August 20, 2018
Character Theme: KNOWLEDGE Word of the Week: Speaking

Hello, Dade County!

Dade County wishes Chief Deputy Tommy Bradford well as he continues to recover from multiple injuries sustained while protecting our students and community. We thank this courageous leader for his service, and send him our love and warm wishes. Students are invited to sign a Character Pledge in honor of this Superhero and receive a bracelet with the message: Character Makes me Strong .

Check out our Character Ed Plan on our website and talk about these important words and themes with your students. Our very own Dade County Young Authors submitted quotes about character.

Quotes for the Week of August 20th - 24th

Monday Quote
Do not boast about your knowledge, but share it with those who need it.
Arianna Clayton, 8th grade

Tuesday Quote
Great leaders seek knowledge. 
Kaitlyn Hedden, 10th grade

Wednesday Quote
One day I had a problem with a paper that was due very soon! I tried to write it several times, but not one thing seemed to work! I decided to seek counsel from my parents, especially my mom because she went to college and wrote several papers. I waited on her to get home from work so I could ask her face-to-face. She was able to help me understand how my paper needed to be written.
Lillian Baker, 6th grade

Thursday Quote
Knowledge is the most important thing a person can own. It gives independence and success.
Abby Moore, 12th grade

Friday Quote
Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.
King Solomon

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The Dade County Board of Ed will hold its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, August 20th at 5:00 p.m. Volleyball will be at Home Monday and Tuesday. On Thursday, Softball will be at Home and the first Home Football game will be on Friday, August 24th.

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We have much to celebrate in Dade County. We are a community that values Tradition, Character and Knowledge. Together We Climb!

Dr. Jan Irons Harris
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