If you can't come to us, we'll come to you!! Safe "Social Distancing" drive by Bar Mitzvah celebration for Charlie!!🙌🏻🎉🙌🏻🎉

What a beautiful fun-filled Thursday afternoon in Livingston, NJ with our SPACE team!! SPACE was so excited to surprise Charlie, who's Bar Mitzvah was postponed due to COVID-19. All of Charlie's friend's drove by and honked their horns, as Charlie shot out smoke from our C02 Gun. Emcee Charlie and our amazing SPACE team continue to bring smiles to the faces of families on their special day!

Police Drive By to Wish Charlie a Happy Birthday!
"This has flipped our whole day around! You guys are so amazing, I want to crash every party you guys do!"
"I love you all more and more every day. We have been getting endless texts and calls from friends and neighbors saying how much happiness our "Mini-Mitzvah" brought them and especially their children. For a couple of hours, we were able to forget about the Coronavirus, about being quarantined, about not being able to see friends and loved ones. You gave us the gift of love and joy that will stay with us forever."

"You guys were fabulous. My wife and I were lucky enough to be there for Charlie's special day and got to see your crew perform. We can't wait til October 11th to party with you and celebrate Charlie's Bar Mitzvah. Thanks for making it a special day for the Rosenbloom family." 
-Charlie's Nana and Papa

"If this is not the real deal, I can't imagine how awesome the real deal is going to be!" -Lori Rosenbloom
A Beautiful message from one of our Bar Mitzvah Moms:

❣️"Hi Mitzvah Planners. My son's #BarMitzvah was scheduled for Friday, May 1st at SPACE Events. We had decided to postpone our event mid-march and rescheduled it to this October. My son was fine with it, as most of his friends were in the same position.

On the Monday before what was supposed to be his Bar Mitzvah, I received a call from Sara at Space. Knowing that it was supposed to be my son's Bar Mitzvah on Friday, she wanted to know if they could send out our DJ to play music during a car parade. Since we had already arranged for a car parade on his actual birthday (yesterday), Sara said that they would send out our #DJ for my son's birthday.

I was COMPLETELY unprepared for what unfolded yesterday. Not only did our DJ come over, but he had a Step and Repeat, a red carpet, velvet ropes, balloons and a smoke machine. The BIGGEST surprise of all was the photographer that came out to capture this time together.

Our family has been struggling emotionally during this quarantine. I can not telling you how much this gesture of kindness impacted my family and turned our day around. Thank you #SPACEEvents!!!"
-The Rosenbloom Family

Photographer  @chrisherder  
DJ = @emceecharlie

We are so grateful to have celebrated this day with you and we look forward to seeing you again in October for the real deal. Until then, stay safe and healthy!

Your SPACE Family
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