trustED – June 1st, 2017 
Earlier this month, a pair of school choice advocates were elected to the Los Angeles Unified School Board in what amounted to the most expensive school board campaign in American history. The changes come as school and community leaders continue to debate the impact of charter schools on K-12 enrollment and funding.

The 74 – May 31st, 2017
What Serena Williams is to the Grand Slam, what the John Wooden UCLA basketball teams were to the NCAA tournament, and what Magic Johnson to the NBA finals — that is what Granada Hills Charter High School is to the rarified world of the United States Academic Decathlon: an iconic L.A. powerhouse that could soon run out of room in its trophy case. - May 31st, 2017
Do you have a high school diploma? There it was, in some form or other, on every application. The same question. The same answer. No. It didn’t really bother Evelyn Hunter, Sr., because she knew why she quit high school in 1980. She wanted to be home with her children. She prioritized them. She’d do it again. Tuesday night, Hunter walked across the stage at Taft Theatre downtown and collected a diploma from Dohn Community High School, a charter school with a special program for people 22 and older. Hunter graduated with her daughter, Tyrea Hunter, 33, and two nieces, Evelyn Hunter, Jr., 24, and Andrea Foster, 20. All four attended Dohn at the same time. Dohn (pronounced D-A-W-N) is a dropout-recovery school, targeting students who otherwise would probably not graduate. The charter school has about 1,000 students in all, including those in the 22-plus program.