Chattanooga Gets Nationally Recognized
National League of Cities
Innovation Districts: The Chattanooga Story
The much anticipated National League of Cities case study on Chattanooga's Innovation District, Innovation Districts: The Chattanooga Story, was released today. 

A team from NLC spent three days in Chattanooga last year, studying how Chattanooga approached the creation of its Innovation District and this report is the result. It highlights us as the first mid-sized city innovation district and focuses on how we are consciously building on our existing assets.

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NY Times: Exploding Politics
Thomas Friedman published an  article in the New York Times referencing Chattanooga  among cities in the U.S. raising the bar on leadership and governance at all levels.

"It is the kind of politics you already see practiced in successful communities and towns in America - places like Minneapolis; Austin, Tex.; Louisville, Ky.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; and Portland, Ore. - where coalitions made up of the business community, educators and local government come together to forge hybrid solutions to improve their competitiveness and resilience."