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August 2022

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Our #OneClinical Movement is alive and growing stronger by the day! It is so inspiring to see our therapists and nurses collaborate and join forces like never before in our history. Together we are better for our patients, and better for one another!

Here are some highlights from this month:
Momentum #OneClinical
Submitted by Dennis Baloy, Therapy Resource, Momentum-CA
Touchstone 2.0 #OneClinical
We had a blast at our DON/DOR #OneClinical Collaboration Meeting
Submitted by Paul Xavier Suva, Clinical Resource – Touchstone 2.0-CA
RNA Workshop Brings Bandera Resources Together 
Submitted by Kelly Schwarz, Therapy Resource, Bandera, AZ
In the Spirit of #OneClinical, Therapy Leaders, Therapy Resources and RNAs spent the day together celebrating Passion for Learning, Customer Second, and Love One Another!

Several Therapy Leaders volunteered, and a total of 16 RNAs from 12 facilities in Bandera West participated in the Workshop. The day included a Culture kick-off, an ice breaker for introductions, education on proper ROM techniques, ADLs, transfer training, gait, splinting, positioning, and RNA dining. Participants shared best practices, exchanged ideas, bonded, learned best practices for POC documentation and care plans, and discovered how to navigate to the RNA manual on the Portal. The RNA Workshop concluded with everyone making new friends, enjoying lunch, and receiving an RNA Certificate of Completion. 
Touchtone 2.0 MDS and DOR Workshop  
By Ron Layos, PT/DOR, Brookside Healthcare Center, Redlands, CA
A big thanks goes out to Kajuanza Smith, MDS Resource, and Nelson Layos, Therapy Resource, for organizing an impactful event and collaboration among Southern California Inland (Touchtone 2.0 Market) affiliates. Led by Roxie Maceda, MDS Resource, this was our first workshop/training within the Touchtone Market since PDPM rollout. The activities started with getting to know each other, followed by fun and games with Kahoot as we explored PDPM knowledge, as well as awarded various prizes such as gift cards — the gas gift cards were especially welcome with today’s gas prices!

Different resources shared tons of information, including an update of our market leaderboard presented by MDS Coordinators and “How to Ace Our MSCAs” by Carmen of the Compliance Department. Our market leader, Alicia, presented culture training with an emphasis on applying all the knowledge and training in the field. Additional topics included “How to Maximize Our SLP CMIs” by Elyse, SLP Resource; and “Optimizing Functional Outcomes and SIP Waiver Updates” by Rob Ady. We also discussed improving QMs during our group workshop. I personally enjoyed this workshop greatly and am hoping to hold more workshops to contribute to the success of every affiliate.
Therapy to Nursing Communication: Fall Prevention
By Jacquelyn Eaton, TPM, The Healthcare Resort of Topeka, KS
Set of traffic lights with red_ yellow and green lights isolated on white background
The Healthcare Resort of Topeka implemented a system so that our CNAs and Nurses know what the transfer, ADL and mobility levels are upon the day of evaluations by therapy. Our therapist will complete the evaluations, fill out a quick form and submit the form to me so that I can update the care plan and tasks in PCC in real time. The patients care plan and tasks are updated based on the level of assist on the day of the therapy evaluation, then as needed when the patient progresses to the next level of assist. Therapists here at the facility will also update the CNAs and nursing staff working the current shift to allow them to pass on information at shift change. 

We started this process so that staff know more about the patient and weightbearing status. It has become standard practice and a fall prevention program as the nurses know more about the patient and how they move in bed, to chair, with a walker, assist levels with showering, dressing and hygiene. As the patient progresses, the task and care plan will change, but usually by week 1 or 2 the CNAs are very familiar with the patient and a simple update in PCC is all I have to do. We use a Red, Yellow and Green “stop light” tag system to identify when the patient is ready to move on their own. Read On...
Celebrating the NCI Market 
By Aimee Bhatia, Therapy Resource, NCI, California
The NCI resource team organized our annual awards meeting on July 20 at a beautiful park in Ventura. Everyone dressed in their facility T-shirts. We had amazing tacos, a fruit truck and Crumbl cookies. It was so nice to see teams spending time with one another, mingling with their counterparts in other facilities, and truly showing love for one another. 

We handed out awards to celebrate all aspects of achievement: economic engine award, MDS excellence, safety awards, productivity and LTC excellence awards, outpatient driver award, food and nutrition excellence, and many more. The most special awards were the CAPLICO clinical and non-clinical awards, whose recipients were picked by their facilities. 

There were heartwarming speeches and lots of tears of joy, and you could feel the excitement and motivation to keep achieving the things that may feel impossible. We were reminded recently by Doc Ali how crucial play is, and we had some serious competition with our games. Tug of water, egg toss, sack races, water balloon fights, water gun attacks, and many more. The laughter was intense, and the joy was palpable. It was such a rewarding day to see people come together despite ongoing struggles to celebrate one another and look forward to the future. A special shout-out to my resource partners in crime, Cory Monette, Dan Redman, Luis Rodriguez, Anthony Agcaoili, and Jess Sanchez. 
Meet Roya Eskandari 
By Jamie Funk, Director of Therapy Recruiting
Roya joined the Ensign Services, Inc. Service Center seven years ago and has held five different roles since then! Currently, Roya has a hybrid role, which includes serving as an HR resource as well as recruiting for service center staff. Roya also manages our immigration process and many H1B visas for therapist new hires.  

Prior to joining the service center, Roya obtained a dual degree from Cal State Fullerton in Human Resources and Women’s Studies. She worked at Hallmark Rehabilitation (a subsidiary of Skilled Healthcare) until it was acquired by Genesis. She loved her time at Hallmark and felt like she was at home there and her colleagues were family. Roya had many roles at Hallmark, including Recruiting Coordinator, Business Process Analyst, Awards & Recognition, and Data & Analytics. She also handled the social media accounts for Hallmark. Upon leaving the company after the acquisition, Roya thought she might never find another work home! 

Fortunately, many of Roya’s former Hallmark colleagues ended up finding their own work homes at the Ensign Service Center or at one of our affiliated facilities, and Roya was hearing a lot of buzz about the unique culture, family feeling, and passionate colleagues at this organization. She interviewed for a role at the service center and has been part of us ever since! Read On...
Where Success Is Written on the Wall 
Submitted by Stephanie Cole, Bandera Therapy Resource, Arizona
This wall may not look like much from afar. but that is not the case here at Shea Parc Post-Acute of Scottsdale, Arizona. Up close, you will see that each wall depicts a myriad of patient successes, journeys and amazing recoveries. Through the dedication, compassion and determination of this incredible Therapy team, they are setting a new standard for post-acute outcomes. Way to go, Shea! 
Intelligent Risk Taking and Ownership at its Best! 
By April Trammel, DOR, CTO, Beacon Harbor, Rockwall, TX
Seven therapists from Beacon Harbor participated in our Pelvic Floor Strengthening Course this past weekend. They are all so motivated and are already implementing these exercises and strategies into their treatment sessions! We can’t wait to see the reflection on our Quality Measures! 
Thank you for this opportunity that you provide for us!
From Jon Anderson, DPT, Senior Therapy Resource: Love Love this! Beacon Harbor jumping right into this today! We had 60 therapists attend this 2-day, 12.5-hour training in DFW. Let’s not sit on this new knowledge. Please share your WINS on how your team is getting a Pelvic Floor Strengthening/Incontinence Therapy Program off the ground with all of us! Let’s get the flywheel rolling! 
Lymphedema Champion 
By Jamie Hasvold, SLP, DOR, Draper Rehab and Care Center, Draper, UT
Corina Bancila, PTA, recently attended a Lymphedema Certification Course, as this is something we have desperately needed in our facility. She spent an entire week in intense coursework learning everything there is to know about lymphedema management. When she returned back to our facility, she independently developed a program and procedure for assisting the Nursing staff with managing our lymphedema patients. Since she finished her certification, she has progressed four of our long-term residents through the entire lymphedema program, including getting them fitted for custom garments that they will wear over the long term to manage swelling, pain, and discomfort. The full lymphedema management process takes months, and Corina has carefully progressed each patient through at their own pace with expertise and compassion. Her clinical skills are invaluable to our facility.
Treating Adverse Behaviors
By Tara Meyepeter, OT, DOR, Keystone Ridge Nursing & Rehabilitation,
Omaha, NE
Upset 3d puppet
Keystone Ridge is a facility with a typical census of 72. Keystone is unique in the population in which they serve. Most typically, we serve residents who suffer/experience diagnoses that include homelessness, drug/alcohol addiction, and mental health disorders. With such disorders, we often see an increase in adverse behaviors, including self-isolation and denial of care. Our therapists have embraced looking at residents using an holistic approach. How do we serve their needs? 

In one recent referral, a: 76-year-old female presented with a diagnosis that includes major depressive disorder and anxiety. She was referred to therapy due to her refusal to complete ADLs and her adverse behaviors (yelling, screaming) with caregivers. So often, we may look at this resident as “that’s just how she is.” The challenge to the team is, what can we do for this resident? Are we looking at the person as a whole? Read On...
Infection Control Continues in Mission Market 
By Kathey Fawn, Therapy Resource, Keystone, Mission Market - TX
I know many of you are struggling with COVID outbreaks right now. It’s more important now than ever to partner closely with our Nursing counterparts to make sure infection control is at the top of everyone’s mind. If you haven’t done an in-service on PPE and hand washing lately, consider doing that at your rehab meeting this next week. Double check with your DNS on current isolation and masking protocols in your facility. I know everyone is weary, but as this new wave surges and state surveyors are becoming more critical, we have to remain diligent. Make it a game! The first person to donn and doff full PPE five times correctly gets a gift card! PPE and hand washing relay races! PPE poster contests! Do whatever it takes to make your teams be thinking about it and share your good ideas with all of us. The first person to respond with pictures of a creative infection control activity with your team gets lunch on me! Read On...
Woo-hoo! We stopped what we were doing down in the therapy gym at Parklane to go over hand washing. We used Glo Germ Gel to review just how thorough we have to be to get squeaky clean hands! Lots of laughter, with a side of learning!... Jennifer Henderson, OTR, DOR, Parklane West Rehabilitation Center, San Antonio, TX
EEF Pie In the Face Event 
Patty Fantauzzo, COTA/L, CTO, TPM, Julia Temple Healthcare Center,
Englewood, CO
What a great time we had at Julia Temple raising awareness and participation in the Employee Emergency Fund today! 

Employees who signed up as first-time monthly participants in the EEF had their names entered in one raffle, and employees already contributing who signed up to increase their monthly donation had their names entered in a separate raffle. All employees, in addition to the raffle entry, had a chance to throw a pie at one of our brave volunteers (Jenna, Dietitian; Fasil, DON; Eddy, ED; Jenny, CNA; and Austin, Plant Manager). We had two raffle winners and fun was had by all, but the best part was that we were able to increase our employee EEF participation from 86% last month to 94.3%! 
DORiTOs in Action!
The Capstone Projects provide an opportunity for Directors of Rehab in Training (DORiTOs) to put their knowledge and leadership skills into practice in order to effect a change and make a meaningful contribution to the facility they are serving.
Kylar Meyer, ADOR/OT, Riverbend Post Acute Care, Kansas City, KS 
By Nichole Weigel, Therapy Program Manager, Riverbend Post Acute Care
Kylar Meyer, ADOR/OT, recently completed his DORITO Capstone project based on Culture, Conflict, and Communication within the facility. This presentation was presented at monthly all-staff in-service, where Kylar covered all the basics of CAPLICO and communication in attempts to improve Nursing-Therapy relationships as well as facility retention. 

Kylar saw that these topics were a huge opportunity for us here at Riverbend and immediately took action. Staff responded very well to the inservice, and we have seen significant improvement in communication and carryover between all departments. Thank you, Kylar, for recognizing facility needs and putting your DORITO training into action!
Increasing Group/Concurrent Communication for CNAs
By Mark Milligan, ADOR, Lake Pleasant Post Acute Care, Peoria, AZ
For my Capstone project, I created a new and improved group therapy sheet to help inform the CNAs on the patients that had group therapy that day.

We have had a lot of mishaps with registry CNAs getting patients up, ready and on time for their group therapy sessions during the week. When I brought the issue to their attention, they had a lot to say. Some registry CNAs told me that they were unsure of how the patient transferred and were unsure of which therapist to talk to because they didn’t know who was who. They were unsure of what time to have them up and ready by or when they should start the process of getting the patient up, seeing how some patients take longer than others. This was causing a lot of stress and more work for the therapist team and our core CNA group because they were having to help a lot more. 

With this information, I wanted to create a system where there was little to no gray area when it came to getting our patients up and ready for group therapy. I wanted this new system to help our registry CNAs and our core CNA group as much as possible. I added four total boxes with six rows (one for each patient). Each row consists of a box where we can write in the patient’s room number, their transfer assist level, and what assistive device they use. I added the therapist’s name at the top so that the CNAs knew exactly who to contact if they had any questions or concerns. Read On...
CAPLICO Groupies
OT Student Shares Group Ideas at Estrella Health and Rehab 
By Jessica Foster, DPT, CLT, Therapy Resource – Bandera – AZ
Amada Gross, OT Student, came up with some cool group ideas! Some of the content on the group activities PDFs might need to be vetted for verbiage, etc., for best documentation practices, but Amanda gave these to the DOR to adapt as we needed. Click here to view her group ideas!

Here is a picture of Amanda and the team at one of their off-site celebrations. As a new acquisition, it has been so important to Chris Rowe, the DOR at Estrella Health and Rehab, to foster team integration and bonding in and out of the building!
Group Fun at Orem
Submitted by Mark Walker, DOR, Orem Rehabilitation and Nursing, Orem, UT
Orem Rehabilitation celebrated the baseball year with a homerun derby with the residents. Each resident got 10 hits to see who could hit the most over the heads of the others for a home run. We played good old fashioned baseball tunes and had cupcakes. We had over 20 participants, and everyone got a kick out of catching the ball and throwing it back; they almost loved that part more than the hitting. We had zero casualties so that was another bonus. We just loved the excitement and energy of doing something new and seeing residents get excited to use their bodies in different ways and learn new skills. They are already asking when we are going to do it again.  
Tai Chi Group at Bainbridge Island 
Submitted by Scott Langdale, Therapy Resource, Pennant, WA
Rachel Brandt is our new COTA at Bainbridge Island Healthcare. Rachel has truly embraced our culture and has done an amazing job partnering with activities in regard to integrating meaningful and exciting tasks for the patient's overall physical and mental health. 

Here is a wonderful example of that blossoming partnership. Great job, Rachel
Large Group Therapy at Hunters Pond 
Joshua Mimun, OT Student, University of St. Augustine: Austin Campus
Here at Hunter’s Pond in San Antonio, Texas, group therapy takes on a bigger form. Daily large-group therapy sessions with approximately 20 to 30 qualified residents led by 10 to 12 therapists and therapy assistants perform interventions that promote increased AROM, activity tolerance, and dynamic balance while providing opportunities for social engagement. Below, we see patients actively participating in balloon volleyball as the therapists/therapy assistants referee the skilled group intervention to ensure progression of each client toward their individualized goals. Additional interventions include bean bag hot potato, large foam beading relay race, big ball basketball, bowling/cornhole combo, and more!  
The benefits of group therapy can be traced all the way back to 1905, with the successful treatment of TB patients by psychologist J.H. Pratt. Since then, group therapeutic treatment has evolved and been incorporated into many other disciplines, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech language pathology. Read On...
Welcome to the
New Members of Our Therapy Recruiting Team!
By Jamie Funk, Director of Therapy Recruiting
Ashley Keenan, SLP, Therapy Recruiting Resource-Keystone West, North, and Northeast, TX  
My brother and I were raised by a single mom on 400 acres in central Texas, 30 minutes from the nearest gas station/grocery store. Though my mom worked full-time as a nurse, she also homeschooled me until high school. Even though she was already very busy, she drove me 45 miles one way, several days a week for five years to take art lessons, one of my passions in life.
I was in high school when a coach suggested to me that I should go to school to be a "speech therapist," the first time I had ever heard of this profession. I honestly thought he was referencing how much I talked in his class, but he was serious. I am so thankful to this day because he introduced me to an amazing field. I also met and fell in love with my husband, Lane, in high school. We got engaged our senior year, in the middle of a severe storm during his family's annual "Keenan Olympics."

I received a small art scholarship and a small pageant scholarship to help with my first couple of semesters of school, but I worked full-time as a server/bartender the majority of my college career in order to pay my bills at Texas State University. During graduate school, when it became difficult for me to continue work, my husband worked full-time for Texas State, driving the tram, while also attending school full-time. I first met our Keystone Therapy Recruiter, Richard Johnson, at the Texas Speech and Hearing Association conference in Austin, Texas during graduate school. I was inspired by Richard's enthusiasm...Read On...
Jay Jupillo COTA/L, Keystone Therapy 
Jay has joined the Northeast Texas market as a therapy recruiter. While he is working directly for the market, my team and I are supporting him in any way possible, and he will be partnering closely with Ashley Keenan, our new Therapy Recruiting Resource.  

From a young age, my father has always instilled in me to never stop learning. Because of this foundation, I have had an eclectic life. I was born in the Philippines and came to live in California when I was 2 years old. I then spent the majority of my life in Orange County. I attended Loara High School and received Autocad certifications in mechanical and architectural drafting. I then attended Fullerton College and received a certification in metallurgy and welding (to facilitate my intrigue in fabrication). Having a childhood desire to become a soldier, I then joined the U.S. Army (Reservist). When I returned from training, I married my girlfriend of seven years, transferred to Cal State University Fullerton, and received my BFA in Animation and Design.  Read On...
Lyda Latagliata, OTR/L 
By Scott Hollander, Therapy Recruiting Resource
Lyda is one of our new Therapy Recruiting Assistants. She started her career within Ensign affiliates at South Mountain Post Acute in Phoenix, Arizona, as an OTR, where her passion for helping patients regain their independence and quality of life were expressed. She learned a love of providing an impact to the caregivers along with her patients. 

For the last three months, Lyda has been supporting Therapy Recruiting with building relationships with colleges and universities in New England to source more therapists across the organization to help with that impact to patients and caregivers. Her amazing influence is going to be expanding into more recruiting territory as a partner with Scott Hollander. She will be a support for special assignments across Ensign affiliates and career fairs as the Building Therapy Leaders wave washes over the East Coast, bringing more therapists to your teams! Lyda now lives back home in Pennsylvania. While she loved Arizona, her heart is always in Pennsylvania with family. Lyda’s special people in her life are her husband of 14 years, Anthony; her rescue dog, Kimba; and her new-to-life nephew. Welcome to the recruiting team, Lyda. We are so excited to have you join us!
Therapist Profile
Jesus Salazar, TPM, Villa Maria Health and Recovery
By Shelby Donahoo, Bandera Therapy Resource, AZ
We are happy to introduce Jesus Salazar, our TPM for Bandera’s latest acquisition, Villa Maria Health and Recovery in Tucson, Arizona. Jesus has been working as assistant TPM at La Canada Care Center, partnering beautifully with Annie Combs, TPM, since last November. Jesus joined our newest facility in Tucson with goals for learning and advancement, so was quickly enrolled in the DORITO program. Jesus made an impact immediately. By the third week of DORiTO training, he had implemented his Capstone project, consisting of a new system to organize, schedule, and track our many varied long-term care payers in Arizona, all with different provision rules and reimbursement. It was a success through providing services in a more efficient and organized manner (Rehab and Nursing staff thankful), and more impactful clinically (patients/families pleased). This system also produced La Canada’s highest ever LTC monthly revenue.

Jesus was born and raised in Bay Acres, AZ, a small border town in Arizona. Crime was a daily concern for Jesus and his family. Jesus tells of his mom going through the house to make sure the kids were sleeping underneath their window sills when the gunfire started at night. Jesus moved to Tucson in his late teens. He worked various jobs and finally took a position as a Rehab Tech at an SNF here in Tucson. He worked under our own Whitney Warkentin, Endura Resource, who was the DOR at the building! His next step was PTA school, PTA positions for six years, assistant to TPM, and now TPM!  Jesus is warm, energetic and ambitious. We are so lucky to have him in Tucson. He is married to Marlyn Salazar, and they have a bulldog named Zeus. But the big news is that he became a first-time father to a son, Santiago, on August 31. Congrats, Marlyn and Jesus!
Bowling Fun at Hurricane 
By Wes Spivey, PTA, Therapy Program Manager, Hurricane Health & Rehabilitation, Hurricane, UT
Shannon O’Connor, OT, helped facilitate a bowling and grub night for some residents that were dying to get out and do something fun. We took advantage of the opportunity and brought our families along and had a really fun night!
Wedding Bells Ring at Westover Hills 
Submitted by Andy Cisneros, Therapy Recruiting Resource, Texas
Westover Hills hosted a wedding for the daughter of a resident of the building. Her father’s presence was important to her, so she brought the wedding to him. The happy couple was able to exchange their vows in front of not only family and friends but staff as well.