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September, 2022 #9
How Low Can Joe Go -- America's Nero
Fellow Republicans:

This could be Biden’s last straw. Having no successful record that good incumbents lean on to get re-elected, he and the Democrats have reverted to more Trump-bashing with an ugly twist.  Since  President Trump isn’t on the ballot, they have  waged an attack on  MAGA Republicans, all the while financially supporting the most ultra MAGA Republicans in Republican primaries, hoping to secure their base and win over moderates. This is a perverted, divisive strategy and Biden, the divider-in-chief, who promised to unite us, gave the keynote for it the other night, sadly in Philadelphia, the cradle of our liberty and union. Hoping to pull independents and anti-Trump Republicans to his side, he smeared Trump supporters - millions of American Citizens.  When ever in history has an American President sunk so low as to outrageously attack, not an opposing candidate,  but a large segment of the American people.  

Meanwhile, each day we wonder what new disaster Biden will reign down on us next. Most recently, he marches us on to a Communist-style regime with the hiring of 87,000 more IRS agents while ramming through a new tax and spend bill falsely labeled the Inflation Reduction Act. Under this act the  billions in new taxes assessed will be paid by families earning under $400,000 per year (promises broken).  Aren’t we fed up enough with this disastrous regime - and yes regime is the correct word - and it's Nero at the helm.  
Come out to our Republican Victory Rally on September 24 and support a Republican win in November! 

Regards, Gene 

Gene Murtha,
Chair, Republican Party of Charlotte County
Congratulations to Chris Constance and Stephen R. Deutsch for their re-election to the Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners, and to Rob Hancik for his election to a third term on the Charlotte County Airport Authority. Congratulations also to John LeClair for winning his race as the newest member of the Charlotte County School Board.  
Republican Headquarters, 2171 Tamiami Trail is open Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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New Committeeman and women Gary Biddington, Ginnie Dobrek, and Kathy Smith sworn in by Gary Vulgamore
Republican Victory Rally
September 24
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