February 2020                                                                                                      CPC - 7

Chapter Planning Committee Members
Contact Us:

Connie Gilder SSJ

Rosimeire Dias Noleto OSF

Maria Isabel Pereira OSF

Joyce Ramage OSF

Goianira Silva OSF

Jo Streva OSF

Sheila Vincent (Associate)

Marlene Weidenborner OSF
Pat Tyre OSF
Dolores O'Brien OSF

Leadership Liaison: Margaret Magee OSF
Upcoming Meetings
February 7-8, 2020
St Clare, Tampa, FL

March 13, 2020
Zoom call

May 15-16, 2020
St Clare, Tampa, FL

July 17, 2020
Zoom call

July 25, 2020
St Elizabeth Motherhouse, Allegany, NY
Our Chapter Planning committee met on February 7-8 at St. Clare's, Tampa, FL. Once again we are grateful for the welcome and hospitality of the sisters at St. Clare's.  
We continued our work of preparation for Chapter and especially focused on the planning for the upcoming Assemblies. Our days were full and very productive.

Preparing for the Upcoming Assemblies
Discernment booklets have been mailed and distributed to sisters. We invite you to begin reflecting on the material in the booklet to discern your own personal call to the possibility of elected leadership, also to consider and pray for sisters being called to serve.  
Prior to the Assembly other preparation material (current demographic information and statements from Congregational Constitution and Directory) will be emailed for your reading, reflection and sharing with others. We ask that you bring this material with you to the Assembly.
Discernment booklets will be available for Associates attending the upcoming Assemblies.

Elements of Upcoming Assemblies
The content for the upcoming Assemblies is three-fold:  
  1. A video presentation with information on the experience of the current leadership, followed by time for discussion.
  2. Discussion on the number of Council members needed at this time. We will use the Communal Discernment process that we have used at the recent Assemblies. Please note a vote will be taken at each Assembly on this question.
  3. Ritual and first calling of names in nomination for elected leadership.  
Mark your Calendars for the upcoming Assembly Dates:
Easton, PA - March 6, 7, 8
Tampa, FL - March 28, 29
Brazil - April 18 to 21
Allegany, NY - April 25, 26
Jamaica - May 2, 3, 4
Remember to bring the following items to Assembly:
  •  Discernment Booklet
  • Current Demographic Information (will be emailed prior to Assembly)
  • Statements from Congregational Constitution and Directory (will be emailed prior to Assembly)
Fully Engaged Members
On Monday, January 27, the Election Committee members, Carole Ann Hoppe, Pat Klemm and Mary Croghan met with Goianira Silva to open and count the ballots to determine the slate of Fully Engaged and Voting Members for 2020 Chapter. Thank you Carole Ann, Pat and Mary for your service for our Chapter.  
There were 145 ballots returned. 138 ballots selected Option A and 7 ballots selected Option B. As stated in our Directory, "Those sisters are elected who have received the votes of an absolute majority of the number of ballot papers returned." (D69b)
Following this ballot count, we have removed Cleise de Sousa Cant√© from the list of Fully Engaged. Cleise, one of our novices in Brazil, will be making her First Profession after the Chapter. We are happy that Cleise will be joining us in Allegany for Chapter as a Consulting Member.    
Chapter 2020 Prayer
We invite everyone to be united in prayer as we continue our Chapter preparation. We have chosen the following prayer which is adapted from a prayer of St. Bonaventure.
Great Source of Wisdom, Give me an open mind, an open heart, and open will. Still my voices of judgment, cynicism and fear. Fill me with your sacred light. Breathe in me your holy inspiration. Amen.
Liturgy Committee
The Chapter Liturgy Committee has planned a first meeting within the next  couple of weeks. We will be in need of readers, musicians, cantors and dancers.  
We also invite Sisters and Associates to consider giving a reflective homily during one of our Chapter liturgies. The homily is usually 5 to 7 minutes in length and focuses on the scripture of the liturgy. If you are interested in any of the above, please send your name and email address to Jo Streva at jostreva@yahoo.com and Mary Ann Mulzet SSJ at mamulzet@gmail.com.
  We continue to encourage eve   ryone to use Duolingo for learning Portuguese, Spanish and English.
Duoli ngo-Learn Languages is free on Apple, Smart phone, Ipads, and on all computers. Download this application on your phone or Ipad or set up an online account to use on your computer. Go to: www.Duolingo.com    
We are also providing a list of Portuguese, Spanish and English phrases (CPC-7b)that we can study and use in our conversations with one another during Chapter.  
Transportation Form
It's time to start making your travel plans and reservations. Linked here is information for planning your travel and the Transportation Form (CPC-7c)This Transportation Form is due June 1, 2020 or once you've made your reservation. Please return your form as soon as you can to assist the Transportation Committee in scheduling.
Chapter begins Sunday afternoon, July 26 and ends on Sunday, August 2. Housing on campus, at the Motherhouse and motel will be available beginning Friday, July 24 and ends August 3. There will be no FSA Buffalo area pick up on Sunday, July 26th, the day Chapter begins.
Chapter closes on Sunday, August 2nd. FSA transportation back to Buffalo airport, train station, Olean Bus Stop and Snyder Convent will start at 2:00 P.M. on August 2nd. Please make your reservation accordingly.  
Chapter Travel Reimbursement
Sisters, as you plan and make your reservations for travel please remember to submit a Chapter Reimbursement Form. Please click on the link, Travel Reimbursement Form (CPC-7d), for a printable copy which needs to be returned by mail with a copy of your reservation showing the cost and all related receipts.
Resources for your Reading and Reflection
We offer an article by Fr. Tomaz Hughes, SVD entitled, "I Am Doing Something New."
We are also very grateful to Pat Sheeran, OSF for submitting her reflection, A Franciscan Response to the Ecological Crisis.
We invite you to share your thoughts and reflections on our Chapter theme or on the Chapter Focus Areas for future CPC newsletters. Send your reflections to Margaret Magee OSF at mmagee@fsallegany.org

March 13 Zoom call
May 15-16, St Clare, Tampa
July 17 Zoom call
July 25 St Elizabeth Motherhouse, Allegany, NY

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