February 2019                                                                                                         CPC - 2
Chapter 2020 Planning 
Chapter Planning Committee Members
Contact Us:

Connie Gilder SSJ

Rosimeire Dias Noleto OSF

Maria Isabel Pereira OSF

Joyce Ramage OSF

Goianira Silva OSF

Jo Streva OSF

Sheila Vincent (Associate)

Marlene Weidenborner OSF
Pat Tyre OSF
Dolores O'Brien OSF

Leadership Liaison: Margaret Magee OSF
Upcoming Meetings
May 10-11, 2019
St. Clares, Tampa, FL
Dear Sisters, Associates and Partners in Ministry,
Our Chapter Planning Committee (CPC) held its second meeting on Saturday, February 9 using Zoom teleconferencing. Yes, through the gift of technology we were able to conduct a two-hour meeting with committee members located in Brazil, Jamaica, and in the U.S. from Florida to Allegany.
We, as the CPC, have been working on the schedule for our meetings, now through to Chapter in 2020. These will be a combination of in-person meetings and meetings via Zoom teleconferencing.  
Our February 9 agenda was to prepare our CPC presentation for the upcoming Assemblies. This presentation will include an overview of Communal Discernment Process and a first round consultation to determine the content of Chapter 2020.
In preparation for the Assembly we have prepared a reflection form entitled, CONSULTATION WITH CONGREGATION - Round One. Click on this link to print out a copy of this form. Please print one for yourself and for all the members of your local community, cluster, associate community and/or SOG.
We ask that you meet with your local community, cluster, associate community or SOG prior to attending the Assembly and complete the form.
Please bring your completed reflection form with you as you will need it for the table conversation .
We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Assemblies and engaging together for the important work of preparing for Chapter 2020.
Linked to this newsletter are the following files:
(Click on the links for Word documents and printable copies)
This is the feedback from Carol Zinn's presentations and the following questions.
  1. In what ways is God inviting us to bring about new life?
  2. How might we bring the Word of God into our world into the next 10 years?
  3. How will we choose another path (like the Magi) and what wisdom/star is God giving us as we journey?

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