Would we have believed anyone who said to us six months ago that we would be in the fourth month of a stay-at-home order, physical distancing and wearing face-coverings when it is necessary to go out? How are we staying in touch in this time of separation? How does God fit into what we are experiencing? The human need is to connect and ‘to be at home’ among other humans, especially family. In this issue we bring forth the chosen year-long topic of homelessness; we are doing this in our print publications and on our social media channels as well. We want to help all of us to go deeper, to hear of successful interventions, face challenges, expose causes and address the struggles of homelessness for those on the margins. As we live into these unknown summer days, we pray to know how God is in them. Let’s grow through this crisis, reflecting and preparing together to build a better tomorrow for all.
Charity News & Notes
Sisters Enjoy Earth Day Walk
The gorgeous spring weather was perfect on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, for many Sisters to participate in a 5k (more or less) walk around the Motherhouse grounds. An idea of S. Peggy Rein, the walk included approximately 60 SCs participating or cheering their Sisters on. In addition, Sisters from Mother Margaret Hall nursing facility watched and waved from their patios and the MMH porch.

Welcome New Associates
On Sunday, April 19, 2020, Jean Simpson, a resident of Montana, became an Associate in Mission with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Due to the current pandemic, the commitment ceremony was held through Zoom technology. Sixteen Sisters and Associates were present from Montana, Colorado, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Bless Their Caring Hearts
The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati are most grateful for their employees’ dedication to the Sisters’ health and safety as well as their attention to the total campus during these uncharted days. We are in this together! 
Important Dates

June 7, 2020                
Feast of the Holy Trinity

June 14, 2020              
Feast of Corpus Christi, Flag Day

June 19, 2020             
Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus

June 20, 2020              
First Day of Summer

June 21, 2020              
Father’s Day

July 4, 2020                
Independence Day

July 14, 2020              
Feast of St. Kateri Tekakwitha

July 22, 2020              
Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

July 31, 2020              
Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola

August 15, 2020         
Feast of Mary’s Assumption

August 22, 2020               
Feast of Queenship of Mary

A full calendar listing can be found at https://www.srcharitycinti.org/news-

St. Pius X High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, dedicated a memorial garden on its campus in honor of Servant of God S. Blandina Segale. The high school shares the campus with the Archdiocese of Santa Fe’s administrative center; S. Blandina ministered to the people of the Archdiocese for many years, where she came to be known in every level of society from members of the state legislature to the indigent. Sisters and Associates in the area, SC president S. Patricia Hayden, as well as past and present board members of St. Joseph’s Children, were in attendance.
SCs Making News
Sisters Winnie Brubach, Caroljean Willie, and the late Paula Gonzalez are mentioned in the article, “With congregation-wide commitments, sisters are active in sustainable living,” written by S. Mary Ann Flannery for Global Sisters Report.
Sister of Charity Barbara Busch, executive director of Working In Neighborhoods (WIN), is interviewed in the following article about the Beekman Corridor Initiative, organized by WIN, and developed to bring residents from five Cincinnati neighborhoods together to stand up and push for their common interests. https://www.soapboxme
Sisters Annie Klapheke and Peggy Deneweth are interviewed in “Laypeople, Sisters share a common space and mission at the border.”
One Step Closer to Home
As the largest homeless shelter in the area, Bethany House Services ministers to homeless families with children. What many may not be aware of is that its beginnings can be traced back to the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Read more at https://www.srcharitycinti.org/2020/
Lifetime Associates:
Kay Clifton
Branching out to others for the sake of service has always been at the heart of the Sisters of Charity mission, and it is one that Lifetime Associate Kay Clifton (left) practices daily. Read more at https://www.srcharitycinti.org/2020/
Team IJPC: Despite pandemic the Charity Family remains committed to raising funds for justice
The Sisters of Charity have long been participants in the excitement, spirit and challenge of the Flying Pig Marathon weekend. Despite the changes this year, Sisters Joyce Richter (pictured) and Sally Duffy and Associate Karen Martin have committed to taking part in the marathon, each raising funds on behalf of the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center. Read more at https://www.srcharitycinti.org/2020/05/14/team-ijpc/
10.10.2020: Celebrating 200 Years in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati 
As the Cincinnati Archdiocese makes plans to celebrate its bicentennial in 2021, the women’s and men’s religious communities of the Archdiocese are restructuring their plans in light of the COVID-19 reality and the interruptions we are experiencing. For this fall, the planned 10.10.2020 outreach will serve as a ‘warm-up’ to more significant Archdiocesan-wide service projects in the spring, happening on Saturday, April 17, 2021. Mark your calendars now!

The 10.10.2020 outreach will offer virtual and in-person activities with a neighborly spirit. Both will celebrate with service, this being the reason all women’s and men’s religious communities came to this Archdiocese throughout the past 200 years – and why they stay.
Stay tuned for updated information with ideas for both 10.10.2020 and our new date, April 17, 2021. To learn more visit https://www.cincy200.com/10-10-2020
Daily Prayer Service
Join the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati as we turn to our ever-faithful God in these times of uncertainty. Every day at 4 p.m. EST the Congregation invites you to attend our virtual prayer service. To join us, visit http://webcast.srcharitycinti.org.  
Video Visit - S. Judith Metz
Where are the Sisters of Charity ministering today? Meet S. Judith Metz, historian of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. S. Judith’s ministry involves writing, research and diving deep into the lives of our Sisters and saints through presentations and many scholarly works and publications. Learn more about S. Judith’s ministry and the joy it brings to her in the following video.  
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