Check It Off Campaign:  The Story of The Track & Trail System

Sope Creek Foundation

The Foundation is a board made up of parents who work to bridge the financial gap between our allotted county funds and PTA raised funds. All funds raised go towards Sope Creek's educational offerings and bring additional resources to all of our students.

During our 2-week push of The Check it Off Campaign, we will be sending email reminders along with some background stories of past Foundation projects.

Today's topic: The Story of the Track & Trail System

Did you know that Sope Creek is one of the largest elementary schools, but at the present-time has one of the smallest gyms?  Luckily, we have PE coaches Shawn Maloney and Jim Hunt who 'think outside the gym'!!
Back in the fall of 2012, coach Maloney presented to the Foundation Board his desire to connect the 'Big Red' track, the third grade track and also to create a Kindergarten Track right outside the Kindergarten wing. His plan was for students to utilize this Track and Trail system during PE, as well as recess and other programs.  A budget was decided on with Board approval, and the planning process began.  This project became the principle goal for the Spring Fever 5K fundraiser in the spring.

As a result of proceeds from the Spring  Fever 5K, along with the help of our primary sponsors, Wellstar and Kaiser Permanente, Coach Maloney's vision became a reality! The Track and Trail System was unveiled at Family Fun Night in September of 2013. In attendance were Senator Isakson, School Board Representative Scott Sweeney, and State Representative Sharon Cooper to witness the ribbon-cutting  ceremony.
As a result, Kindergarteners can run outside their wing to 'get their wiggles out' during the day.  Many classes also do 'Snack and Track' to enjoy fresh air, run around a bit, and have their snack; and don't forget the Atlanta 500 (link to video) on Fridays for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!

The  Foundation is poised to fund these forward-thinking projects through donations from our families.  Please consider making a suggested donation of $75.00 per child to our Check It Off Campaign. You might  even consider donating at one of our higher levels--$250, $500, $1,000 or any amount would be appreciated.   Click here to donate now!   

For more information about our wonderful PE programs, many of which have been funded by the Foundation click here