Check It Off Campaign:  The Story of STEM Lab/ Imagination Station

Sope Creek Foundation

The Foundation is a board made up of parents who work to bridge the financial gap between our allotted county funds and PTA raised funds. All funds raised go towards Sope Creek's educational offerings and bring additional resources to all of our students.

During our 2-week push of The Check it Off Campaign, we will be sending email reminders along with some background stories of past Foundation projects.

Today's topic: The Story of the STEM Lab

The concept of the STEM Lab began in 2011 when Sope Creek brought in a STEM rotation (once every 8 days) in a "regular classroom" taught by a dedicated STEM teacher, Kerry Lance. 
Ms. Lance and members of the administration consulted outside experts and STEM schools from around the country were consulted to see how to expand the program to touch students more often than every 8 days. A special classroom space would be necessary that would simplify and encourage "hands on learning".  The desire was for every teacher to be able to take learning outside of the textbook by providing a larger dedicated space with access to technology, experimental materials, and much needed "elbow room" for imaginations to soar (hence the name "Imagination Station").
The budget estimate for the renovated classroom and expanded Imagination Station space was determined to be $60,000. The Foundation began a Capital Campaign, and as a result of both contributions and the profits from the Sope Creek Spring Fever 5K/1mile, the needed funds were raised and the spaces were configured before the 2012 school  year.

Special tables and stools were brought in for group work, 3 new smart boards,a refrigerator, freezer, storage cabinets, grade level equipment, and Verneer labquest testing equipment. In addition, Imagination Station was created by installing technology drops and opening up two classrooms with a dedicated storage space for teachers.
The Sope Creek STEM lab was the first elementary school STEM LAB in Cobb  County. As of this year there are two STEM rotations for all grades at Sope Creek.

It is our hope that the Check it Off campaign will allow many more projects that enhance and enrich the academic experience for ALL Sope Creek students. We are hoping we can count on your support to make a suggested donation of $75 per child, if you haven't done so already.If you have, we thank you!

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