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October, 2022 #10
Game ON -- Mid-Term Voting Has Begun
Fellow Republicans:

The devastating hurricane that hit our region has created disruptions throughout our county including for many of our organizations. I hope that you and your families fared well and are recovering the best you can. It goes without saving that this catastrophic event has made our election process more of a challenge. As we suggested over and over -- tragic events happen, hurricanes happen - get a vote by mail ballot for insurance. If you took this advice, please get your ballot back as quickly as you can as it will help the process of our getting out the vote. The less ballots we have to chase, the better our results will be, especially at this difficult time. If you haven't, you can still get one - see below.

Vote- by- mail ballots were sent out on October 3. If you did not receive yours, now is the time to check on it. You can check the status of your ballot at You can also request a ballot there up to October 29. Or call the Supervisor of Elections office at 941-833-5400.

If you want to help in Get Out the Vote campaign, you can sign up for our ADOPT-A-VOTER Program. Go to our sign up at and check "get out the vote."

On to a win in the Mid-Term!

Regards, Gene 

Gene Murtha,
Chair, Republican Party of Charlotte County
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