There is a growing number of small and medium practices that are partnering with managed service providers (MSPs) to support their growing IT needs. 

The question is, what’s motivating practices today to use a MSP? 


The effects of COVID-19 are enabling the healthcare industry to demonstrate what is possible.

With COVID-19 sending a wave of legislation around medical care, there was an immediate need for loosening HIPAA Requirements in response to the Coronavirus Urgent and Necessary requirement.

Since March 2020,   telemedicine laws have been changing and have seen an increase in insurance coverage in remote care. More so, healthcare is seeing a surge in use of Tele-monitoring devices, such as heart and blood pressure monitoring devices, enabling the physician and/or clinical staff to remotely review as often as needed.

Recent r esearch is anticipating a 20 – 30% increase in the number of users who will work from home for at least some of their hours by the end of 2021. Looking to the future, remote care is not going away - and with this-- the need for an Managed IT is becoming imminent .

Since COVID-19’s ‘Shelter in place’, Practices that lack a managed IT or IT Infrastructure have been forced to connect from a wide variety of devices—and a lot aren’t under the management of a corporate network. Some devices are even shared with family members-- thereby jeopardizing the integrity of those networks and increasing potential risk.   


Once this crisis is over, while a revamped telemedicine system would continue to improve access, HIPAA requirements will no longer be relaxed. Practices will require a managed IT strategy and IT infrastructure in place, so they can work remotely and utilize the right tools and processes for their front desk staff, practice admin, billing staff and more. 

While MSPs will be a necessary investment for many organizations during the Covid-19 crisis, the benefits will be felt long after. The Covid-19 response represents an opportunity for many practices to modernize their IT infrastructure and processes.  

7 Reasons Why Practices are Switching to Managed It
Improved security - One of the leading benefits of MSPs is they specialize in handling a company’s network security, which assures practices that sensitive HIPAA data is safe for both remote and onsite use.

Proactive approach - A MSP uses a proactive approach to IT, ensuring networks, mobile devices and cloud services are up-to-date in maintenance, security patches and more. This is far less stressful than a reactive (break-fix) solution.

Uninterrupted Service:  Security breaches and extensive downtime becomes expensive. Practices with MSPs avoid these financial risks by receiving

1) consistent updates to their network, 
2) risk assessments and
3) fast responses when their network goes offline.

Eliminating or minimizing downtime are essential factors for practices to enhance trust and patient engagement.

Customized Budget Solutions - MSPs provides a predictable cost minimizing reactive IT support. For smaller practices, this lets them create a precise budget and deliver accurate financial forecasts.

Increased productivity - With a secure, stable network and fewer help desk tickets, staff can do more with their time in the office instead of shuffling between multiple responsibilities, including solving IT issues.

Makes Expert Advice Accessible - Access to 30-40 IT employees that are experts in multiple areas of the IT industry, including networking, storage, virtualization, compliance, security, software, etc.

Business Continuity – MSP’s help develop business continuity plans ensuring that critical processes of a practice continue running effectively during a disaster or a time of emergency.

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