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Sept 2021

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The healthcare staffing crisis is unfolding across the country as the pandemic has taken its toll on weary doctors, nurses, therapists, and technicians. It seems that finding purpose in our work is more important than ever. We need reminders, now more than ever, that what we do matters, and that we change countless lives each day. Our hope is that by sharing our stories in the FlagPOST, we are reminded of the sacred work that we do “to dignify long term care in the eyes of the world.” Our therapists and nurses look beyond the disease or disability to help bring purpose and meaning and allow the maximum ability of each resident and short-term patient to shine. Let these stories remind you that what you do every day is extraordinary!
Moments of Truth
Truly Demonstrating Our Amazing People
Submitted by Devin Bodily, PT, Cedar Health & Rehabilitation, Cedar City, Utah
During the month of August, Cedar City received a large amount of rain within a very short span of time, including over 6 inches during a 24-hour period in the mountains above town. A frightening amount of muddy water, logs and boulders came crashing down Coal Creek, out of the canyon, and right through town. This eventually clogged a main floodwater-diverting channel, which caused the water to rush into, and overflow, the canal in the western part of town. Many homes were flooded and surrounded by several inches of water and mud without warning. 

Our Director of Nursing, Trent Nielsen, has a home in this area and had been keeping tabs on how the flooding was going throughout the morning. To complicate matters, Cedar Health and Rehabilitation was undergoing state survey, which made it difficult for Trent to adequately prepare for any flooding at his home.  Read On...
Why We Do What We Do
By L. Scott Langdale, Therapy Resource-Washington
I’m sharing these words from one of our residents who encountered numerous challenges during her stay with us. She and her husband were with us last year, and she struggled to even sit up straight. Her surgery was delayed because of COVID.

Unfortunately, she lost her husband before she took her first step, but this week she is going back home at Modified Independent level. This is a great reminder of why we do what we do. Great job, Team Pacific Care!
WELL (We Embrace Living |Life!) Strong
Living up to our name as Summit Therapy Resources … we hiked Venable trail up to Venable Falls, which sits at 10,485 feet elevation. Staying WELL in Summit! 
"Why not live in WA?" ... Pat and I got the chance to do this amazing fall hike today (Heather Maple Loop). Thanks to his strong cluster partner, Lucy, who took good care of our kids. (Pictured: Lou Antiquiera, DOR at Pacific Care, and Patrick Amar, DOR at Mira Vista).
The Many Benefits of Triathlon
By Elyse Matson, M.A. CCC, SLP Resource
As a member of Team Challenge, I completed my fifth sprint triathlon while raising money on behalf of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases affect over 3 million Americans of all ages, including many of our residents and staff. Although not personally affected by one of these diseases, I am motivated to help find relief for all those who deal with these chronic and often debilitating conditions. This season, our team of 22 raised over $80,000 and completed our most challenging race yet. 

The Malibu Triathlon was a half-mile swim, 17-mile bike ride and a 4-mile run. What a day we had! The waves at Zuma Beach in Malibu break right at the shore, making the trek out to the buoys challenging! The bike and run were both beautiful courses up the Pacific Coast Highway and a fun run down the beach boardwalk. Being on a triathlon team is a great way to stay healthy, create accountability and make new friends! 
Clinical Spotlight
Love My Clinical Partners
By Brooke Stanley OTR/L, DOR, The Terrace at Mt Ogden and Mt Ogden Health and Rehab, Ogden, Utah
A partnership is a valuable tool that leads to great success but must be planted, nurtured and maintained to grow. It is vital to any successful organization, building or department. It is giving selflessly. It is serving your partner. It is respecting one another.

I have the great blessing to work with two incredible women, moms, wives, who happen to be the best DONs and clinical partners, Channdra Dabling, the DON at Mt. Ogden Health and Rehab, and Jessica Hawkins, the DON at The Terrace at Mt. Ogden. They are the most selfless, loving women who lead by example. They both care about our staff and residents, as it shows in their quiet actions, not just words. They are humble. They both are not afraid to accept help when asked and ask for help when they need it. They truly lead out of love!

“Great leaders may be found at the top of a mountain looking back upon their challenges, but the greatest leaders are often found at the foot of that mountain still helping others reach that summit.” —Robert Clancy Read On...

for Nursing

By Dominic DeLaquil, PT, Therapy Resource – Pennant Idaho/Nevada
#PIVOT is the rally cry for Summit, which comprises the markets in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Washington. It stands for Proactively Identifying Vital Opportunities in Therapy, and in September, the DORs in Idaho/Nevada decided to apply #PIVOT to support their Nursing partners. Here are some of the ways Therapy has been helping Nursing:

Monte Vista — Therapy is “donating” one hour per day to Nursing to answer call lights, pass trays, train on hoyer lifts, decorate the halls, etc. and it rotates among the Therapy staff, which helps the nurses and aides get to know the Therapy team better.

Owyhee — Therapy is doing the showers for skilled patients and they are also doing the assisted feeding in the RNA dining section at breakfast and lunch two days each week. They are also helping by doing larger groups, even with many non-skilled patients, so that the aides have that me to actually take their full breaks. Read On...
Cross-Training Our CNAs in Nor Cal
By Julia Schmutz, PT, Therapy Resource - Northern California
In Northern California, our therapy teams have started cross-training CNAs so that they can take on a dual role and perform the RNA interventions on their assigned patients. This allows our facilities to have more CNAs on the floor and negates the need for a full-time RNA position.

These two amazing ladies who have both been with Ensign for over seven years volunteered to take on this extra responsibility and complete their RNA certification. Both completed the six hours of training on LMS before doing four hours of in-person training with me. They were excited, motivated, and most of all thrilled that it would open new doors for them to serve their patients.

Both were very committed to the program and its success. If you want to know how committed, one of them lived in an active fire area that had taken 20 of her neighbors’ homes in the previous two days. Nevertheless, she took a long route on country roads to make sure she didn’t miss the class.  

I am looking forward to teaching another group of six CNAs next week and am excited that other buildings are showing interest in this innovative solution.
We Love Our CNAs!
By Mike Cons, MOT, OTR/L, DOR, Lake Pleasant Post Acute Rehabilitation, Peoria, AZ
The Therapy team at Lake Pleasant Post Acute Rehabilitation in Peoria, Arizona, wanted to show their appreciation for the CNA staff who work tirelessly to assist not only the residents, but the therapy team as well. Lake Pleasant had one of its busiest months in history while also dealing with industry-wide staffing challenges. The Therapy team wanted to recognize the amazing CNA staff for consistently going above and beyond with their support and wanted them to know that their dedication and hard work has not gone unnoticed. To show their appreciation, the Therapy team pitched in to buy each CNA a fun, color-changing tumbler that was filled with treats, gift cards and a personalized message. The teamwork and cohesion among both departments is a great example of our core value to love one another.
Pictured are Richard Nolan CNA, with Meredith Murphy COTA
SPEAK OUT! Success at The Healthcare Resort of Leawood
By Danielle Banman, OT, Therapy Resource - Kansas
The SPEAK OUT! therapy program’s primary focus is to improve communication for those with Parkinson’s by speaking with intent. SPEAK OUT! offers a series of speech, voice, and cognitive exercises to practice using intention as we communicate. 

When Pam Weamer initially started our SPEAK OUT! therapy program, she did not have the awareness that she was speaking in a way that was impacting her communication with others. After weeks of active participation and motivation to improve her communication with friends and family, Pam has demonstrated improved independence and self-awareness for utilizing intentional communication throughout her day. 

Pam has demonstrated a confidence to advocate for herself and others by stating, “I’m speaking loudly and with intent” during a recreational activity within her current environment. Pam states the following regarding her success with the SPEAK OUT! Parkinson’s Voice Project: “The SPEAK OUT! therapy program has helped me speak more loudly and with intent to my family and friends. I can handle phone conversations better and make my needs known easier with staff.”
Therapy Thumper at Granite Mesa 
By Stephanie Winkler, M.A. CCC/SLP, Therapy Resource – Central Texas
At Granite Mesa in Marble Falls, Texas, they have taken drumming to a new level! Lori Anderson, PT, and Tammie Fisher, COTA/DOR, have introduced some different drumming ideas to their residents at Granite Mesa, and this program has grown so big, they have had to split into different levels of groups! They have adapted the Rhythmic Drumming program into a creative program that the residents have started to make their own! The residents love this program and combined it with their old freestyle drumming. They have developed a drumming program that the residents have helped to design and the residents choreograph to different songs. They call themselves Therapy Thumpers! They have special shirts they wear, and they will be performing their drumming at the Senior Center in Marble Falls on October 1.
What is so great about this group is that it started out as a beginner group. It then split into advanced (higher level) and beginner (lower level). Now the beginner group has gotten to where they are able to join the advanced group, and now they are starting a new beginner group! It has been so delightful to see everyone improve and grow with this program!  
Therapist Spotlight:
Avenlea Gamble
By Julia Schmutz, PT, Therapy Resource - Northern California
There is something magical about Northern California, the landscape, the misty mornings and warm afternoons, the ageless redwoods, spectacular rugged coastline, the orderly rows of lush grapes and, of course, the people. This is a place that embodies hardiness and resilience. For the best wines, grapevines need a challenge. They love slate and sand and clay and rocky, precipitous hillsides to produce wines of character. In poor soil, the roots have to work harder, “ramifying” or branching out to gather nutrients. This increases to surface area of root to soil and regulates water absorption, and produces better grapes. The redwoods, too, show an amazing picture of resilience, burned out but still standing, majestic and wise. And so, the people who live here reflect the lessons of their environment. Avenlea Gamble is one of those peopleRead On...
CTO Recognition
Submitted by Colin Delahunty, Executive Director, The Terrace at Mt. Ogden, Utah
Please join me in congratulating Brooke Stanley (pictured left below) on receiving her Chief Therapy Officer Award! For the last two years, Brooke has operated as the DOR in two buildings, accomplishing nothing short of incredible clinical, cultural and financial results. Brooke’s “can do” personality has been infectious in these two buildings, and her grit is unparalleled! She is always more than willing to help in any department that needs her, despite the heavy responsibility on her shoulders. She’s always looking for new “calf paths,” and when new challenges or opportunities arise, she gets excited to shake things up and look at things from a different perspective. She has become an incredible partner to Channdra and Jessica (her DON partners), and none of us could imagine operating without her! Brooke, thank you for all that you’ve done for Mt. Ogden, The Terrace and this market!
Congratulations Medallion Post Acute
By Maryann Bowles, Therapy Resource - Colorado
Paula Reyes, PT/DOR/CTO, escalates Medallion both clinically and financially. The building added an outpatient gym as the revenue from Outpatient grew 5 times in just 11 months!
Celebrating Rehab Week at Opus Post Acute Care  By Sharon Chavis Merritt, PTA, TPM, Opus Post Acute Care, West Columbia, SC
Sharing some pictures from Rehab Week at Opus! Crazy Sock Day, Wacky Tacky Day, and Super Hero Day! Opus has had a blast celebrating this week! We had a cookie party, cupcakes, snack bags/sodas, ice cream and a facility cookout.
Celebrating Rehab Week at Shawnee Post Acute Care  By Angie Taylor, COTA, TPM, Shawnee Post Acute Care, Overland Park, KS
Shawnee PARC decided to go all out for Rehab Week! The most important thing we did was share it with our clinical partners and residents. We chose to recognize our clinical staff during rehab week by having the therapy staff give prizes to the nursing staff who went above and beyond in their partnership with the therapy team. We then led the weekly activity with our residents with Tailgating games and food!! We had theme dress up week, lunches, treats, t-shirts, activities and most of all building strong relationships. Could not be prouder of the therapy “Dream Team” and their willingness to share our culture of Love One Another.