Review Journal - February 17th, 2017
Gov. Brian Sandoval said the partnership between charter operator Democracy Prep and Agassi Prep will serve as the flagship of the Achievement School District despite a flawed rollout and attempts by lawmakers to eliminate the program.

National Alliance for  Public Charter Schools - February 2nd, 2017
A new survey of Ohio brick-and-mortar charter schools has found that charter schools face challenges in securing adequate facilities and that a lack of dedicated resources sufficient for this purpose often results in spaces that are smaller than recommended guidelines. 

Nevada Independent - February 15th, 2017
You can’t change the culture of education in Nevada without the proverbial buck stopping at some educators’ desks. Better it land with local stakeholders in the schools in which they teach and lead. Residents of Nevada must grapple with the uncomfortable truth that generationally underperforming schools are all too often located in the state’s most depressed socio-economic areas. Only a no-excuses approach and a belief that every Nevada child deserves the opportunity for equity of access will ever pull us higher on those lists we’re all so tired of being on the bottom of.

Nogales International- February 21st, 2017
This Arizona charter school teaches in both English and Spanish because of a law not allowing duel language in regular Arizona Schools this school has thrived and helped students succeed in an area where knowing both English and Spanish is necessary.