Charity Walk shows love for Lanai cats
With your help, we raised more than $37,000 during the Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association's 41st annual Charity Walk. It was a picture perfect island day for Lanai's walk and several of my amazing staff members joined me. Our T-shirts, which showed our supporters names and messages, were a huge hit.

Part of the total will be matched by the HLTA and will allow us to rescue more cats and better serve our community and visitors. We can't wait to put these donations to work.
Meowy mahalo for your support,
Keoni Vaughn | Executive Director | Keoni@LanaiCatSanctuary.org
We're excited to hear the buzz of electricity

For the first time, electricity is coming to our Sanctuary! We will have 12 outlets and this will allow us to have a couple of computers to help us manage all of our medical records (we still don’t have internet).

Most importantly we are having an electric water pump installed. We currently operate off of a 1.5” waterline that gives us about 20psi on good days. On some days we go for hours with no water! This makes it extremely difficult for us to clean and keep everything green. Once the pump is hooked up, we will have 65psi of constant pressure.
Sweetheart Rock is sanctuary for birds
Nestled between Manele and Hulopoe Bay, Sweetheart Rock, known in Hawaiian as Pu` u Pehe, is a scenic landmark with a tragic love story you can read about here .

Folklore aside, Sweetheart Rock is the nesting grounds of the `Ua`u Kani or Wedge-tailed Shearwater. They nest in fragile burrows in the ground nearby and lay only one egg per year, which both the male and female care for.

By rescuing homeless cats and caring for them at our Sanctuary, we keep them out of the path of the `Ua`u Kani and other native seabirds, which play an important role in our island's ecosystem. Protected birds and cats can co-exist through intervention, collaboration, and management.
Meowy mahalo for all the support!
Our Sanctuary shirts, designed over the years by our founder’s husband Mike Carroll, are a huge hit! Mike volunteered his designs throughout the years. This ukulele-playing cat is Mike's fifth design for us and is a visitor favorite worn by people from all over the world. You can see some of his art by clicking here .
Walter & Karen Jarman believed in our mission from day one. In addition to giving us our first major gift when our sanctuary was just a dream, they began covering all the costs associated with our T-shirts. When we first started in 2008, we sold approximately 300 shirts and last year we sold more than 2,500!
Our founder Kathy Carroll said, “They really believed in our mission and helped us get to where we are today. Words can’t express our gratitude.”
Many thanks to the Jarman’s for their support over the years.

We just got a new shipment in, so if you’ve been waiting patiently, you can now order them by CLICKING HERE!
Lanai Lions get the Hollywood treatment

Our kitties have really been enjoying the spotlight lately, but so far it hasn't gone to their heads!

In April, our Sanctuary was featured in the L.A. Times. The story covered so many great points about our mission – from rescuing cats to saving island birds. Read it here .

All the media exposure ultimately helps our cats lead better lives – they get more visitors and that means extra pets, ear scratches and treats. It also means more donations to fund our efforts to help more cats live out their lives in peace and health.
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