, our sisters, associates, and partners in ministry, to share your gifts and talents to assist us in the preparations of Chapter. At our next meeting, we will be reviewing Chapter committees and the responsibilities of each committee. Committee information and a volunteer sign-up form will be sent to you in the next CPC e-newsletter.
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