Chasing a Dream
Jesus hangs out at a well (John 4). I think He knew that a well was a good place to have conversations with people.  The conversation He has with one woman at that well leads to the whole town gathering to hear Jesus teach. I go to a coffee shop in a local bookstore.  It's like a well. People come there for a drink and, sometimes, conversations happen. I see Kelly, Chuck, Ted, and a few others there every week.  I am always on the look out for good conversations. I want to hang out in the places where I think Jesus would hang out. He wanted people to know God's grace and hear God's voice. So, He hung out at the synagogue, at parties, in homes, and at wells.
We dream and hope that a preschool is a place where families will gather. There are approximately one thousand potential preschoolers in a mile radius of our facility. That's lots of young children and lots of families. The potential for great conversations is high!
However, opening a preschool takes slightly more effort that hanging out at a coffee shop or a well. We have been cleaning, painting, tiling, fencing, waxing, wiring...and the list goes on.  But the goal is conversation. We dream of dialogue about God's grace with children and families in our community.
We still have hoops to go through.  Oh, so many hoops in this process! Though the rooms have been transformed, the health department must still give us a thumbs up and then we can officially apply to be a preschool in Palm Beach County.
We have no idea how many students will come.  It is a step of faith.  We are trusting God that He wants us to have grace-filled conversations with kids and families even more than we do. It is our belief that this is His dream for us and, more importantly, for those who don't yet know Him. Thanks for your prayers through this process.  Keep praying that everything will fall in to place at the right time and we will have a class full of students!  Pray for Amanda Albuquerque and her family as they continue to make many sacrifices to launch this preschool!  Most of all pray for those conversations. Pray that we will lift up the name of Jesus in the process of this launch and with the families we come to know once we launch.
 Welcome New Members

A big welcome to our latest group of new members. The stories of God's grace in the lives of this group would blow you away! God meets us in failure, romance, closed doors, addiction, loss and so many other places. Thanks to this group of folks that recently stepped up to commit themselves to God's work here at Sunlight.

From left to right they are: Krista, Kaysha, Brian, Jerome, Brenda, Amanda, Jane, Kathy, Tom, and Sharon.

Thank God that He is building His Kingdom here as he continues to add to our numbers.

Praise & Prayer
  • Praise for those families who have already expressed interest in registering their kids for Sunlight Academy! We have 3 children preregistered already!
  • Pray that the Health Department will not find any costly issues that we have to fix.  Their inspection should be coming in the next week or so.
  • Pray for the funds we need to launch the preschool.
  • Pray for God to move in the hearts of people to give to this ministry.
  • Pray that God will open the door for conversations about His grace with many in our community.
  • Praise: CROS Summer Camp is beginning! We are excited to connect with the staff and the families of summer camp.
  • Personal: The Vos family had a wonderful day celebrating Drew and Taylor's wedding.  We are excited to celebrate our granddaughter Kaelyn's baptism on June 11.
Kris Vos - Sunlight Community Church 
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