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Sept/Oct 2022

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As the leaves turn color, the air cools, and the nights darken, we have an opportunity for reflection on what can change for the better in our lives – both professionally and personally. Julia Schmutz, Therapy Resource and HeartMath instructor, recently led a group of resources in an “Attitude Breathing Technique.” The technique involves 1.) Recognizing a feeling or attitude that you want to change; 2.) Focusing your attention on your heart and imagining your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area; and 3.) Breathe a new feeling or attitude into your heart. She gave us some cues; for example, if we were feeling anxious, breathe in calm. If we were feeling stressed, breathe in ease. The technique and training was simple, but the results were profound. Therapists reported that a hectic Monday morning suddenly became calm, or a feeling of being overwhelmed was replaced by ease. Click here for a worksheet from HeartMath on the Attitude Breathing Technique.

The techniques taught by our partners at HeartMath are science-based ways to change an attitude in the moment. Imagine how much better we could be for one another if we incorporated this technique daily or multiple times a day! It only takes moments to recognize a negative attitude and shift. Perhaps we can use the Season of Change as an opportunity to practice. We have multiple HeartMath instructors in many markets, so reach out to Mary Spaeder or your local Therapy Resource to learn more. We are happy to bring the training to your team! 
Pumpkin Culture 
By April Trammel, DOR/CTO, Beacon Harbor Health & Rehab, Rockwall, TX
My heart has been filled! Prior to leaving for PTO I left a pumpkin on my desk with a few words of gratefulness. I left a note encouraging others to add to it. When I returned a week later my team had filled it up with words of positivity, gratefulness and good vibes!! 
Therapy / Nursing Collaboration
#OneClinical in Keystone North Texas
By Cara Koepsel M.S. CCC-SLP, Therapy Resource, CTO - Keystone North Texas
#OneClinical has been a big focus for us here in Keystone this month! We have been piloting and rolling out Ultramist, a wound care treatment tool, in several of our facilities throughout the state and have seen some amazing results. In our efforts to partner with nursing and assist with great outcomes and quality measures through our LTC programming, Ultramist has shown us the way. Our very own Dustin Rex, DPT and CTO at Park Manor Bee Cave, presented on the benefits he and his team in Apex have seen with wound healing and QMs during our company-wide therapy leadership call this month. Read On...
#OneClinical Collaboration in
Salt Lake City
Submitted by Tamala Sammons, MA, CCC-SLP, Therapy Resource 
The Summit clinical cluster leads, along with the clinical, MDS and therapy resources, recently connected in Salt Lake City to collaborate.  Areas of focus included culture, key factor tools, Requirements of Participation (ROP) Phase 3, survey results, participation in a clinical case study and so much more!! 
The Hills Got Skills 2.0 
By Sadaf Roodbaei, NHA, MS CCC-SLP; Angelica Reyes, RN, DON; Paul Emerson Baloy OTD, OTR/L, DOR
The Hills Post-Acute held its second annual skills fair for our nursing staff on Thursday, Sept 15, 2022. This year’s theme was cunningly conceptualized as Circus Carnival.

Our leaders Sadaf, ED and Angie, DON, with the support of all the department heads, creatively put together the circus carnival, themed Passion for Learning, as an experience for all our nursing staff to enjoy. No details were forgotten. They had everything from cotton candy machines, candy claw machine, hotdog warmers, lots of balloons, popcorn maker, circus decor, food and games, which were all set up to make the most of the clever and innovative event. Read On...
Momentum #OneClinical Partnership! 
By Dennis Baloy, OT/DOR/Momentum Therapy Resource - California
DOR-DON Team building at The Source (Buena Park, CA) 7/29/22. From indoor golf, billiards, batting cages, darts and nail salon, it was a day spent solidifying culture with our clinical partners.
Collaboration Conducted at Big Bear, CA 
We held a two-day event focused on clinical education, review of systems and our current trends. It was a great day to get to know best practices being used by our fellow therapy leaders, as well as getting to know each of them personally. Our clinical market leaders were also there to provide insights to our programs and to further support our initiative with high quality clinical care for our residents.
IDT Spartan Race 
St Elizabeth and St Catherine joined forces to complete the challenging Spartan Race at the Angels Stadium! Team members from administration, dietary, nursing, therapy, business office, social services central supply came together to form this squad. From coworkers to clinical collaborators and training partners to now becoming Spartan finishers, the Saints are truly unstoppable!
Looking for Excellence in Dementia Care?
Check Out Some of Our Summit Facilities 
Submitted by Elyse Matson, MA CCC-SLP Resource
On a few recent visits to facilities in Summit, we saw some amazing programming!
In Pennant Washington, the team led by Patrick Amar at Mira Vista in Mount Vernon, Washington, was brimming with positivity and excitement about their dementia care programs. On this particular day, the incredible resources from IN2L were demonstrated. It was clear this team, including their activities director, had a plan for integrating these tools into both therapy and activities. How amazing it was to listen as the team strategized on ways to use IN2L and better the lives of their residents. 
At Owyhee Health and Rehab in Homedale, Idaho, our Abilities Care Refresher was an incredible learning experience about how great dementia programs really help the lives of the residents. Residents were asking to show us their life story boards, and we saw functional plans in action as Lexi Haigh, SLP, DOR, and Fresca Stewart, COTA, explained and demonstrated how abilities care is working in their facility.  Read On...
Soon Burnam
Submitted by Sacchin Bhatia, Therapy Resource
Soon Burnam is the Director of Licensing and Regulatory Services and has been with Ensign Services since 2003!  She has always been a great partner to therapy and has helped support our entrepreneurial spirit by helping navigate the right path for exploring these new ideas. She lives our CAPLICO values in all aspects of her work and is a mentor to all who come in contact with her. She expresses Passion for learning as her favorite core value and feels she is always growing and learning. 
On a more personal note, Soon was born in 1971 in Seoul, South Korea. She grew up in Irvine, Orange county and still calls Irvine home. She and her husband Tom, have four children aged 19, 17, 15 and 13. They have grown up coming to the Service Center since early childhood. When they were younger, they loved helping with some of the behind the scenes duties such as the scanning or photocopying.  Read On...
Taking Time to Investigate Pays Off
Submitted by Kelly Schwarz, Bandera Therapy Resource - Arizona
Anita Holquin, COTA at Peoria Post-Acute and Rehabilitation in Glendale, AZ is known for going above and beyond with her therapy treatments and ADL sessions. While assisting the residents in performing oral care, Anita noted some of them had excessive denture adhesive cream and also identified that some of these same residents had a decrease in appetite, some complaining that they did not like the taste of their food. Taking it a step further, Anita spoke with the nursing assistants and found many of them were not aware of how much adhesive to use with different brands of adhesive.  What they all discovered is that a little goes a long way with the brand that is used by many of the residents!

Anita immediately created training forms, provided nursing huddles for educating the staff, provided training to residents and their caregivers during ADL sessions and the change was remarkable.  Residents began commenting that the food tasted better and they were eating and drinking with more enjoyment!  The extra few minutes it took to investigate these complaints paid off many times over. Anita, thank you for all you do!
Introducing the Outpatient Team at Victoria Care, Ventura, CA 
By Aimee Bhatia, MSOTR/L, PAM, CTO, NCI Therapy Resource, California
Victoria Care Center was the first building in NCI to crack into the world of outpatient by building programming at our now Pennant partners at the Lexington Assisted Living facility. The start was not easy despite being partners, but the impact that has been made and the programming that has been established is remarkable. The Lexington went through a rough patch with changes in leadership, but an administrator recently transitioned back into the role, allowing for some positive changes. Prior to this change, residents were unhappy. The facility was going through a change in leadership, and with the changes came many adjustments to the team. Therapy stepped in to make an impact on many aspects of the residents’ quality of life. Here are just a few things that Shannon Murphy, PT; Stephanie Nowlin, COTA; and Maria Lebon, Rehab Aide took on to help the facility stabilize: Read On...
Ceramic Arts at Hurricane Health 
Submitted by Asa Gardine, Sunstone Therapy Resource, Utah
Hurricane Health & Rehab’s therapy department is always looking for great ideas for new group treatments that are both engaging AND relevant to our patients. Thankfully, we have a passionate team member, Shannon O’Connor, who used her resources and asked her friend, Brandon Berrett, who owns The Creative Cure, a ceramic studio in St. George that provides art therapeutic services to the community, if he would be able to help with a ceramics group. Brandon also teaches ceramics at a local high school, so together Shannon, Brandon, and four of his high school students brought ceramic arts to Hurricane Health and Rehab for a massively successful group treatment.  Read On...
DORiTOs in Action!
Submitted by Maryann Bowles, Endura Therapy Resource, Colorado
Thank you for investing in your therapists — they will grow to be strong leaders for sure! 
Choosing Your Next One Up 
By Whitney Warkentin, MS, CCC-SLP, Endura Therapy Resource, Colorado
Melissa Springer, TPM at Boulder Canyon, has been working diligently on developing her Next One Up. Initially, she sent her ADOR Alaina Fernandez to the DORiTO training, but it didn’t stop there. Alaina is growing and learning every day, and Melissa has done a fantastic job of involving her in meetings and systems at Boulder Canyon. Melissa has also done a great job of “teaching” vs “telling.” She gives Alaina time to problem-solve and come up with solutions, and then they talk through issues together. I think Melissa finds a teeny amount of joy in pushing Alaina outside of her comfort zone! Melissa recently trained other Endura Therapy Leaders on “Next One Up.” She facilitated discussion on how to choose your Next One Up, how to carve out time and energy for training, understanding their learning style and work love language, and how to facilitate teaching vs. telling. As a proud leadership development organization, Melissa has embodied ownership and love one another by developing Alaina into a future leader.
Roy's Corner Legacy of Leadership
Congratulations to Our New CTOs!
Submitted by Nelson Layos, Touchstone Therapy Resource, California
Lisa Rivera-Shumway is one of our newest CTOs in the Touchstone market! She has been with our organization for about 14 years, primarily at The Grove Care and Wellness in Riverside, California, and her influence and growth is evident in her building! Her brand of leadership and work ethic embodies our CAPLICO core values and is demonstrated both in the community and the building, where she delivers her culture and energy to their residents and families. Lisa brings a proactive, problem-solving approach to work and adapts it to all of her initiatives and strategies thoroughly. She is well-supported by her team and is influential and passionate about her work with her team and residents as well. Over the years, not only has she progressed with therapy metrics, but Lisa and her team have helped implement and grow the outpatient program while setting new financial records for The Grove. We are excited to see the endless possibilities for the growth and success of your department. Congratulations, Lisa!
Leslie Taruc has been with our organization since 2003, with 17 years at Claremont Care Center in Pomona, California. She diligently promotes the spirit of CAPLICO in her building and firmly believes that a great culture leads to great results. She started at Claremont Care Center with a full-time staff of four. At this time, she is part of a strong, reliable team of 13 full-time staff composed of PTs, OTs, and SLPs. She has successfully passed IRO and MSCA with excellent scores. Leslie has consistently demonstrated and rallied for a positive culture within her department as well as with the IDT and other departments. She has been an active contributor in maintaining the 5-star QM that Claremont proudly has held for the 17 years that she has worked there. She loves educating and communicating, and she makes herself readily available to celebrate success and help tackle challenges. Her rehab team has proudly won their 11th Outstanding Rehab Award. We are fortunate to have leaders like Leslie who were part of the very early days at Claremont Care Center, and are contributing to our success for many years to come. Congratulations, Leslie!
Congratulations Our Newest Emerald CTO
Submitted by Danielle Banman, Emerald Therapy Resource - Kansas
Jackie Eaton, PTA, is the Therapy Leader at The Healthcare Resort of Topeka, and she is so deserving of the CTO award. Jackie has an incredible work ethic and serves not only her rehab team but her IDT in such selfless ways. Jackie has led our market by growing a strong short-term rehab program. She has developed strong #One Clinical systems to ensure the safety and highest level of independence for the residents with their fall prevention processes. She continues to grow her therapy leaders and outpatient program through community partnerships with independent and assisted living facilities. Most importantly, she brings joy, love, and laughter in every setting and situation. We love her, and it is a privilege to work with her! Congratulation Jackie!
 Weight-Bearing Precautions Board Increases Safety 
By Tali Howard, MS, OTR/L, DOR, Grossmont Post Acute Care, La Mesa, CA
In an effort to increase the general safety of patient transfers, to prevent falls, and to decrease the risk of staff injury, the Therapy department at Grossmont Post-Acute Care established a weight-bearing precautions board, which is located centrally at the nurses station. 
It is a simple board, with patients separated by room numbers and any weight-bearing (WB) precautions they might have. I also send out an email to the administrator and distribute a copy to each nurse’s cart for increased accessibility. We include a legend, which clarifies what the precautions mean (i.e., NWB = non-weight-bearing; TDWB = touchdown weight-bearing; spinal precautions = no bending, lifting, or twisting). We found by doing this, it truly empowers the CNA’s/nursing staff to best know their patients and provide the most optimal care. 
Creative Ways to Keep OTC Appointments 
Submitted by Kelly Schwarz, Bandera Therapy Resource, Arizona
Four members of Bella Vita Health and Rehab’s OTC team (pictured from left to right) — Mike Balderas TPM; Andrea Ramirez; Joann Nybeck; and Abby Walsh — put their heads together to come up with creative ways to encourage residents at Amarsi Assisted Living to keep their OTC appointments and not be tempted to cancel in order to meet their therapy goals. They came up with an idea to have a monthly competition, keeping the scores posted in the therapy gym and holding a monthly award ceremony/ celebration. The first month was a Nu-Step competition, where the residents would all do a warm-up with their “steps” being tracked and posted, much like a video game competition. The game caught on quickly, therapy attendance greatly increased, and the residents shared a common goal and bonded throughout the month-long competition. The award ceremony included a custom nacho bar and drinks provided by Bella Vita, as well as personalized gift baskets with items handpicked by the therapy team for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The team plans to continue the monthly competition and award ceremony, with new goals to keep it challenging and fun for all!
Rehab Week at The Hills 
Submitted by Paul Emerson L. Baloy, OTD, OTR/L DOR, The Hills Post Acute, Santa Ana, CA
In order to promote rehab awareness in the facility, our Therapy team, with the support of our facility leaders, Sadaf, Admin and Angie, DON, hosted daily activities that simulated different disabilities and handicaps and how Therapy can remediate and compensate for those.  Employees participated in thickened liquid tasting, wheelchair obstacle races, one-handed activities of daily living, and therapy employee trivia. Employees regained a fresh and revitalized insight and perspective in the role of therapy in facilitating optimal functionality of those residents we serve in our pursuit of elevating post-acute care in the eyes of the world.  
Pep Rally at Northeast Rehab 
By Lindsay Fry, PT, DPT, CKTP, Cert. DN, CTO, Therapy Resource, Keystone, Texas
Northeast Rehab in San Antonio, TX, had a pep rally equipped with a mariachi band and drum line performed by residents. We also had a “love one another” day for the employees, where the cluster partners and resources provided a BBQ. There was a great turnout, and both the residents and employees enjoyed it! 
Sharing the Love
Kirkwood Lends Support for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Shared by Heidi Gulley, PTA/TPM, Kirkwood Manor, New Braunfels, TX
This month is childhood cancer awareness month and marks my daughter Sophia’s one-year anniversary of starting chemo meds for a brain stem glioma. As a family, we have been through so much this past year, and to say we have been blessed is an understatement. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such amazing friends, co-workers, and what we call our Kirkwood family. In this world where there are so many uncertainties, we have been shown such kindness and love. Yesterday, Christi Lambert McCalip and our Kirkwood team surprised us with Astros tickets, a hotel room, snacks, a new service dog vest for Auggie, a James Avery prayer box necklace, and spending money, and the most incredible part was everyone wore gold ribbons and T-shirts for Sophia. In this family, no one fights alone — #SophiaStrong. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this from the bottom of our hearts.
Wayne Countryview Holds Color Run to Promote Dementia and Alzheimer's Awareness
Marci Woehler, Therapy Program Manager at Wayne Countryview Care and Rehabilitation, is working to dignify Post-Acute Care in the eyes of the world, starting with the community of Wayne! News Channel Nebraska Northeast featured Marci and her team on the fifth annual "Commit to be Fit" week of activities that incorporates a walk for their residents to promote fitness and general well-being. Residents, staff and members of the community joined in for a color walk to promote and raise funds for Alzheimer's and dementia awareness. Click here for the full story and interview!
Walk to End Alzheimer’s  
Submitted by Tamala Sammons, MA, CCC-SLP, Therapy Resource
Bennett Hills participated in the walk to end Alzheimer’s on Saturday, September 10. Colter Duffy, TPM, and the Therapy team were all active participants.
Spreading the Value of
Love One Another 
By Tiffany Bishop, MS, CCC-SLP, Keystone Therapy Resource, Texas
This month, the Therapy Resource teams in Keystone North and Northeast have been focused on spreading our value of Love One Another throughout our markets. In preparation for our visit to Willow Bend for our Love One Another barbecue, DOR Gus Gray took it upon himself to get his full-time staff to fully buy in to loving one another and get his team to 100% participation for the Employee Emergency Fund There were games and prizes and even a pie in the face! He was able to really share our core values with his team, many of whom are newer hires to light the CAPLICO fire at Willow Bend.
Julia Temple PINKtober 2022 
By Patty Fantauzzo, COTA/L, CTO, Julia Temple Healthcare, Englewood, CO
The Julia Temple family came together to celebrate and raise awareness of breast cancer on Patty’s 10th anniversary of survivorship! Thank you everyone for your ongoing support in raising awareness!! 
Patient Success Story
By Camrin Netty, MS, CCC-SLP, DOR, The Healthcare Resort of Leawood, KS
Mara was admitted to The Healthcare Resort of Leawood in July 2021 following hospitalization for stage IV wounds, septic shock, metabolic encephalopathy, and severe protein malnutrition. Her level of function at that time was total dependence for transfers, no movement in right lower extremity, minimal movement left lower extremity, dependent on staff for activities of daily living, and she presented with moderate cognitive-linguistics deficits. She stated during her initial evaluation that her goal was to “walk out of here.” 

Fast forward to September 2022 — Mara is now walking up to 230 feet with a walker, stand-by assist for transfers, and is at supervision for activities of daily living. Mara is cognitively intact and a true advocate for her peers. She is an inspiration to all of us and challenges us to always strive to see the best in others, even when the best seems unattainable. Our PTA Evan Hearn has also demonstrated how being a determined advocate can change the lives of those we serve in our communities. 

“This experience has shown me everybody is hurting. Just be kind. Even when you feel emotionally and physically damaged, don’t give up! With my faith in God and the knowledge and determination from the staff here, I am able to stand on my own two feet again.” — Mara  
Congratulations Patty Fantauzzo, CTO/COTA/L, TPM, Julia Temple, Englewood, CO
From NBCOT News Release:
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Wins Prestigious NBCOT Impact Award FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/01/2022 

Gaithersburg, MD: The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc. (NBCOT®) announces Patricia “Patty” Fantauzzo, COTA/L, a certified occupational therapy assistant from Castle Rock, CO, has won the 2022 NBCOT Impact Award. This award recognizes certified occupational therapy (OT) practitioners who demonstrate exceptional professional commitment through their dedication, hard work, and outstanding OT skills to improve their clients’ overall life satisfaction. 

Patty received the NBCOT Impact Award because of her dedication to providing services for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Patty’s colleague Malissa Sanchez, COTA/L, nominated her for the award. Read On...
Bandera Cluster Partners Enjoy a Therapy Mixer
Submitted by Stephanie Cole, Bandera Therapy Resource, Arizona
Bandera East organized a fun therapy mixer. We had a huge turnout with many therapists, students, and even a few family members. What a great way to get to know our Cluster partners! The evening included some fun trivia games and a recruiting plug by our very own Beth Bergman. We continue to be grateful for our incredibly talented, dedicated therapists who are dignifying long-term care in the eyes of the world. 
Missions Market Adds Fun to
DOR Meetings
By Lindsay Fry, DPT, CKTP, Cert. DN, CTO, Keystone Therapy Resource, Texas
We had a summer series of DOR meetings for the Missions market in Texas. It seems this group of leaders loves the water! Our first meeting was at Therapy Recruiter Andy Cisneros’ pool, another was on one of the ED’s boats, and the last was at Jon Anderson’s pool. At Jon’s house, we incorporated a strategy meeting and had our local therapy resource assistant attend, and then we had an hour of team building. During this time, we played musical floats — think musical chairs, but with pool floats! It was so much fun! Our very own Jon Anderson was the second runner up to the DOR at Northeast Rehab in San Antonio, Heather Cox. We ended the meeting by going down the slide, to signify sliding into fall! Our next series is going to be “Fall Back to Basics.”
Happy Times Mixers Help Recruit Staff 
By Andy Cisneros, PTA/CTO, Therapy Recruiting Resource, Texas
Here in Keystone, we hosted two Meet and Greet Happy Times Events in the month of September, one in McAllen and one in Houston. A great time was had by all our staff that attended, but we also were able to show our value of Love One Another to 25 non-Keystone therapists.

As a result of our events in the month of September, we have two new hires. At the time of this writing, we also have two more starting in October and anticipate adding at least one more. It’s an amazing opportunity to show the outside community of therapists what we are all about! 
Celebrating Multicultural Diversity 
By Tara Meyerpeter, OT, DOR, Keystone Ridge Nursing & Rehabilitation, Omaha, NE
America’s aging population continues to increase in numbers as well as cultural diversity. Baby boomers of all races and nationalities are entering our senior living communities. It is important to embrace cultural diversity and accept the different customs that contribute to the make-up. As the make-up of seniors changes, front-line staff are provided the opportunity to embrace new cultures and celebrate multicultural diversity. 

Here’s how to get involved: 
  • Create an occupational profile to obtain pertinent information regarding ethnicity and cultural background following development of rapport and trust. 
  • Identify ways to incorporate preferences into treatment sessions (such as recognition of prayer practices, cultural preference/practices, and routines).
  • Provide your staff with education to recognize and accommodate the unique needs that accompany different cultures. 
  • Provide activities and programs that offer seniors the opportunity to experience a variety of cultures such as a multi-cultural showcase. Read On...
The Craft Corner at The Healthcare Resort of Kansas City 
By Abi O’Keefe, OT/DOR
Our OTs and residents love our “OT Craft Corner.” It’s utilized daily with our LTC and ALF residents to create their personalized shadow boxes to display outside their rooms as well as participate in their favorite leisure activities. Our LTC resident, Noah, is seen here helping Krista McBee, COTA, create a birthday card for a fellow resident’s 100th birthday. The OTRs/COTAs take responsibility in stocking the crafts that residents request and take pride in getting new, fun activities together for our residents. Since COVID, our residents have enjoyed OT’s increased focus on leisure tasks and reminiscing on their past lives/interests.

If you’re looking for a way to help encourage your OTs to build resident-centered, focused programs, look into a Craft Corner!
CAPLICO Groupies
Group Activities at The Oaks at Lakewood
Submitted by Scott Langdale, Pennant-Washington Therapy Resource
Check out these two group ideas that Glenn Aricaya and The Oaks at Lakewood, WA, put together. These were a collaborative project with Nursing, Activities, Social Services and Dietary. The first one was a "Bingo Store." Patients were given tokens that they could then redeem for clothes, slippers, sodas, candy, etc. 
The second activity was a Qi Gong group (body posture, breathing, and meditation) and aerobics group. Great job, Team Lakewood!!
Welcome Oak Harbor Healthcare and Oakview Health and Rehab
Submitted by Brent Thatcher, Operations Resource, Monument,
South Carolina
Monument would like to welcome Oak Harbor Healthcare and Oakview Health and Rehab to our South Carolina Market! ! It has been over six years since we have grown as a market, and it has taken some time to cross the finish line with these, but it has been well worth the wait!

Oak Harbor is located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, which is a suburb of Charleston. It's a 132-bed facility and is led by Braden Wiscombe, Administrator, Tara Stribling as the Director of Nursing and Shannon Roberson, Therapy Program Manager. We are so excited to have a facility in this location and can’t wait to see all the great things they do.
Oakview Health and Rehabilitation is a 190-bed facility located in Conway, South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach. This team will be led by Charles Dietrich, Administrator, Cayla Gibson, Director of Nursing and Mary Jo Merriam, Director of Rehab. This area of South Carolina is growing rapidly with retirees wanting to live near the beautiful beaches.  The sky is the limit for this team!