Perform a Free Background Check Online With No Charge

Everyone has “little secrets” that they’re afraid to share with anyone – even their family. Well, people have skeletons in the closet that some interested people want to find out. I’m not saying that someone would harm you or is obsessed with you. It’s about security. Some employers do this to find out if an applicant has criminal records.

Don’t worry! A simple background check wouldn’t hurt someone. Let’s say you’re an employer who doubts the information on an applicant’s biodata or a businessman who questions the credibility of his business partner.

Can you get a free background check?

The good news – yes, of course. Take note: your initial check wouldn’t cost you pennies even if you go deeper into a person’s profile.

How is this possible?

You have to thank technology and the internet to find the cheapest background checks services.
Cheapest Background Check
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Is there a Totally Free Background Check Service?

So, are you excited to get a free background check? Follow these simple steps below to know more about a person:

Web Search is the Start

The web would be your first destination for getting a background check. Google offers you tons of results that are too confusing and overwhelming at times. So, be specific in your web search.

Put the name in quotation marks such as “Joe March” for you to see the first and last of the person you’re checking. But you can be more specific by adding the following terms to your search:

  • Job
  • Education
  • City of residence

Hence, you get relevant information and not a bunch of data that you don’t need.

Use Social Networks

Let’s take your detective work using social media. Unlike web searches, info on social networks is controlled and shared voluntarily by a user. You wouldn’t always get the jackpot here, but it offers you an insight into your target.

Here are the best places to begin your search:

  • LinkedIn – With 450 million users, LinkedIn is an excellent source to do background checks. For example, you know about a person’s work history. But don’t expect to read personal information here because people don’t provide personal information on LinkedIn.

  • Instagram – Get a view of someone’s life through his or her photos through Instagram. You’re lucky if you’re target’s account is on the public. If not, you need to try other options, such as the third one below.

  • Facebook – One of your best bets to dig dirt about a person is on Facebook. Type the person’s name, and you have a quick list of the name you’re looking for, such as Joe March. But what would you do if the person’s account is set on private? Easy! Type site: “Joe March” and you would get content about John Joe March even from the private profile if Joe posted to a public group on Facebook.
How to Get Cheapest Background Check on Yourself

Discover Contact Info

Have you tried using a person’s phone number or street address to run a background check on a person? If not, try using a person’s contact information to dig sensitive data.

The big question is, how do you do it? Your target wouldn’t give his or her phone number to you if you ask it, right?

It’s simple. You can use the following websites to level up your search:


Alright, the Pipl service might be creepy at first, but later on, you would be amazed by how awesome it is. I said scary because it can show a bunch of information about a person, such as:

  • The school he or she attended
  • Job
  • Social media accounts
  • Pictures from other sites

With this information and more, you get the full detail of the person you want to check.


Like the Pipl site, you get lots of information you need about an individual at ZabaSearch. Feel free to see photos, relatives, and the history of different people. So, you wouldn’t face too many hassles in doing background checks.


Yes, you’re familiar with WhitePages, and the site offers the necessary information you need about a person. You would know the person’s name, address, and location. That’s not all. An individual’s financial background and work history are also present on the site.

You see, running background checks wouldn’t cause you to pay cash. But some of these websites have a price tag in them so consider if you would use these sites to do background checks.

To be safe, it pays off to stick to contact numbers and social networks instead.