Farthest Flung Destination

The Boss: NetSuite

Live From: London, Emirates Stadium

What Happened: Developed an interactive campaign highlighting customers with a focus on gaining prospects. Cheerio.

A Lot Of A Glow Thing

The Boss: Lyft

Live From: 8 major cities. Count them. 1. San Francisco 2. Los Angeles 3. New York City 4. Boston Cinco. Miami 6. Austin 7. Chicago 8. Atlanta

What Happened: Rolled out new branding campaign and icon, the glowstache, to consumers and drivers alike, touching more than 34,000 consumers at nearly 50 engagements all in just 4 weeks. BOOM.

Repeat Offender

The Boss: Facebook

Live From: San Francisco, Moscone West, The Masonic + Pier 48

What Happened: Welcomed back as the social media mogul's Creative Program Manager for their largest annual internal conference for the second year counting. Yes please. Thank you.

Hometown Highlight

The Boss: NetSuite... Again

Live From: San Francisco

What Happened: The dome! The marble! The rules! Sent employees into the holidays the right way, with a sophisticated and tasteful theme-tastic celebration to remember. We .

Host With The Most

The Boss: Airbnb

Live From: Omaha, All-Over-Town

What Happened: Brought flavor and zest to the community via a pop-up storefront and multi-pronged in-market infiltration program complemented by a digital campaign that more than tripled community hosts. Oh-my-Omaha.

What You Can Do With a Buck

The Brand: Honest Tea

Live From: Throughout the U.S.

What Happened: Shook up local communities with pop-up shops that encouraged consumers to donate $1 for every complimentary Honest Tea drink. Big spender.

Shhh... Make Some Noise

The Brand: Axe Black

Live From: Istanbul

What Happened: Launched a new fragrance in the loudest city on earth in a strong and silent type of way that required people to connect to Axe Black WiFi. Whaddya say?

Love Is Blind

The Brand: The Ad Council

Live From: Santa Monica

What Happened: Broke social barriers and biases by featuring real people of different races and sexual orientations dancing behind a large X-ray screen. Preach.

Millennial Mumbo Jumbo

The Brand: Snickers

Live From: Across the U.S.

What Happened: Took to corner stores nationwide with rebranded packaging that replaced their logo with a language spoken by those who were previously Snicker-less. Hungry for more.

Walk a Mile

The Brand: Converse + Google

Live From: NYC

What Happened: Installed a virtual reality tour for consumers to step into the shoes of well-known artists so they could experience significant historical moments. Chuck please.

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