Charter Schools in Las Vegas: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right One
Nevada State High School June 28th, 2017
Choosing a best high school in Las Vegas or for that matter choosing an elementary or middle school in any city or state is a BIG task. More important is choosing the right school that benefits your child the most is an even greater task. For over 25 years, public charter schools across the nation have been giving families more choices by the way of dual credit programs, project-based learning, online education, and more.

Ohio's online charter school ECOT to lay off quarter of staff to repay $60M to state
Education Dive – June 23rd, 2017
ECOT's decision to layoff a quarter of its staff as a result of necessary repayment to the state reflects some of the limitations of virtual online schooling, which may be much more difficult to track and measure on student performance. 

LA Times - June 23rd, 2017

Charter schools remain a subject of intense debate in Los Angeles, especially with the arrival soon of two new school board members who were supported by charter backers.

While research on charters often is inconclusive and partisan, a study released this week has ammunition for both their enthusiasts and their critics.