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April, 2022 #4
Let's Stop the March to the Left
Fellow Republicans:

I would like to thank all of you who participated in our LIncoln Day Dinner featuring Dr. Alveda King and our Republican leadership. The night was a great success with powerful messages from Dr. King, Rep. Greg Steube and other members of our leadership.

As we ramp up our efforts for a win in 2022, as Greg Steube emphasized Saturday night, it is critical that we get back the majority in the US House and Senate so that we can stop the leftist march we are witnessing. It is time for Republican Congress members to hold hearing with the likes of Hunter Bidden and block the squad from their destructive push towards socialism.

I encourage you to get involved now -- volunteer with the Party or join a Club to learn what is happening locally. We need to be writing letters to the editor, flag waving, fighting in the court, and most importantly we need to vote. I encourage you to sign up to get a vote-by-mail ballot so that if anything prevents you from voting in person you can still get your vote in both in the upcoming primary and general election when our Governor will need your support to keep Florida free.

We the people and fed up and we are not going to take it!

Regards, Gene 

Gene Murtha,
Chair, Republican Party of Charlotte County
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