Wednesday, October 13
ULV Weekly Update
Charles Lee, Sunday, 10/17

Mike Holliday, Sunday, 10/31
Please arrive between 9:45 and 9:55 if you are attending service in person. The doors will open at 9:45. At 9:55, pre-service announcements and prayer will begin. 

Rev Julie Vance

"Lessons to be Learned" 10/10/21
New Minister Affirmation
Please continue to say our affirmation with us so the right and perfect minister will appear to us easily.
Prayer Support
Beloved, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

Unity is a worldwide movement founded on the healing power of prayer. We believe that prayer is a tool to help us move through life in peace and with grace. Unity teaches a positive, affirmative approach to prayer based on simple but empowering spiritual truths.

Unity of Lehigh Valley prayer chaplains continue to be active. Whether you have a joy to multiply or a sorrow to divide, our Prayer Chaplains join you in prayer. If you have a desire to speak with a chaplain, please contact the office administrator.

Our transitional consultant, Rev Sandy Butler, is available for prayer support as well. Please email her at to schedule a call.

Silent Unity Prayer Partners are available to pray with you. Call 1.800.669.7729 (1.800.NOW.PRAY). You can also submit a prayer request online.
Unity of Lehigh Valley Board meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (currently via Zoom). Congregants are invited to attend at 7:00pm if they so desire.

If you would like to attend a Board meeting, please obtain the Zoom link from the office.
Connecting With Others
Many people in our time feel disconnected – the opposite of feeling heard and empowered to be their best selves. Disconnection results in inner confusion and outer conflicts that lead to a world of pain - loneliness, anxiety, depression, addiction, bullying, violence and wasted human potential. We need a solution that restores hope.
The Connection Practice is a self-empowering skill for resolving conflicts that not only restores hope - it fulfills it.

How? empathy + insight = connection

Rick Stober invites you to join him on Zoom for a "coherence call" at 11:30am each morning. Feel free to join once a week or every day! Please join Rick for the Coherence call via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 321 012 0432
Password: Rasur2020
Get Involved - Daily Word Readers Needed!
We are inviting people to video-record themselves reading the Daily Word for playback at Sunday service. The office administrator maintains a schedule in the office. Please contact if you would like to be part of the service by reading the Daily Word.

Here's how it works: You will receive the text for the Daily Word for the Sunday you choose, you record it on your phone and send the video via email. Your video will be incorporated into the Sunday Service!

Once you select your date, and have the Daily Word for that day, you can record yourself and send it in to the office. You do not need to wait. The recording will be stored to be played on your day of choice.

We are now open to the public without reservations. If you would like to read the Daily Word live in our Sunday service, please contact Karen in the office with the date you choose!
Donations to ULV
Weekly Offering Report
October 7-12

Offerings Received = $735
Required for Expenses = $1885
Variance = $(1150)

Variance for October: $(1648)
Thank you to all the wonderful souls who make our Sunday services possible!

  • Thank you to Rev Julie for her message on Sunday.
  • Thank you to Karen Esbensen for being the Platform Assistant.
  • Thank you to Dale Parkhurst for reading the Daily Word.
  • Thank you to the AV team for their consistent dedication to our livestreams.
  • Thank you to Beverly Freeman and Cindy Gunn for the Autumn wreaths hanging in the Sanctuary.
  • Thank you to all those who helped decorate our Sanctuary for Autumn on Sunday.

Have something you are grateful for, or want to celebrate? Contact the office by Tuesday of each week to have it appear in the weekly email and the Sunday announcements.
Community Events
Letting Go With Grace
By Barbara Bowen
In the six years since I quit work to care for my mother who has dementia, I've learned lots of things—including some I'd rather not know.

Letting go has been my hardest struggle. As Mom’s disorder has progressed, many things have changed. I don’t like change. There are always, as the saying goes, “claw marks” on everything I release. So I get to practice on an ever-changing set of circumstances.
Being Present
By Rev. Paul John Roach
Affirmation: I live in the now, and divine understanding is active in me.
On Being Present: Achieving the Freedom of Now

The terms “being present” and “living in the now” have become clichés on the New Thought spiritual path and in the nondual tradition in general. We speak of the power of now, the timeless moment, and that there is only now.

In New Thought, we released sin as a stumbling block then replaced it with the charge of negative thinking. Now our greatest put-down is the accusation of being distracted and therefore not present to what is!
Unity of Lehigh Valley
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