Washington Examiner- March 13th, 2017
It took a while, but an education bill of immediate importance to children in Washington, D.C., schools, and of symbolic importance to every child in the country, was passed by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Friday morning. The measure will now head for consideration by the full House.

The Nevada Independent - March 11th, 2017
In the years since the first one opened in Minnesota in 1992, charter schools have blossomed into a national movement that now includes more than 6,700 schools and 2.9 million students.. They’re driven by people who want to throw off the strictures of traditional public schools and try innovative teaching strategies while still maintaining a backbone of public funding.

Visalia Times-Delta - March 15th, 2017
like many charter school networks, the Los Angeles-based Alliance College-Ready Public Schools boast eye-popping statistics: 95% of their low-income students graduate from high school and go on to college. Virtually all qualify to attend California state universities.