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March 17, 2017

Congratulations SCORE Boston
2017 Chapter of the Year! 

"SCORE Boston epitomizes how a chapter can succeed with a focus on the basics - chapter culture, service expansion, and collaborative leadership. Boston's winning of the 2017 SCORE Chapter of the Year is the culmination of years of progress. Specifically, SCORE Boston is now effectively serving its entire community, doubling the number of service locations in and around Boston in the past year.  Boston also committed to expanding how we serve clients - TRIPLING the number of local in-person workshops given and QUINTUPLING the number of workshop attendees.
Not only has the commitment to be client centric - meeting and serving clients where they are in the community - resulted in significant client success (hundreds of new businesses started and new jobs created), but it has created more engagement with SCORE volunteers and has helped to attract a cadre of new, diverse volunteers to SCORE. The 'playbook' Boston has followed is one every chapter should read and execute because it works!"

- Steve Records, Vice President of Field Operations 
  • 2Xs SCORE average rate of client businesses started and jobs created (normalized for chapter size)
  • 67% increase in total chapter services
  • 23% increase in mentor sessions
  • 200% increase in workshops
  • 280% increase in women/minority volunteers in two years
Emphasis on growing the following SCORE values:
  1. Clients Matter - Our clients' success is our success
  2. Giving Back Matters - Give volunteers, stakeholders and sponsors the ability to give back to communities through their support of SCORE
  3. Lifelong Learning Matters - Lifelong learners remain relevant, achieve personal satisfaction and growth
  4. Volunteers Matter - Distributed leadership and shared workload
  5. Experience Matters - Collaboration in both mentoring and operation of the chapter
  6. Relationships Matter - Focus on social interactions between clients and volunteers alike

SCORE Boston transitioned to the new SCORE website template on December 14th, 2016. Take a look!

SCORE Boston is also a part of the Social Media Pilot Program. Follow them on their social media channels to see their activity.

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Volunteer Virtual Conference Recordings Available Now
We had a very successful Volunteer virtual conference on March 2nd.  We invite you to watch the recordings, and view and save any/all materials in the conference environment through 12/31/17.

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SCORE Boston Success Stories and Testimonials
Meredith first came to SCORE Boston in 2009 as a solo board-certified music therapist (MT-BC). Since then she has grown her business to include 11 professionals and 3 administrative staff.

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Laurin Mills came to the SCORE Boston office on June 16, 2010 with an idea for a subscription based menu service, based on her own experiences as a working mother.