Nevada Independent- March 9th, 2017
The story begins in 2015, when Republicans who swept to power in the conservative "red wave" of the 2014 election threw their Democratic colleagues off balance right out of the gate. At a hearing three days into the session, they presented a polarizing, two-pronged bill.

The 74 - March 8th, 2017
An explosive charter school phenomenon in Massachusetts this week raises two major questions for the rest of the country: 1.  Are we looking at more Bostons emerging, where the odds of winning a charter seat are now 1 in 16? 2.  And, if that’s the case, what do those spiraling odds say about the commonly embraced American goal of giving equal opportunity to all?

In education, few questions matter more than what to do for students stuck in enduringly terrible schools. Such schools produce more dropouts than graduates; they are associated with violence, community disorganization, and blunted futures for children. Bringing dramatic change to such schools has rightly become a national priority, in part because of the federal government’s multi-billion-dollar investment in School Improvement Grants, or SIG.

Two Possible Paths for a Tax-Credit School Choice Plan in Congress                        Education Week - March 2nd, 2017                                                                                               Of the various school choice bills that might enter the arena in Congress, creating tax credits to fund private school choice might be the most logical, and it's one of the options the Trump administration is considering.