Attorney Helps Client Make an Impact in Life and in Death

When Dortha Dever approached attorney David Hartwell asking for help with her estate plan, he knew the Oklahoma City Community Foundation was the best organization to fulfill her charitable goals. 

Dortha led a long and successful banking career, retiring as assistant vice president after 32 years at American Fidelity. She loved her community, and had a strong desire to help others. With David's help, Dortha created a charitable legacy through her estate plans, while also making an immediate impact with her gifts.

After reviewing Dortha's wishes, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation worked with David to include a gift in her estate plan that established the Dortha Dever Legacy Fund after her death in 2015. The fund continues to support the causes Dortha cared about during her lifetime. She also wanted to witness the impact of her giving while she was alive, so she created a scholarship to help women earn a business degree from her alma mater, Oklahoma City University.

"As a planner, it's rewarding for me to help clients like Dortha who possess a strong desire to benefit the community we all call home," said David. "Charitable giving has great economic advantages, but more importantly, helps my clients feel good knowing they are helping others."

Are you looking for diverse giving options for your charitable-minded clients? Discover what the Oklahoma City Community Foundation has to offer. Contact Joe Carter today at 405/606-2914.  

Welcome to Scholarship Season!
Dortha Dever Business Scholarship recipients Sha Ingram and Karina Salazar-Lopez.
Did you know? The Oklahoma City 
Community Foundation is home to more than 120 scholarship opportunities - like the Dortha Dever Business Scholarship - that help graduating seniors throughout Oklahoma pursue higher education. Last year, we awarded more than $1.5 million in scholarships to more than 650 students through the state's largest independent scholarship program! 

Students and families can browse and apply for our upcoming scholarship opportunities with application deadlines now through June at

Case of the Week: Charitable Gift Annuity Deductions
Abigail Green was a wonderful and spirited 80-year-old woman who made time to help at a local homeless shelter. Eventually, she established a $100,000 charitable gift annuity to benefit the shelter. Annual payments would go to Abigail for life, then to her sister for life. Sadly, Abigail suffered a heart attack a few weeks later and died soon after. Her CPA knew he could deduct the cash gift's initial charitable tax deduction on Abigail's final tax return. Since Abigail died prematurely and did not receive any of her tax-free income, however, does she get additional tax deductions?

Donor Advised Funds: Making the Most of the New Tax Law
Do you have clients who are concerned how the new tax law will affect their charitable tax advantages? Encourage them to consider a donor advised fund. Under the new tax law, donor advised funds allow donors to "lump" their contributions to earn an immediate tax benefit. The donors can then wait to direct grants from their fund to charities of their choice in the time frame suitable to them. Learn more about our donor advised fund options on our website, or contact Joe Carter at 405/606-2914 with your questions today.

Upcoming Events
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Modification and Termination of Trusts: A Double-Edged Sword
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Charitable Giving: Seeking the Perfect Match Between Donor and Donee

April 24
Developments in Trust and Estate Administration and Fiduciary Liability

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Joe Carter
Director, Development