Review Journal - March 1st, 2017
The Clark County School District wants incoming charters to consult with the district before a new school is built. Assembly Bill 78, presented by Craig Stevens for the school district, was introduced to the Assembly education committee meeting Tuesday. Opponents said the district was trying to control charters.

Star Tribune - March 2nd, 2017
At charter schools like Athlos Leadership Academy in Brooklyn Park, STRIDE Academy in St. Cloud and Twin Cities Academy High in St. Paul, student enrollment has skyrocketed, with each adding hundreds of new students over the last five years.

The 74 - March 2nd, 2017
Conventional wisdom in education seems to be that students benefit when more money is spent “in the classroom” and less is spent on purportedly bloated bureaucracies. But there is remarkably little evidence to bear this out in either the traditional public or charter school sector.