Shoals Marine Laboratory's Monthly Newsletter - The Island View
January 2017
Dear Friends of Shoals Marine Laboratory, 

Happy New Year! I hope you are all warm, happy, and healthy as we welcome this new year. I am eager to share some much-anticipated news with you. We can officially announce that we  surpassed our goal for the 2016 SML Fund campaign during our 50th Anniversary Year! What a glorious way to warm up a wintry start to 2017! 

Our dedicated community of supporters contributed to the 2016 SML Fund via  400 individual gifts, totaling just over $265,000 ! That's $15,000  beyond  our $250,000 goal. When we reached the $100,000 milestone over the summer, the SML Fund received a $25,000 boost thanks to a matching grant from the Saquish Foundation. Momentum continued into our "Celebrate 50" events and through the holidays. YOU made this happen, and we cannot wait to share all the positive impacts these funds will have!

In many ways, donors are the heroes of SML and make it possible for us to meet our mission of providing world-class education, research, and outreach programs. We keep getting better with your support. Thank you to those who gave to SML in 2016, and every year! Despite the standard spelling, there is a "u" in Shoals and we are grateful.

For those who just joined the SML community this past year, we welcome you! We are so glad you are here and we are thrilled that you want to be part of sustaining something bigger than any one of us. If you would like to become more involved in SML, please  visit our website! There are numerous ways to show your support – whether in person by attending an SML event or summer program, or remotely by joining our recruitment efforts or by contributing to the SML Fund.
Hagfish Headlines
Two SML alums – Dr. Doug Fudge (SML '91) and the article's author, Elizabeth Pennisi (SML '75) – joined forces in a recent Science Magazine article to spotlight everyone's favorite 'nautical knot'!

Doug stays involved with SML as a faculty member for our Investigative Marine Biology Laboratory course, and Elizabeth was one of five distinguished speakers at SML's 50th Anniversary  "Shoals Scientists Speak" event.

(image from the Science article)
Calling all high school students!
Why do high school students flock to Appledore Island every summer to study "Marine Environmental Science" or "Biology of Sharks"? For some, the chance to stretch their wings in a guided research project on a rugged island fulfills a sense of adventure. For others, it’s the opportunity to demonstrate success in a Cornell University course for upcoming college applications. 

On Appledore, we watch high school students learn, thrive, and grow into independent scholars who are ready to excel at the college level. The SML environment is often more academically demanding than they are used to, but we are committed to mentoring and working with all high school students to ensure their success.

We often find that SML's high school alums are accepted to Cornell and other top-notch universities, and that they frequently choose to  return  to SML as college students for more-advanced courses, research internships, and employment as teaching assistants or island staff! The success of our high school courses can also be measured in the number of younger siblings that parents send to SML - strengthening the sense of family and community for which SML is known.

Do you know a high school student interested in sustainability, oceans, and marine biology? 

Click on the videos below to hear from two high school students who recently took SML courses for college credit!
Videos by Dr. Robin Hadlock Seeley.
Day Trips to Appledore - Summer 2017 Dates
Spend the day on Appledore Island this summer, touring and immersing yourself in both natural and human history with UNH Marine Docents as your guide. Tickets for 2017 tours are on sale now.

Travel back in time to the historic garden of renowned Isles of Shoals poet and author, Celia Thaxter. Open the door to Appledore's rich past as you visit other island landmarks important to Celia's life and legacy. Gourmet lunch included.

In this program run by NH Sea Grant, participants trek across the paths and rocky outcrops of Appledore Island for the day, exploring the marine environment, wildlife, plants, and geology. Historic sites reveal the island's human history as well.

(tour images by Rebecca Zeiber)
SML Artist-in-Residence Program
The SML Artist-in-Residence Program is growing and we are so proud of its success! Applications for 2017 are now being accepted and filled on a rolling basis. We will select several artists to join us on Appledore Island this summer, each spending ~2 weeks at SML. Artists will engage with students in courses and internships in order to cultivate and develop students' observational skills. Deep inquisitiveness and creativity apply directly to the process of scientific inquiry. In turn, the artists are welcomed into SML's scientific community and research activities, thus deepening their own understanding of the natural world and sparking original ideas. 

Artist-in-Residence applications will be accepted until April 1, 2017. Please share news of this opportunity widely! 

(p ainting of SML vessel captain by  Alastair Dacey during his 2017 residency)
SML Associate Director position

Join our team! The SML Associate Director position will be a full-time, year-round, non-tenure track academic appointment within the University of New Hampshire's School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering. The Associate Director will report to and work closely with the SML Executive Director to oversee SML activities and all aspects of SML's mission and academic programs.
Applications are being accepted until January 27, 2017.
Scientist-in-Residence Fellowships

Applications are now being accepted for 2017 Shoals Scientist-in-Residence Fellowships (Shoals SIRF). SML will select two early-career research scientists to join us on Appledore Island this summer for two months. Shoals SIRF will support marine research at SML while also providing opportunities for SML undergraduate interns to learn from and work with the fellows in the lab and field.

Applications are being accepted until February 15, 2017.

In Closing
SML alumna Vanessa Constant (SML '11, Cornell '14, now in a Ph.D. program for Marine Biology) recently shared this sentiment with us: "I think fondly of my time on island and warmly reflect on the profound influence it had on me as a young scientist. SML helped position me to be an engaged student, proactive researcher, and dynamic communicator. As with many other alumni, I continue to feel connected to SML, realizing that most of us were not just students for just the season but are part of the Shoals family for life.” What a wonderful message to receive!

Shoals changes lives and is so much bigger than just a summer course or internship. We are busy in Durham and Ithaca right now, actively talking to prospective students about opportunities for them this summer. Who knows how this summer might influence their future. We are excited to welcome many new members to the SML family, and we look forward to gathering SML alumni and friends from over the years at the SML Alumni & Friends Weekend in September! Stay tuned!

With deep appreciation and warm wishes,
Jennifer Seavey, Ph.D.
Kingsbury Director of the Shoals Marine Laboratory