Exciting & Important Announcements Regarding CSTA Chapters!

Please Note:
If you received this message and are not a current leader of your Chapter, please forward to the appropriate officer. We are using the largest contact list we have in order to ensure that this important message reaches the widest and correct Chapter leaders.
Dear Chapter Leaders:

We want to thank you and everyone involved in the life of our Chapters for their wonderful response rate, insights, and follow-ups since we launched the Chapter Revitalization Plan in March. With each contact, CSTA has been cleaning-up the Chapter Contact List, sending out supplies, answering questions, and working to make Chapter support more effective and efficient for all of our Chapters.

As the updates are coming in, we're hearing some great news. Nevada, one of the newest Chapters, has hit the ground running. They met with Governor Brian Sandoval to tell them about their work and the importance of computer science in making Nevada and our nation a better place! Well done, Nevada! We want to hear about your goings-on. Send us an update and or a photo, or better yet, why not start using your Chapter Community page? Each Chapter has a community or group page on csteachers.org. Here you can connect with your Chapter members, share your updates and photos, post events, and much more. All you need to get started is at least one person to be the administrator for the page. Let us know if you have a Chapter rep interested in being the administrator for this feature.

In addition to each Chapter community group, there is also a Chapter Leader group that we hope will become a place to continue these conversations and allow the Chapter Leaders from across our membership to stay in touch and share their successes and questions. Log in to your csteachers.org profile to view the group and join.

As we head into the Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial start of summer, we wanted to provide you with this latest update on CRP progress:


Updating Chapter Contact List
With every contact that comes in, the Contact List improves and allows CSTA to ensure that the updates are getting to the right people for the benefit of the respective Chapters. If you have not yet verified your current Chapter leaders and correct contact person, please do that today by emailing chapterscommittee@csteachers.org.


Chapter Care Packages

Since March, CSTA has been shipping out new giveaways and supplies to Chapters. Upon receiving verification of current leaders and contact person from Chapter, a shipment is sent out to the designated contact person. If you have sent in your Chapter verification and have not received your supply box, please let us know.     


Creation of Chapter Resource Area on the Website

We continue to work on developing  online resources for our Chapter Leaders-and the plan is to have this area fully up-to-speed over the summer. Once we finalize the Chapter Manual, access to all of the important information it contains will be found in the Chapter Leaders resource area. Stay tuned for more information!


Compilation of the Chapter Manual

Great progress is being made on the creation of the Chapter Manual. We are making sure that the manual will be pragmatic and address all the important aspects of Chapter administration, operations, and compliance. The manual will also include additional resources for Chapter leaders-and these resources and links are being developed based on the questions and requests that are submitted to the CSTA Office. Our goal is to make the manual practical and user-friendly. The Chapter Manual will be "unveiled" at the Chapter Leadership Summit taking place at our conference this July in Baltimore. 


All of us at CSTA wish you and your loved ones an enjoyable and relaxing Memorial Day weekend! And as this is a holiday to remember all who have served and sacrificed for our nation's security and freedom, we express our gratitude to our members who have worn the uniform. Thank you for your service.

There are more announcements in the Additional Updates & Reminders below, but as always you can  keep track of our progress here on the CRP page .

And lastly, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at either 800.694.8320 or at  chapterscommittee@csteachers.org 

Additional Updates & Reminders

Teachers speak and CSTA listens! 
According to the 2017 National Board of Certified Teachers Study,   Investing in what it Takes to Move PD is critical in helping teachers perfect their skills and impact student achievement in their classrooms. CSTA's new Continuing Professional Development Pipeline , powered by Degreed and funded by grant from Infosys Foundation USA ,  is launching in Fall 2017 and will bring 5+ turn-key resources for K-12 CS teachers including self-selected pathways, community, badging, and amazing PD programs for novice, career stage, and teacher leaders! Follow us here for more details soon!

Cutler-Bell Prize Application Period Now Open
The application period for this prestigious prize for high school students is now open and will close November 1, 2017. To learn more about the prize and share the information with your Chapter members and students, click here.

Chapter Leadership Summit & the Google Travel Grant
The Google Travel Grant application for the Chapter Leadership Summit is still accepting applications. We have had close to 75 applications come in and have notified the first batch of awardees. We will continue to notify applicants on a rolling basis.  Chapters that send a leader to the Chapter Leadership Summit , will be eligible for additional funding from Google through a micro-grant program. 

Send a Proxy:
If none of the board of your Chapter are able to attend the Chapter Leadership Summit, we would like to invite you to send a proxy. In order to nominate a chapter member who is not yet a leader to attend on behalf of your Chapter, please send an email to chapterscommittee@csteachers.org with the individual's name that you are nominating. The proxy will be able to apply to the Google Travel Grant to help them attend the Chapter Leadership Summit. 

CS Hero T-shirts
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