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August 2021

This month’s FlagPOST is dedicated to our All-Star Nurses! You are our heroes, and we love working side-by-side with you to overcome challenges and celebrate together! We have featured some of our nurse champions from across the organization. We are so grateful for each of you, and grateful as well for the partnership that keeps growing stronger. 
 Love, your Therapy Partners

Jon Anderson is one of our Keystone Therapy Resources, and in January of this year he contracted a very debilitating case of COVID-19, prior to having access to the vaccination. Although he avoided hospitalization, his respiratory system was extremely compromised. Jon fortunately recovered in a few weeks, but the effects of his reduced lung capacity lingered on. Jon is a triathlete and distance runner, so it was especially difficult for him to accept that he would potentially be facing long-term consequences of the virus. With typical Jon Anderson tenaciousness and fortitude, he instead turned his recovery into an opportunity to learn the most effective respiratory recovery techniques as he forged on with his rehabilitation. Last weekend, while out running, he started to get discouraged and wanted to give in to his fatigue. Just as he was about to stop, he looked up and saw a sign in a neighbor’s yard that read: “No Te Rindas” which is Spanish for “Never Give Up.” We have come so far through so much uncertainty, and there are still many curves and bumps in the road ahead. We have strong evidence to support the value of vaccinations, with dramatically reduced patient and staff COVID-19 cases. Keep the educational efforts going! We are strong, and we are using these challenges to make us even stronger.. No te rindas! We are here for one another!
Creating Treasures of Memories
When someone you care about becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Our Therapy team at Sunview Respiratory and Rehab in Youngtown, Arizona, created treasures as they shared memories during a special service for one of our very own, COTA Peter Isabel. Peter passed away unexpectedly in his home at the young age of 28 last week, leaving behind his mom, a brother, a sister and his fiancé, as well as the team at Sunview who he considered as his “work family.”

The celebration of life, held in their Therapy gym, included sharing of favorite memories by many of the Therapy staff to honor their dear friend and partner. Peter was loved by the entire facility and was described as bringing a fun-loving approach to everything he did. The passion and “love one another” value he demonstrated at work had just recently led to him being selected as Sunview’s Employee of the Month! One team member shared, “Peter was just the happiest guy! He would always check in on everyone and make sure their day was going OK. He was always giving a hand even with simple things our CNAs needed! I loved laughing with him, especially on the hard days—he was so encouraging and always brightened my day!” The picture of the memory board and area below includes several other treasures of loving memories with Peter, as well as a beautiful plaque made by one of the therapy team members.   

Peter’s family came from Michigan to be a part of the celebration of his life and memories with his Sunview team. A gofundme page has been set up to help with the cost of his burial and to support his fiancé. https://gofund.me/9061d00e
The Clinical/Therapy Connection
Nhu De Vera, Clinical Systems Resource, Caught on WebEx Camera! 
By Deb Bielek, Therapy Resource
It’s been an interesting year as we are all well aware. Because of a significant reduction in travel, in-person meetings have been greatly reduced, with the majority of our meetings being held through Webex, resulting in only one or two opportunities to hug this lady in the past 12 months. I am truly grateful for the virtual meetings where I can see her smiling face and spend time learning and growing from her clinical wisdom. I feel blessed to have an amazing clinical partner, COO Nhu DeVera.  Read On...
Celebrating Deanna Rodriguez, DON 
Submitted by Kai Williams, Therapy Resource, Keystone East, TX
We love our nurses! They bring so much clinical strength and leadership to our market! We see them tirelessly tending to the needs of patients, providing updates to family members, providing oversight/guidance to their CNAs … the list goes on and on. We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to Deanna Rodriguez. Although her cape is invisible, she wears it with such grace and humility. 

The clinical journey for Deanna did not happen overnight! She began as a LVN in 2002 and she received her RN in 2010. She found a passion in leadership and developing leaders and became a DON in 2012. She has built her experience throughout the year, and we are so privileged to have her on our team. She currently serves as the DON at the Courtyard. Read On...
Meet More of Our Clinical Partners
Bridget McCowan, RN
Submitted by Roe Hughes, DOR, Rock Hill Post Acute Care, Rock Hill, SC
Bridget McCowan is an exceptional team member of the Rock Hill Post Acute Care staff. She is a native of Kershaw, South Carolina and has been a nurse for over 11 years working in the geriatric population. She believes that being a nurse is her life’s work. She has always felt a calling to care for others. Bridget’s motto for life is: To treat others how you would want to be treated, care for them as if they were your grandparents; love them dearly. She serves as a vital member of our team, never hesitating to assist on any task placed in front of her. She truly represents the culture of CAPLICO. When she’s not caring for others, she enjoys trying out new restaurants and playing with her fur babies.
Genene Taylor, DON (pictured right with Katie)
Submitted by Katie Kellegher, SLP/DOR, Legend Oaks Northwest Houston, TX
Genene’s dedication to bridging the gap between nursing and rehab is unmatched. Our partnership is so strong, and it has trickled down to the rehab team and floor nurses. So often, there is a visible wedge between these two departments, but I am so grateful when I see our staff working together and taking excellent care of our residents. Thank you, Genene, for your hard work and dedication to your staff and residents. 
Jackie (Teal) Davis, CCO
Submitted by Keeli Antee, TPM, Southland Rehabilitation, Lufkin, TX
Years ago, prior to my employment with Southland Rehab, I was speaking to a church friend. She asked me if I knew Jackie Teal, DON. I told her I didn’t know her. She proceeded to tell me how awesome she was as a DON. 

Several years passed, and I joined the team at Southland Rehab in Lufkin, Texas. A couple of months later, rumor had it we were getting a new DON, Jackie Teal. I was excited to finally get to meet and work with this infamous “Jackie Teal.” Six years later, I still have the privilege of working with such an awesome DON/CCO. Jackie is an amazing nurse. Her knowledge, compassion and skills amaze me every day. Jackie and I have a special relationship. Her willingness to bridge the gap between nursing and therapy is respected and appreciated. It has been a pleasure working with her in the past six years.  
Tandrea Walter Jackson, DON 
Submitted by Kapil Thakkar. PT/DOR, Cambridge Health and Rehabilitation,
Richmond, TX
We like to call her Ms. T. 
Tandrea brings tremendous energy to the entire team and motivates us, starting from Morning Huddle until stand-down meeting. She is reliable, responsible, efficient and teamwork-oriented. Tandrea truly demonstrates our CAPLICO values. She kept her pledge to help in various areas, even ones that weren’t her responsibility, and her care for the patients is always evident. She has the drive and passion for residents and all the employees and always does a great job. 

The nursing team is always pleased to work with Tandrea as well. You can see Ms. T. traveling the floors and making sure things are up and running. She truly brings joy and motivation to the entire team. She is our “train to positive town.”
Pearlie Garfield, DON (pictured right with Ruby)
Submitted by Ruby Wallingsford, OT/DOR, Misty Willow, Houston, TX
Pearlie joined us in March 2021. She inherited a somewhat challenging building in Misty Willow; however, she was looking for a home and was excited to join our team and organization. Almost immediately, Pearlie took charge as a strong leader, a team player, and a committed DON.

One of Pearlie’s greatest assets is her ability to say “yes.” She has helped grow our census by accepting clinically complex patients and truly thinking outside of the box to provide care for them. She is optimistic, hard working, and truly a great person. We as a team enjoy her quiet leadership, approachability, smile, and immense knowledge on all things nursing and long-term care. To say it is a pleasure to work alongside her every day is an understatement. We have formed a true partnership where I am, without a doubt, 100 percent comfortable approaching her with programming ideas, out-of-the-box suggestions, and challenging areas that may not always be easy to discuss.
I consider Pearlie a friend and look forward to an ever-growing partnership that is blossoming into a team that is admirable, hard-working and all-encompassing of the CAPLICO way. Pearlie, welcome home.
Kristen Arterberry, RN
Submitted by Anita Stortz, TPM, The Courtyard, Victoria, TX
I have enjoyed working with and getting to know our interim DON, Kristen Arterberry RN. We both have a rehab-oriented background, so I believe that’s what makes her easy to talk to and decide what is best for the residents. She has stepped up and has led the nursing department, and she has made excellent decisions, ensuring that our residents are taken care of. Kristen always seeks the input of others, but I do trust her with the final decisions to be made. I enjoy her personality and her laughter, and I enjoy spending time with her here at the Courtyard.
Luis Rodriguez, RN
Submitted by Aimee Bhatia, Therapy Resource, NCI, CA
Luis Rodriguez, RN, clinical resource for NCI, is a dedicated, patient and passionate member of our team. He has such a gentle spirit, and his calmness amazes me in any given situation. This year alone, he has jumped in to fill the void as DON, has focused to develop improved and often absent clinical systems in the buildings he supports, and has been a rock to the DONs in my market during the survey process. 

Luis’ dedication to teaching, the PQR process, and developing leaders is amazing. He never loses his cool, and is always there to support during the most difficult of times. I'm honored to work with someone who has such a crucial role in our market where 3/5 of our buildings have had nursing leadership turnover in the last 1-2 years. Thank you for all that you do, Luis, to elevate our nursing processes. 
Janis Brennan, CNA, Sun West Choice Healthcare
Submitted by Kelly Schwarz, Therapy Resource, Bandera - AZ
Janis Brennan has been a CNA for 28 years and has worked in the behavioral unit at Sun West Choice Healthcare and Rehab in Sun City West, Arizona, for two years. She was recently chosen to be the mentor for new CNA staff, and she never turns away someone asking for help. Janis takes her time with each resident and is able to get to know how to approach them and how to decrease behaviors to improve their quality of life. Janis is a hardworking, extremely loyal employee who never seems to have a bad day. Thank you, Janis, for all you do for the residents and staff at Sun West Choice!
Elvin Park. DON
By Rebekah Anekwe, PT/DOR, Victoria Care Center, Ventura, CA
This is my DON as of January 2021. He has been amazing and a breath of fresh air for our building. He has brought clinical competency and a sense of teamwork to Victoria Care Center, and is building a strong connection between Nursing and Rehab. . Since Elvin came on board, we have wonderful nurses who are confident and working closely with the Rehab team, and it has made a world of difference in this building. He leads by example and has even worked as a floor nurse during some tough staffing times early in the year. He is making our building better than it has ever been, and he inspires me to be a better DOR. We are so blessed to have Elvin Park as our Director of Nursing!
Emmanual Alfred, DON
By Dana Pike, PT/DOR, Rowlett Health and Rehabilitation, Rowlett, TX
Manny is a true example of Love One Another. He joined our facility soon after acquisition, and just prior to the start of all the COVID changes we’ve endured in the past year and a half. I have worked with many DONs throughout my career, but Manny has been the easiest to work with! We have worked as a team navigating all of the policy changes to ensure best practices during the pandemic. Therapists frequently spend a lot of individual time with our residents and may notice subtle changes in condition with them. My staff and I can bring any changes to his attention and know that he will demonstrate the same care and concern for our residents as we do. Therapy and Nursing have developed a strong working relationship with his support, and our residents receive the best care because of this.  
Laura Balboa, DNS
Submitted by Tiffany Bishop, Therapy Resource, Keystone North, TX
Laura is the new Director of Nursing Services at Legend Healthcare and Rehabilitation in Paris, Texas. She is originally from Minnesota and moved to Texas in 2008. Laura started her nursing career at another Ensign affiliate, Stillhouse Rehabilitation, where she was a charge nurse. In her spare time, Laura enjoys reading, shopping, and spending time with her 6-year-old son. Laura has hit the ground running and has already brought a breath of fresh air to the facility. Under protest, the lovely Laura is pictured here with her DOR, Quin Hall, and ED, Kenneth Grover. We are so excited to see what’s next for you, Team Paris!
Celebrating the Amazing RNA Team at Park Avenue!
Submitted by Shelby Donahoo, Therapy Resource, Bandera, AZ
RNA Arleatha Anderson has been at Park Avenue in Tucson, AZ, for 27 years, and RNA Lisa Dodge has been there for 24 years. Together, they epitomize ownership and accountability! Kathy Drobeck, LPN and Long Term Care Unit Manager, says what really shines with this duo is a combination of conscientiousness and teamwork. Joncie Patterson, PT, states, “Arleatha and Lisa know all our residents in detail. They are able to pick up on subtle changes and relay these issues to Nursing and Rehab so we can react quickly.” Working one-on-one with residents and the inclusive feeling at Park is why they have stayed on so long. Per Arleatha, “Everyone knows me and even knows my family. Why would I want to go anywhere else?”
My Clinical Team Partners at Endura 
Submitted by Maryann Bowles, Therapy Resource, Endura, CO
Melanie Signs, RN, is one of our MDS Resources, and she has been in overdrive since our three acquisitions with staff turnover and new MDS training. She is relentless and always a responsive partner, despite the load placed on her and her team. We have partnered in both celebrations and with trainings to help reinforce our MDS & DOR connection to help push the flywheel & keep getting better. I value her every day and appreciate her partnership!
Susan Kopcinski, RN, had asked for us to combine forces to decrease falls and incidence of wounds. We continue with this push and education and will have future trainings together so we can effectively decrease our incidents of falls and wounds as a market. Susan is approachable and collaborative, and I truly value her partnership as our clinical Market lead.
Responsibly Responding to the Needs of our Community 
By Paul Emerson L. Baloy OTD, OTR/L, DOR, The Hills Post Acute, Santa Ana, CA
Angie Reyes, RN and DON at The Hills Post-Acute recently shared this with our team: “A lot of hospitals are reaching out and asking for us to help the community. This is a challenging decision and yet a great opportunity for us to do what we do best — for most of us, this is the epitome, this is the WHY we work in a healthcare field…we have a chance to dignify long-term healthcare in the eyes of the world. But this time, we are equipped with more knowledge and experience on how to deal with this COVID situation. Rest assured that I will be in this together with you all, and we will do our best to ensure that our residents, families, and staff are safe.” 
Angelica “Angie” Reyes has responsibly responded to needs of our community. With the increasing occupancy of positive COVID-19 infection in our acute hospitals, The Hills Post Acute management team has collaborated with our local department of public health officials to open up a Heroes’ Zone to alleviate our hospital partners and provide continued comprehensive care to those affected by the pandemic. Read On...
Pinnacle Nursing & Rehab Has a New Sheriff in Town 
Submitted by Kelly Alvord, Therapy Resource
At Pinnacle Nursing and Rehabilitation in Price, UT, we have a new sheriff in town — that is, a new PPE sheriff and deputies. To serve as a reminder and enhance the proper wearing of PPE for all staff and visitors, residents wanted to be a part of this important education and practice. These residents were sworn in and badges worn along with the citation forms to be issued. These PPE enforcers roamed the halls to help promote the health of their community and keep everyone as safe as possible. Thank you, Pinnacle, for seeing the opportunity for your residents to serve and take an active role in their community and home.
Therapy and Nursing Work Together to Prepare for COVID Outbreaks
By Dominic DeLaquil, PT, Therapy Resource Pennant – Idaho/Nevada
Just a couple of months ago, you could almost hear the collective sigh of relief as we were looking forward to a return to a more normal routine in our facilities. 2020 was a difficult year, as we were constantly pivoting to adapt to changing protocols in each building as outbreaks occurred, settled down, then surged again. The beginning of summer 2021 was bright with promise, most of our residents had been vaccinated, COVID case rates were dropping, and hope was in the air. Then the Delta variant showed up.

As one DOR in Idaho said, “As much as I’d like to bury my head in the sand about it, it does make sense to start preparing now.” So the Infinity and Lady Luck clusters in Idaho/Nevada asked the market Infection Prevention nurse, Clinical Resource Kristin Mumford, to join their next DOR call. The DORs and Kristin had a robust conversation, discussing topics such as how to manage therapist movements in a building, the importance of therapy to the psychosocial and physical well-being of residents when they have to stay in their rooms, the value of Therapy helping out our Nursing partners throughout the building in various “non-therapy” ways when extra help is needed on the floor, and other topics.  Read On...
Catalina Care Center Culture Book Club! By Shelby Donahoo, Therapy Resource, Bandera - AZ
In April of this year, exactly one year after their first positive COVID-19 case, the frustrations of providing care within a pandemic were taking a toll on the team at Catalina Care Center in Tucson, Arizona. As with so many others, professional and personal relationships were being negatively affected, and folks were feeling weary.

After contemplation, DOR Lori Mitchell realized the usual lunch celebrations or outings were not the answer; they needed to go deeper. The book Leadership and Self-Deception was introduced to the rehab team as more than just a leadership book; it was a relationship book. With a voluntary invitation to join a weekly “book club” meeting, all decided to attend and books were ordered. They met weekly in the conference room to allow for full, uninterrupted time to focus on information and allow for personal sharing. As meetings continued, they saw progress with people putting their guards down and being more and more transparent. Using principles of Choice, Self-Betrayal, IN vs. OUT of the box, and collusion, they reflected on their relationships and interactions with each other, other departments and families. This started in May, and their last meeting is this week!

Taking the time to truly invest in culture has strengthened commitment, engagement and morale with this team. It’s showing up as COVID persists in metrics and morale and resilience. Thank you for this awesome example of Passion for Learning and Love One Another, Catalina!
Setting a High Clinical Bar at Mesa Springs By Kari Rhodes, Therapy Resource, Keystone West, TX
Stephanie Bates, RN, Director of Nursing Services at Mesa Springs in Abilene, Texas (pictured with TPM, Monica Sharp), is one of those rare combinations of grace, spunk, intelligence and heart that has made her presence known at Mesa Springs since the day she joined the team in January 2020. She has quickly established herself as a force in both the cluster and the entire Keystone West Market, implementing the intelligent risk of hiring and training a certified IV nurse in the facility to monitor and capture changes in condition at the facility level. Stephanie has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, caring for residents in the community with COVID, educating her staff and cluster partners on regulation changes, and serving on the Infection Prevention Committee for Ensign affiliates during the pandemic. 

Since Stephanie joined Mesa Springs as the DNS, the facility has improved from a 2-star overall rating to a 5-star overall rating. She recently led the building through an annual full book survey with Zero Deficiencies, and the facility has received no tags from complaints or self-reports in all of 2021. Stephanie truly lives CAPLICO and holds a high level of accountability throughout the facility, cluster, and market, all while battling health issues of her own. Stephanie continues to work hard to improve the lives of all of those around her, and we are lucky to have her in the West Market! 
Community Outreach Efforts at Eastview By Sunny Chahal, PT/DOR, Eastview Healthcare and Rehabilitation, Houston, TX
Sanikqu Maire became our Interim DON in March 2021. She had gained experience in our sister facility at Legend Oaks Northwest as an ADON prior to stepping into a DOR role at Eastview. Late in May, she transitioned from an LVN to an RN and stepped into the DON position on a full-time basis. With little experience at the building or as a DON, she helped lead the building through our annual state survey in April2021 with only two minor deficiencies. With the state survey and MSCA completed, the big 5 at our building decided on some initiatives and goals for the building for the rest of the year. One thing that Sanikqa really pushed was to get our facility name and face more visible in our community.  

Since March 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, our building had been largely in lockdown and restricted for visitation from resident families and the surrounding community. In 2021, we wanted to get out and reestablish and develop our ties into the surrounding East Houston area. In addition, one of our goals for 2021 was to develop an outpatient program where we could follow our discharged skilled residents and also look to develop relationships with assisted living facilities (ALFs) and independent living facilities (ILFs) where we could partner up and offer our services to the residents.  Read On...
Clinical / Therapy Connection Meetings
By Tamala Sammons, M.A. CCC-SLP, Sr. Therapy Resource
(Left) Rachel Fletcher Pennant ID/NV CML and other Summit Resources practicing the Mind-Body connection. (Right) Summit Therapy Resources Kelly Alvord, Gary McGiven, Dominic DeLaquil, Cory Robertson and Tamala Sammons
The Summit Therapy Resource Team had an amazing opportunity to join our clinical resource partners to share and discuss therapy metrics and why they are important to Nursing, how to support the DNS/DOR relationship, and how to leverage Therapy as partners. However, before we got into that information, Dominic DeLaquil, Pennant ID/NV Therapy Resource shared parts of a training from Doc Ali. This helped them get into their ideal mental state! During our Therapy metric discussion we had a great Cluster Model exchange and the Clinical Resources really challenged our metrics … it was great! We were able to share why the DNS/DOR partnership is so important! We are looking forward to additional Therapy and Nursing collaborations in Summit! 
Pennant ID, NV, and WA Therapy Leader Meeting/Retreat 
The Pennant ID, NV, and WA therapy leaders recently all got together for a Therapy Leader meeting/retreat in Lake Tahoe. Everyone was missing having face-to-face connections and really needed a long overdue recharge. We had great trainings from a Dr. Ali video; financial review, success with skilled maintenance and leadership development with Spencer Burton, Mary Spaeder and Deb Bielek.

We also introduced a new therapy mantra: #PIVOT (proactively identifying vital opportunities in therapy). This mantra helped us all get prepared for the upcoming changes with managed care (I-SNP; Humana, etc.) and really helped us focus on the power of influence (thank you, Mary!). The Therapy Leaders really enjoyed the experience to learn, relax and recharge as a regional group. They are ready to take on any challenges and opportunities coming their way. Oh, and p.s., there was a bear on the beach!
Milestone/Sunstone DOR Meeting 
By Kelly Alvord, Therapy Resource
We had the opportunity to have all the DORs in Utah (Milestone and Sunstone) come together in the beautiful setting of Lake Tahoe. The meeting’s theme was “PIVOT,” standing for proactively identifying vital opportunities in therapy. We learned from many of our leaders, like Spencer Burton, Mary Spaeder, Deb Bielek, Lori O’hara, Ciara Cox and Tamala Sammons. They led great discussions about our important roles as leaders for our therapy programs, but also outside our therapy departments and facilities with a focus on cluster partnerships. We brainstormed how to recognize and seize these opportunities and expand our circle of influence, especially to our amazing Clinical Partners. One of the highlights of the meeting was having our therapy partners from Pennant expand their circle of influence with a surprise visit to our meeting with music and fun! Great ideas and insights were shared among the DORs and vital actions identified to enhance our 20-mile march.  
Moments of Truth
Taking Love One Another to Kids
Submitted by Kari Rhodes, MS, CCC-SLP, Therapy Resource, Keystone West, TX
Ronald Fernando, PT, DOR, at The Medical Lodge in Amarillo is a true living example of Love One Another, both in and out of the facility. Ronald has been a PT in Amarillo, both at Legacy Rehabilitation and at the West Market’s most recent acquisition, The Medical Lodge. He is a soft-spoken gentleman, offering his chair, opening doors, and assisting with staff in any area needed. 

Recently, Ronald came in to work sporting a new, short haircut. Behind his mask, he was almost unrecognizable! When asked about his new ‘do, he responded that he had been growing his hair out to be able to donate it Wigs for Kids. According to their website, Wigs for Kids has been providing Hair Replacement Systems and support for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns and other medical issues at no cost to children or their families for over 30 years. This is a beautiful example of Loving One Another on another level and is a testament to Ronald and the type of people that we have within our organization! 
Stacy Wolfe, CNA, Receives Bandera Moment of Truth Award
By Kelly Schwarz, Therapy Resource, Bandera, AZ
Stacy Wolfe has worked as a CNA at Coronado Healthcare Center for two years and has been a CNA for 28 years. Stacy was invited to attend the Bandera Annual Meeting in July and thought she was going to an off-site work training. She was completely shocked when she heard her name announced to be the recipient of the Moment of Truth Award. Upon being chosen for this award, Stacy stated, “I can’t tell you how much it means to make a difference in the lives of people who are in my care — it’s truly a blessing. But, this day has truly touched my soul in a way I can’t describe.”
Stacy is an amazing employee, teammate and leader and is found daily sharing her lunch with others and bringing in treats for staff. Recently, during cold-weather months (yes, it does get chilly in Arizona!) her coworkers discovered Stacy silently purchasing sweaters and jackets to bring in for residents who were homeless/less fortunate and discharging back to the community.  
Thank you, Stacy, for all you do and the love you spread every day!
Teaming Up in Supporting Our Nurses
By Hannah Allen, SLP, St. Joseph’s Villa, Salt Lake City, UT
The Milestone Market SLPs get together for an SLP call once a month to share clinical ideas. During our last call, I was able to lead a discussion about considerations to include in our clinical thinking process when we recommend alternative forms of medication administration due to dysphagia. My husband is a clinical pharmacist who works in the ICU setting and is often involved in determining appropriate adjustments made to medications when patients are not able to take them orally, or not able to take them whole with liquid. He was able to share some great information that can be very helpful in our SLPs teaming up with and supporting Nursing with medication administration.

For example, we discussed how recommendations for crushed medications, or medications taken in any alternative forms, may be affecting the efficacy of the patient’s medication management if appropriate adjustments are not made by a pharmacist. Read On...
Student Interns Share Transfer Reference Guide
Submitted by Gary Pearson, OT/DOR, Pointe Meadows, Lehi, UT
Here at Pointe Meadows, we had some wonderful students this past summer, including three physical therapy students from the University of St. Augustine. The students are Zachary Dreyer, Austin Jenson and Antonino Russo. In collaboration with these three students we made a Transfer Reference Guide, which is an easy-to-follow pamphlet with hints and tips on multiple techniques for transfers and other precautions related to weight-bearing and gait belt use. Also included are QR codes with links to videos on specific transfer techniques and bed mobility.
As DOR, I have incorporated this pamphlet into my portion of new-hire orientation utilizing the information to guide my transfer training for all new employees with the onboarding process. It has also been presented at two all-staff meetings and a nursing/CNA specific training. Read On...
Abilities Care Approach for a Win-Win
By Tiffany Bishop, Therapy Resource, Keystone North, TX
For those of us in the therapy world, we all know the value that the Abilities Care Approach can bring to our residents in the form of increased independence, decreased behaviors, and increased ability to function in the environment. Just this past week, our most recent Therapy Experts in the Abilities Care Holistic Approach (TEACHA) team had a brief check-in call. One of the items we identified as a potential for growth is partnering better with our clinical partners to integrate our ACA programming throughout residents’ whole intervention plan.  

In a time when our partners are already stretched thin, we identified the need for making any recommendations for our clinical teams more manageable to follow. There were several suggestions that were shared, and Elyse Matson is leading the charge to collect any more that have been effective and putting those ideas in an easy-t- distribute format. Below are some of the tips and tricks that were identified during our call. Read On...
Golden Acres Outpatient at ABBA Healthcare
By Cara Koepsel, M.S. CCC-SLP, DOR/CTO, Golden Acres Living and Rehabilitation, Dallas, TX
Golden Acres began a partnership with this ALF at the beginning of March 2021. It all started with a cold call from the DOR to the facility, in which the administrator agreed to a Webex with her team and me. I was able to really sell the services of what my team has to offer and show why a partnership would benefit their facility. 

We started day one with two screens that turned into PT/OT/ST evaluations. We came prepared to be flexible and assess as many patients as they wanted. I sat on the couch in their dining room and communicated with my BOM to run payer sources, check for home health, find primary MD to obtain orders, etc. These items were certainly a barrier, but all things that, with patience and persistence, we were able to work through. Read On...
Happy 5-Year Anniversary to The Healthcare Resort of Colorado Springs! Submitted by David Dunyon, ED, The Healthcare Resort of Colorado Springs, CO
On August 6, we enjoyed good food, great weather and some fun outside with our residents and staff celebrating our short five-year history in Colorado Springs. As I was thinking about the four years I’ve been here, I was thinking about something Christopher Christensen said a couple years ago about founders. Founders are those who, through hard work, commitment and determination, forge something that is better than the sum of its parts. I just wanted to thank those founders of this building — some who have been here from the beginning and some who, while joining later, have done just that: you have forged something amazing out of the sum of our collective parts.
  • HCR Staff: I’ve never before had the pleasure of working with such committed individuals. The power of team is incredible! I really don’t even know what more to say — you leave me speechless with what you do for each other and these residents. I love working with each of you.
  • Southern Peaks Cluster: You are my rock! I am so grateful for your guidance and accountability and being as much a part of this building as your own.
  • Endura Resources and Market: So many of you have been here from the beginning and personally spent so much time pushing this building forward. I hope you feel that you are a part of any accomplishments here.
Thank you. We couldn’t have done any of the things we’ve done without you — you are all founders to me. Check out some of the pictures below! Staff and residents had a great time — and our own Dietary Manager, Paula, did an amazing job with the food.
Keystone North Central Has Grown by Two! By Stephanie Winkler, Therapy Resource, Keystone Central Texas
Keystone North Central is happy to introduce our two newest additions to the family: Cedar Pointe and Sedona Trace, both located in the awesome Austin, Texas, area. Both Cedar Pointe and Sedona Trace are gorgeous facilities that offer a beautiful courtyard with a putting green and koi pond. We can hardly wait to start doing some fun therapy activities with these nice amenities.  

Dustin Rex, PT, is the DOR for our Cedar Pointe facility. He was the DOR at Wellington for several years and moved to the Austin area to be closer to family. We are so fortunate that we are able to keep him with our market! The ED is Shaun Baldwin, SLP, who was previously DOR/CTO at our San Marcos facility. He entered the AIT program last January and is now leading Cedar Pointe. 

Ashley Tatum, SLP, is the DOR for our Sedona Trace facility. She is new to the company and is settling in well. She said that she has been looking for an opportunity to work with one of our Ensign Affiliates, and we are so happy to have her join our team. The ED is Ebony Prater, OTR, who was previously a Thera-Trooper and DOR at our Northeast facility. She had entered the AIT program earlier this year and now will be leading Sedona Trace. 

It is such a pleasure to introduce these new facilities and showcase the leaders that have developed within our awesome company! We are just so excited to welcome our new additions!  
Congratulations to Our Newest SPARC Winner! by Jamie Funk, Therapy Recruiting Resource
Kevin Moon, SLP, graduated from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA, and is our newest SPARC Award winner.

Read his awesome essay below:
Dr. Atul Gawande, the author of Being Mortal, once said, “We think our job is to ensure health and survival. But really it is larger than that. It is to enable well-being.” This quote is powerful and is a philosophy I want to implement to be a spark in the lives of the patients I will be working with.

One way is to provide patient-centered, evidence-based treatments that move towards accomplishing the patient’s goals and wishes. This type of care is what has been emphasized in my training during my externship with Ensign Services and at Loma Linda University. Trying to step into a patient’s world, understand where they are coming from, respecting the patient’s wishes/goals, and delivering inclusive and culturally appropriate treatments are all things that can help better treat patients holistically. Read On...