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Psalm 113:7-8, "He raised the poor out of the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap that He may seat them with princes, the princes of His people."
Dear Partners and Friends,
It’s with sincere gratitude that we embark upon a new year marveling at all that God has done in 2021. It is clear to us here at Charlie’s Lunch that your PARTNERSHIP has been vital to the growth and expansion that God has blessed us with. Hundreds more of the poorest children among us have been added to our long-term reach through Charlie’s Lunch Ministries. They are now part of the goals for feeding, teaching and discipleship.
We are immensely grateful, dear friends, for your support. It has been GENEROUS and SACRIFICIAL!

God has given us an effective reach with our 4 strand chord of: Our Father God, Charlie’s Lunch Team, You our Partners, and the overseas local Pastors and churches. Wow!

This is a powerful and strong ministry God is using to expand His Kingdom in reaching the lost, the hopeless and the poor. Thank you for standing with us and for propelling us forward to carry out Gods calling to reach the world through the open doors He gives us.

You know, Janey and I well remember and have a video of our dear son Charlie at 8 years old in 1991 at a missionary consecration service, singing; Psalms 2:8
“Ask of me and I will give the nations as an inheritance for you, as an inheritance for you, ask of me.”

  “Here am I, send me to the nations, as an ambassador for you, as an ambassador for you,
Here am I send me to the nations as an ambassador for you, Here am I.”
Surely, God heard Charlie’s tender heart singing in that choir with his siblings and a hundred other missionary kids these words and this prayer. Surely God answered his “heart prayer” in this life on earth and through his home-going to heaven in Guatemala 5 yrs. later in 1996.

Within the past 25 years through Charlie’s life testimony and legacy in Charlies Lunch Ministry around the globe in 10 nations, reaching thousands upon thousands, serving nearly 8 million lunches, God answered his prayer!
Indeed, we, Charlie’s mom and dad, his siblings, and extended family do believe so.

In all these things dear friends; “To God be all the glory for what He has done!”

In His grip,
Sam Stewart
Director of Charlie's Lunch Ministries
2021 Victories & Highlights

  •  March: Philippines, Davao: CL church/feeding center burned on the bay displacing approx..1500 people. Our ministry site had to relocate and rebuild. $10,000. Was given through our hands to rebuild and purchase a new location. 
  •  April/May: COVID restrictions end in countries and full resuming of normal daily feeding center operations at most ministry locations.
  • May/June: Tour of the Tri-Central American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras: Discovery for expansion, for teaching and training. Began processes of choosing 6 new locations in this region. 
  • June: Opened 2 New Feeding Centers: Guatemala: Comapa Jutiapa and Villa Nueva, Guatemala City.
  • June: Begin building a new church plant begun with Charlie’s Lunch feeding the children in a poor community in the countryside of Tablas 2, Sonsonate, El Salvador. (1st phase $5k given)
  • September: Honduras: Opening of 3 new C.L. Centers in Honduras. (Cofradia, La Gonzales and Baja Mar/Puerto Cortes-Caribbean)  
  • September: Juarez, Mexico: Investigate/Discovery/Ministry oversight to C. Lunch Ministry Staff and orientation. 
  • October: Opening of 1 new Feeding Center in India. (Vempadu) 
  • November: Opening of 1 new Feeding Center in Juarez, Mexico.
  • December: Charlie’s Lunch Christmas Celebrations and gifts given: 3,500 children & volunteers
2021 Total number meals served: over 250,000!!

Children, young people, and adults receiving Christ this year through the ministry of Charlie’s Lunch: 1,800!!

For more pictures from Charlie’s Lunch Christmas celebrations, visit our website:
Friends, thank you for your faithful support and for helping us feed the hungry children of the world, plant new churches, and see them grow in a healthy manner. It’s God's wonderful plan and destiny to reach the people in nations of the world through Charlie’s Lunch. 

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Thank you for sharing lunch...CHARLIES LUNCH!

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