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November Issue, 2021 #11
The Red Wave Has Begun
The red wave has started. 

Glenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia has some powerful foreshadowing for a strong outcome for Republicans in 2022. The evidence of this is in the county level detail.  Youngkin’s results included significant Republican encroachment in every Virginia county many in double digit point spreads.  And these gains were not just in predominantly White areas, some heavily Black counties saw their Democratic lean erode. For example, Sussex County, which has a Black majority electorate, decreased its support of the Democrat, McAuliffe, by 7 percentage points since his last election in the state.

What can we do to support this wave going forward. The key is getting as many people on the Republican voter roles as we can. Since the beginning of the year we have increased the margin of Republicans over Democrats In Charlotte County  by over 1700 voters.   Florida’s margin lead has shrunk for Democrats from about 250,000 just three years ago to about 20,000.   We  need to keep this up and help turn Florida red for Christmas.  

Also we need to not allow distrust in our elections to suppress the Republican vote.  There are operators like the Lincoln Project trying to convince Floridians that our voting process is flawed. Florida has one of the safest systems in the country and recent changes in state law have increased that security. Our Governor is leading the effort in increasing voter integrity with introducing additional new measures just a few days ago. Voting in person or by mail is secure in Florida.

Let’s do all we can to re-elect our great Republican Governor and get back the U.S House and Senate in 2022.  Join the red wave!

Regards, Gene 

Gene Murtha,
Chair, Republican Party of Charlotte County
The Governor with his new t-shirt
Progressive policies by focusing on caring without accountability and by victimizing groups are destroying our cities and aiming further to destroy our country.  

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