April 2019
    Vol 8 Issue 2
From the Editor  
Happy National Cancer Registrars Week! The theme this year is Cancer Registrars: Capturing the Picture of Cancer. 

As NCRA President, Janet Reynolds, BS, CTR observed, "Quality cancer data is central to the nation's fight against cancer, and cancer registrars are the first link in capturing that data. National Cancer Registrars Week provides an opportunity to acknowledge the central role registrars play in the research, treatment, and prevention of cancer." 

To honor the work you do, we bring you a variety of articles that illustrate the importance of the data you collect, starting with an article on rural - urban comparisons on cancer outcomes by Amy Klapheke, PhD, Research Scientist. Dr. Klapheke's findings are interesting and highlight the importance of using registry data to understand the burden of cancer in California.

Eric Stewart, Research Associate, shares an update on CRGC's work on the VTR (Virtual Tumor Repository) Pilot Project. This SEER funded study looks at the feasibility of obtaining bio-specimens for genomic research. The registries would act as "honest brokers" to provide de-identified tissue for research.
Winny Roshala, Director of Data Quality Control and Reporting Facility Compliance Officer for CRGC, shares her thoughts about National Cancer Registry Week and the contributions all of you make to our field.

We again provide a specific link to the CRGC website where you can find information regarding the 2018 Data changes. Currently posted are several webinars hosted by NAACCR on 2018 Implementation. 

The CRGC offices are moving in mid May. Please read the article by Scott Riddle on how this might affect you! While the distance between our old office and our new one is relatively short, the office will be closed temporarily to allow for the dismantling and set-up of computers, servers, desks and phones. We've included a map in case you are interested!

We hope you find these articles interesting and informative. CRGC staff thank each of you for your continued support and dedication to providing data of the highest quality and send our heartfelt congratulations during this time of celebration! Enjoy!

Rural-Urban Comparison of Cancer Outcomes in California 
Amy Klapheke, MPH, PhD, Research Scientist, CRGC
Rosemary D. Cress, DrPH, Research Program Director, CRGC
While the great majority of California's population resides in urban areas, over 5 million people live in rural areas throughout the state. Previous research suggests that rural residents may be more likely to have worse cancer outcomes than patients living in urban areas. For example, rurality has been associated with later stage at diagnosis, likely reflecting reduced utilization of cancer screening or limited access to preventive health care. However, the impact of rurality on receiving standard cancer treatment is not well understood, as previous studies have produced conflicting results. The objective of this analysis was to identify possible disparities in cancer treatment between patients in urban and rural areas.
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Virtual Tissue Repository Pilot Study Update 
Eric Stewart, Research Associate, CRGC

Since 2015, CRGC has been participating in the SEER-Linked Virtual Tissue Repository (VTR) Pilot Study, with contributions from both the CRGC Data Collection Unit (DCU) and Research Unit. We have recently completed the initial pilot study and are preparing to continue this work with additional funding from SEER. The VTR pilot study was started to test the feasibility of systematically collecting biospecimens for research, with the participating registries acting as "honest brokers" by providing deidentified tissue to researchers for genomic testing. The idea behind using registries is that we already have an established infrastructure that collects and maintains patient identifiers, as well as good working relationships with regional hospitals and pathology labs. The genomic component of the study focused on patients with abnormal survival, which comprised long-term pancreatic cancer survivors (> 5 years after diagnosis) and breast cancer patients with localized disease who died within 24 months of diagnosis.
Honoring the Data Warriors
Winny Roshala, BA, CTR
Director , Data Quality Control and Reporting Facility Compliance Officer 

National Cancer Registrar Week recognizes and honors the valiant women and men who so skillfully, diligently and comprehensively scour through the patient record to identify data regarding the patient's cancer. Often the unsung heroes, you are the "warriors" who quietly go about their business seeking all the important data elements to provide high data quality for researchers!
On behalf of the CRGC Data Quality team, we want to thank you so very much for your continued professionalism, support and unwavering commitment in truly "capturing the picture of cancer." We couldn't do it without you and we so appreciate and value the unique work you do!

We will continue to provide you with as much support and educational opportunities as we can in meeting the challenges of the 2018 data changes. We are all in this together and there is no doubt we will make it through this together! The work you do matters and as does our resolve to provide high quality data to ultimately benefit the cancer patient.

Thank you all and congratulations!
CRGC Office Moving!

The Cancer Registry of Greater California (CRGC) will be moving to a new office location in the middle of May 2019.   As a result, the CRGC GoAnywhere Secure Server will not be available while we move our computer equipment.  
The expected outage will be from Saturday, May 11, 2019 through Wednesday, May 15, 2019. During the outage you will not be able to upload files nor download reports.   If you have an account on the  GoAnywhere  system, you will be receiving more detailed notifications.  

2018 Data Implementation Posted on CRGC Website

CRGC has created a special location on our website regarding 2018 Implementation and Data Changes to help keep our registrar community informed. Currently posted are four webinars, hosted by NAACCR, that we found especially helpful.

We will continue to post resources and other webinars on 2018 Data Changes to this site as they become available. We hope that having one spot to look for information regarding the changes coming in 2018 will prove helpful to each of you. It is under CRGC Website/Registrar Resources/Registrar Education.

Cancer Registrar Feedback
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