Message from Superintendent
Dr. Jan Irons Harris
February 24, 2020
Word of the Week: WISDOM
They say wisdom comes with age. Rather, I think it comes with experience. You can be an old fool or a wise child who has seen too much. - Arianna Clayton, Dade Young Author
Good News from Dade County!

We are excited to share the 2019 Annual Report with our valued stakeholders. It will be on our website this week and we will be sending a copy home. Two principals ( Ms. Blevins and Mr. Fahrney) shared the State of the School at the January Board Meeting. Tomorrow night, Ms. Barton and Dr Spivey will share their State of the School and I will present the Annual Report for the School System. We have much to celebrate!

Dade and Davis Elementary are cooking up some math and science fun this week on Tuesday night, February 25th. Check it out!

A BIG THANK YOU for your patience and support as we attempted our Digital Learning Day on each of our weather days during the last two weeks. Because we are continuing our learning, it is not necessary to make up days lost due to weather events.

Save the Date! March 3, 2020 marks the date of our Community Engagement Meeting at 6:00 p.m. at Dade County High School. This year we will be updating our Strategic Plan as well as Facilities Plan. We want your input as we plan for our students' future needs.

With warmest regards,
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