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Janet Hess
Service/salesperson Janet Hess has sold several Massimo Zanetti Beverage systems to customers.

Portion pack coffee has rejuvenated the OCS business beyond many peoples' expectations over the last decade, but profitability has required astute attention to product cost.

Charlie Ray, a long-time OCS veteran, has never taken his eye off of new opportunities to meet the consumer's demand for good value, but in a way that allows him to protect his profit margin.

Ray, who operates Ray Coffee Service in Savannah, Ga., was among the OCS operators who began seeking alternatives to the Keurig system several years ago. While Keurig established the portion pack as the preferred OCS choice, the company marketed its products through retail channels in a way that made it difficult for many OCS operators to maintain profitability.

Ray, like other coffee service operators, ran into problems when Keurig cartridges became available at retail outlets for prices he could not compete with.

In 2010, Ray welcomed the Tassimo Professional, a portion pack system that only used proprietary Tassimo portion packs, giving the OCS operator more control over the portion pack pricing.

Opt Connect Cellular Connectivity for Vending
iVision Bill Validator
The iVizion bill validator powers the Fuzion, which creates a host of capabilities.
JCM Global's newly introduced Fuzion, when paired with the company's iVizion bill validator and Gen5 printer, unleashes several new capabilities. These include conducting cross promotional couponing, vending and redeeming lottery and betting tickets, and allowing currency exchanges that can be preset or in real time.

The system also can streamline tax forms processes by printing system-generated tax forms and delivering the required documentation to the customer while the back-end system stores the signature forms and data 
that needs to be delivered to the IRS.
Powering Fuzion is the iVizion bill validator which scans the entire note or ticket, reading more than 9.5 million data points on every note. The validator has the capability to read 2D barcodes, and its intelligent bezel enables mobile connection for additional Fuzion functionality.

Online Catalog Creator Helps Commissaries Comply With FDA Label Requirements
Online catalog creator
The 3G simplifies creating nutrition labels.
Custom Catalog Creator (C3), powered by Blue World Inc., offers an online tool to keep commissary produced food compliant with FDA nutritional and labeling guidelines. Users can add ingredients, create offerings, build menus, manage calendars and generate custom labels for prepared food items, all within a single platform.

The C3 helps foodservice operators comply with section 4205 of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The rule requires certain away-from-home food channels to clearly disclose specific nutritional information. The tool provides a collection of ingredients broken down to the smallest measurements. It also provides an on-the-spot nutritional label generator.


InHand Go solution
The InHand Go solution offers touchscreen interface.
The InHand Go smart vending solution from InHand Networks in Fairfax, Va. is designed to bring vending machines into the mobile era. The solution enables touchscreen user interface, interactive marketing, cashless and mobile payment and cloud based vending management.

The solution is designed to help vending operators better serve mobile era consumers, increase sales, improve efficiency and boost profits.

The interactive touchscreen dynamically displays product selection, nutrition information, advertising and promotions.

The InPos card reader accepts debit cards, credit cards, NFC payments and Apple Pay, and supports Wechat wallet, Alipay wallet and QR codes.

The cloud VMS and mobile app both support real-time inventory status and refill alerts, dynamic routing, analytics and remote machine monitoring. The software also supports interactive games and loyalty rewards.
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