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SLA Series Three-Phase Monitoring Relay

The SLA Series Three-Phase Monitoring Relay from ATC Diversified Electronics is designed to provide cost-effective protection against from phase loss, under voltage, and phase reversal conditions that can contribute to premature motor or equipment failure and downtime.It is designed for use with three-phase systems (Delta and Wye), such as those typically found in motor control centers or other critical motor and pump monitoring applications.

MAR Series Motor Auto-Restart Relay

In order for an industrial facility to minimize production losses and maintain a process running after the occurrence of a momentary drop or interruption of power, the MAR series motor auto-restart relay can provide automatic motor restarting as a solution due to this type of event. After a momentary drop in control voltage, motors will be automatically re-energized within a predetermined time and therefore order when voltage is restored. Industrial plants and facilities such as Oil and Gas refineries where numerous critical motors operate are considered to be a candidate for automatic motor restarting.

DPR350B DIN Rail Mount Voltage Phase Monitor

The Model DPR350B DIN rail mount voltage phase monitor from the ATC Diversified Electronics division of Marsh Bellofram is designed to monitor under voltage, over voltage, frequency shift, imbalance, phase loss and phase sequence for three-phase, three-wire and three-phase, four-wire 460 vac applications.The Model DPR350B DIN rail mount voltage phase monitor is packaged in a 35mm wide din-rail mount housing and features a three digit LCD display. Available onboard functions include true RMS measurement, restart and fault delays, adjustable switching hysteresis, as well as two separate alarm relays and auto/manual reset.

175MD DIN Rail Mount Multi-function Timer

175MD DIN Rail Mount Multi-function Timer
The Model 175MD DIN rail mount multi-function timer from the Automatic Timing and Controls division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation features a universal supply voltage of 20-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) and 20-240 VDC. It also offers 15 unique timing functions and 8 unique timing ranges, with keypad setting and display capabilities, all within a single unit.

The timer features a slim, space saving design, for ease of installation within space constrained environments. It is available for new applications and can also be used as a drop-in replacement for most DIN rail mount industrial timers operating from a 20-240 VAC supply. The 175MD multi-function industrial timer reduces in-house inventory management requirements, by providing a single part number to competently support a range of industrial timing applications.

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