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Fall 2021

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Happy Birthday
Beverly Wittekind!
Thank you for being our fiercely field-driven beacon of uncompromising integrity, love, and compassion. You represent all that is true and right in the journey to dignify post-acute healthcare in the eyes of the world. 

We dedicate this issue of the FlagPOST to Bev, and in honor of the queen, we are launching the new therapy website: BuildingTherapyLeaders.com. We love you, Bev! Thank you for making us better. 

 Love, from therapists everywhere
Building Therapy Leaders!
Last week the Director of Rehab in Training (DORITO) group met in-person for two days of leadership development. The investment into future leaders is one of the most important things that we can do. Our leaders had a chance to delve into CAPLICO core values and ways to cultivate and create the best possible environment for teams to thrive. Incredible people made for extraordinary learning. Our leaders together agreed that one of the most important things that we can do right now is embrace and elevate our clinical partners. The list in the picture below is just some of the ideas that came up to enhance our skills at Customer Second. 
Sharing the Love
Giving Patients a Reason to Live
Sharing an inspiring story from Richland Hills: Dallas Fort Worth News featured the Therapy team in their #SomethingGood segment! Sometimes we all need reminders of the truly extraordinary things our teams do in a seemingly ordinary day. Click here for the story!
An Amazing Display of Love for the Hardworking CNAs
By Jeremy Bowen, Executive Director, Coronado Healthcare, Phoenix, AZ
It was cool to see this thoughtfulness toward a fellow department as they supplied dessert trays and a love-up card. Thanks to DOR Melissa Ricciardelli for the incredible display of love and for thinking beyond just one’s department! 
"CAPLICOTA” at Lynnwood Post Acute
By Mira Waszak, Therapy Resource, Pennant WA
How can we help our nursing partners during this time of staffing shortages? The Lynnwood OT team (Lucy, DOR, Shanna, Hannah, Andrea and Carlo) help by providing scheduled showers.  

Pictured are Carlo, COTA, teaching how to document in PCC. Carlo is our CAPLICOTA!
COVID Memorial Garden
By Andy Cisneros, DOR/CTO, Westover Hills Nursing & Rehab, San Antonio, TX
COVID-19 has taken the lives of many of our beloved residents across the country, and here at Westover Hills, the therapy department decided to do something in honor of those who passed away.

These photos show the end results of the labor of love from the rehab staff. Each rock was personalized toward the specific resident
A Reason to Live Through Music 
By Kelly Schwarz, Therapy Resource, Bandera, AZ
Johnathan Kingsley, DPT at Horizon Post Acute and Rehab in Glendale, Arizona, has enjoyed sharing his musical talents of song writing, guitar and singing with residents at work and has been able to touch the residents’ lives in many ways with his creativity. Recently, the team found it challenging to motivate a particular resident (Alex). Johnathan was inspired to not give up on Alex and really wanted to give him a reason to live.

Johnathan came up with the idea of helping Alex find a reason to give back to the facility and the other residents to help motivate him. After spending time together, it was discovered Alex really wanted to learn to play guitar; however, due to loss of function of his left-hand s/p CVA, this was not a feasible goal. Johnathan started having Alex sing along with him as he played guitar, and Alex started writing lyrics to songs. Whenever Johnathan practices singing/lyrics with him, Alex is in the standing frame, which is a difficult task for him. However, he often comes to the gym on his own now, asking to work on standing and singing. Read On...
Mission Hills Community Outreach
By Kelly Woodward, HR Resource, Flagstone, San Diego, CA
I just wanted to share what Mission Hills in San Diego did. I thought it was a fantastic idea. Ashley Yoak, HR Rep, wanted to do a community outreach with her building and include the residents, too. So, she decided to make lunch bags for the homeless, and she got some residents to help make PB&J sandwiches. The residents made 296 sandwiches! The staff from Mission Hills then went out on the weekend and handed out the lunch bags to the homeless. What a great way to serve our community and get our residents involved in making a difference. Thank you, Ashley and Mission Hills, for serving our community.
Walk to End Alzheimer’s 
By Tara Meyerpeter, OTR/L, DOR, Keystone Ridge, Omaha, NE
Our team participated in the national fight to support an end to Alzheimer's. In support of the foundation, we had a bake sale, served walking tacos to our staff, made custom T-shirts and participated in pie in the face. Through the generosity of our staff, family and administrator, we successfully raised $570!

We’re so proud of our facility for our first annual fundraiser/walk to end Alzheimer’s. Our walk was a beautiful experience. We witnessed a husband and wife speaking with the news. The wife was holding a blue flower stating she had Alzheimer’s, and the husband was holding a yellow flower, meaning he is caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. It was amazing to see the variety of people, young and old, to come together for the same cause. At Keystone, our mission is to support our past, present and future.
Nursing/Therapy Collaboration
Submitted by Gary McGiven, Therapy Resource - Milestone - Utah
The Milestone DORs and DONs along with Clinical and Therapy resources all got together to problem-solve the key issue of limiting census due to staffing. The Therapy leaders each divided up the Quick 6 Systems and presented on ways Therapy and Nursing could better partner and how Therapy could be leveraged more to help Nursing be in a better position to take care of more residents and help census growth. The 6 systems are Change of Condition, Falls, Skin, Nutrition & Hydration, Psychotropics, and Infection Control. 
This collaboration led to getting off any “calf paths” and figuring out if efficiency was getting in the way of effectiveness. This created an opportunity to work toward solutions that best met each facility’s needs by targeting the system(s) needing the most attention. After all the discussions, each DOR met with their DON to create a “playbook” with strategies on how to implement all the great ideas discussed. 
This freedom to think and act differently than what may be considered the expectation or the best way to do something is what truly makes us unique. We get to create the environment at our facilities that best meets the needs of the residents and staff. 
Millennium Abilities Care Approach 
Submitted by Tamala Sammons, M.A. CCC-SLP, Senior Therapy Resource
Sharon Merritt, PTA/TPM, at Opus Post Acute Care in West Columbia, SC, is a Cluster Leader for the Monument market. She has a history of organizing and promoting excellent therapy programs and specializes in helping complex patients with extreme deficits to help them have a better improved quality of life. The Abilities Care Approach program at Millennium Post Acute Care in West Columbia, SC, is one of those programs. The Millennium ACA program is tailored to increase abilities of residents with dementia, focusing on what they CAN do and not what they can’t do. Different areas were set up at the facility for a zoo, aquarium and garden, designed to provide visual stimulation as well as auditory and tactile input. The different stations increase socialization and spark conversation between residents, and has helped increase interaction within the whole facility. 
Putting Theory into Practice with Activity Cards By Carly Peevers, SLP and Andrew Folmar, OT Rosewood Rehabilitation, Reno, NV
You’ve done the assessments, sensory profiles, interventions, accumulated all this information about your residents to create a specific maintenance program within their Allen Cognitive Level, but what now? How do we effectively share and educate the caregivers to create a successful functional maintenance program and have a place where they can reference this information as needed? This was a question we had early on in the Abilities Care Approach, and that’s when our facility implemented activity cards. Read On...
WELL (We Embrace
Living |Life!) Strong
Submitted by Cory Robertson, Therapy Resource, Idaho
As a physical therapist, I try to practice what I preach regarding the importance of staying physically active. As an adult, I picked up tennis and found that there are great tennis leagues where you can compete against people of similar skill levels. 
Last month, my mixed doubles tennis team won our division for the state of Idaho and were invited to compete in the sectional championship that included the top teams from six intermountain states: CO, ID, MT, NV, UT, and WY. That competition was October 15-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Idaho is not usually known as a top tennis state, but my team and I came away from the competition as the top team in our division. Below is a picture of my team (I’m on the far right) after we won. 😊
The Importance of Physical Therapy for COVID Recovery  
Submitted by Tamala Sammons, M.A. CCC-SLP, Senior Therapy Resource
Researchers estimate that around 10% of COVID-19 patients become long-haulers. As research continues, the condition is now being referred to as PASC, which stands for Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2. Another symptom called post-exertional malaise has been reported in patient-led surveys. PEM is the worsening of symptoms after physical or mental activities. A person's ability will often vary. An activity that is easily tolerated one day may worsen symptoms the next. A physical therapist can closely monitor a person's responses to exercise to ensure treatment is not causing PEM or making symptoms worse. 

Adding additional physical activity is considered safe when symptoms are managed for a person's energy level during and following exertion. Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants can help COVID-19 long-haulers by treating the effects of PASC. They may recommend activities that people with long COVID can do at home, including low-intensity stretches to improve range of motion, and strength and balance training. Movement is essential to recovery. The goal of physical therapy is to improve strength, stamina, and quality of life through prescribed movement.
Outpatient Success Story at Patriot Heights Submitted by Alyssa Santamaria, Rehab Aide, Patriot Heights, San Antonio, TX
In the late months of 2020, Gracie contracted the virus, COVID-19, which changed her life completely. From being very socially active and full of life, her life was turned upside-down. She was in the fight of her life and recalled hearing “Echale Ganas! Echale Ganas!” which is Spanish for “Give it your all!” 

That was what Gracie kept hearing throughout her fight. And, she did. With time, she was cleared of the virus but continued to have symptoms. Because she was continuing to have symptoms, our Therapy team at Patriot Heights worked with the approval of Dr. Ramon Reyes, to create a plan to help her recover. That plan included getting her back into doing the activities and groups she loved, such as playing the accordion, participating in her church, and always helping all those around her. Read On...
Success Story from The Healthcare Resort of Leawood Submitted by Danielle Banman, Therapy Resource, Kansas
When Harvey Scruggs admitted to The Healthcare Resort of Leawood in November 2020, he required a mechanical lift to transfer, as he was unable to stand and required significant assistance with most self-care tasks and bed mobility. After many months of therapy, Harvey is now able to walk 500 feet using a walker, completes his self-care tasks with little to no assistance, and is even making his own bed!  

We are blessed that Harvey shares his musical gifts with us by playing his saxophone at facility events. This amazing group of ladies have encouraged and pushed him to get to where he is today. Harvey shared, "They never gave up on me, even when I gave up on myself." Harvey will be moving to an assisted living apartment soon thanks to his great progress. Harvey and his Therapy team are an inspiration to all of us!  
Opus Hand Hygiene Program 
By Sharon Merritt, PTA/TPM, Opus Post Acute Care, West Columbia, SC
Meagan Yount, OTR, is spearheading the Hand Hygiene Program at Opus. The program is designed to be a multi-disciplinary approach to reduce the risk of infection transmission and to facilitate good skin integrity. We identify patients who frequently have visibly soiled hands or have tone cognitive impairments or deficits that hinder staff from easily completing hand hygiene. 

The OT initiates the hand hygiene program and identifies strategies that work well for each patient, such as calming techniques, donning hand splints to promote good positioning to allow for nail care, and allowing the patient to participate in the task. The OT then trains staff in techniques that work best for each patient. Hand wipes are placed on meal trays to make supplies readily available for residents and staff for hand hygiene prior to meals. We place signage and dispensers strategically in high-traffic areas. The dispensers are placed at a height accessible to both residents and staff. A custom task was created in PCC to help staff identify which residents are on the hand hygiene program and to foster accountability.
Falls Management: Collaboration is KEY
By Tamala Sammons, M.A. CCC-SLP, Senior Therapy Resource
Part 1: Fall Reduction: Focus on Strategies for Prevention 
How do we identify who is at risk for a fall? Generally, we assess a resident’s physical and cognitive performance to determine who is a fall risk. However, many residents score as a fall risk, so how do we really sort it out? Do we really know who is most likely to attempt to move and why? That is a key difference. 

The Challenge: Identify fall risk residents by finding out who is motivated to move and then find out what that motivating factor is. Give the residents a voice … give the CNAs a voice. Ask the resident and CNA about any changes, challenges and unmet needs. Complete fall rounds on the floor, not in a meeting room! Assess the environment. How is the resident room set up? How is the bathroom set up? Where is the bed in relation to heating/cooling systems? How is the closet designed? What is lighting like at night? Ask the resident about their environment: how it is set up, temperature preferences, access, lighting, etc.  Read On...
A Falls IDT to Identify the Root Cause 
Submitted by Wes Spivey, TPM, Hurricane Health and Rehab, Hurricane, UT 
We decided to take a more collaborative approach with increased falls in our building. We formed a falls IDT group consisting of DON, DOR, Activities, and ED. We meet every Monday morning after stand up. Our goal is to create interventions to prevent further falls, identify the root cause of a fall, update plans of care, ensure accurate documentation, follow up weekly to review interventions placed, and hold each other accountable. We also try to identify trends with frequent fallers; i.e., what time of day are falls occurring? What shifts? Weekends? During meals? 

We were able to convince one of our residents who was falling during meal times to attend assisted dining. Not only did this occupy two to three hours of his day supervised, but he also enjoyed the social aspect of our dining room. We hope to see a downward trend with falls and improved quality measures as we continue to meet weekly.
More Love to Celebrate 
By Marci Woehler, TPM/CTO, Wayne Country View Care & Rehab, Wayne, NE
I’ve been meaning to share with you one of the most amazing couples I will ever have the pleasure of knowing and treating. Meet Clair and Lura Stoakes. Clair is 101, and his wife, Lura, is 96. They celebrated their 80th(!) wedding anniversary back in August. This amazing couple has been with us for over two years, and we try to honor their anniversary in a special way each year.  

When Clair and Lura were dating, Clair drove a Model-A car that he would shine up for his dates with Lura. Being in a small town, we knew someone with a Model-T, and we reached out to see if he would be willing to give the couple a ride for their anniversary. His was only a two-seater, but he called a former NE senator from Lincoln two hours away who has a “touring Model-T.” Our local Ford dealership then got involved and arranged to have that vehicle trailered here for Clair and Lura to take a tour around town.  Read On...
Welcome to Our Newest
Keystone North Team! 
Submitted by Barbara Mohrle, Therapy Resource, Keystone North, TX
Let’s give a huge Keystone North welcome to our newest Therapy team at Park Village in Desoto, Texas! They have jumped right in and helped this to be one of the smoothest acquisitions I’ve ever been a part of! They are led by DOR Kayleigh Burns, who has been with us for four years at Legends of Waxahachie. She’s a PT by background and ready to take on this new leadership role and lead this awesome team to new heights! We’re so excited to see all the amazing things that this team will do for all our new residents!
On a side note, they were previously with a contract company and said they had never been invited to facility events before. We just had our culture day, and they cleaned up on raffle prizes. 😊 Look at those smiles! Welcome to the family, Park Village!
PINKTOBER at Julia Temple  
By Patty Fantauzzo, TPM/CTO, Julia Temple Healthcare, Englewood, CO
Happy PINK Wednesday from Julia Temple Healthcare! This is our sixth annual PINK Wednesday in support of raising breast cancer awareness. Side note: Everyone in the picture is fully vaccinated.
Making Halloween Decorations at Compass by Russell Zygmont, DOR, Compass Post Acute Care, Conway, SC
Here are just a few of the creative costumes from our amazing therapy teams! Click Here to view more!
Introducing Asa Gardine Therapy Resource for Sunstone
By Tamala Sammons, MA CCC-SLP, Therapy Resource
Congratulations to Asa Gardine, Therapy Resource for Sunstone. Asa transitioned into the Therapy Resource position October 1. He was most recently the DOR at Coral Desert. Asa and his wife, Lorie, have three children: Emmitt (16, and yes, named after Emmitt Smith); Ruby (13, and nicknamed “Sweetness” after Walter Payton); and Nolan (9 and yes, named after HOF pitcher Nolan Ryan); and one dog, Indiana (a 10-month-old Golden Doodle). 

Asa found his passion working with neurologic impairments after becoming certified with NEURO-IFRAH in 2017. He also loves treating cardiac patients. Asa enjoys running, hiking, weight training, almost any sport (except pickleball), skiing/snowboarding, water-anything, cars (driving and working on), traveling, and he loves the Chicago Cubs.

Some other fun facts about Asa:
● His favorite food is a good hamburger
● His favorite movie is Remember the Titans
● His favorite book is Unbroken (he loves history)
● His favorite inspirational quote is “Life can be meaningful enough to justify its suffering” —Jordan B. Peterson
Congratulations to Our New CTOs!
The CTO (Chief Therapy Officer) is the highest designation a therapy leader in the organization can receive. It is a tall order to be in this elite club. 
Lou Antiquiera, PT/DOR, Pacific Care 
Submitted by Mark Cheney, ED, Pacific Care Healthcare & Rehabilitation, Hoquiam, WA
We are excited to celebrate Pennant Washington’s first CTO in the market. We are very proud of Lou (pictured in center)and wanted to shout from the rooftops about how awesome he is and what a blessing he has been for our building. Please Join me in congratulating him.
Todd Burgener, PT, DPT, CBIS,/DOR Paramount Health & Rehabilitation, Salt Lake City, UT
Submitted by Gary McGiven, Therapy Resource, Milestone, Utah
Todd (pictured left with Gary McGiven) has done amazing things as the Therapy leader at Paramount in Salt Lake City. He has grown a team from all PRN employees to a full PT, OT, and SLP staff with an ADC ranging from 45-60. Todd and his team have set the bar in our market for what is possible with long-term care. They have gone from a sub-$5 PNSD to $40+ PNSD. They have some of the happiest residents you will ever see and have some amazing rehab stories. They have also partnered with Nursing and Rec Therapy, providing amazing groups in a time where the socialization that groups bring has been vital to quality of life. 
Keystone's Newest CTOs
Submitted by Jon Anderson, DPT, Senior Therapy Resource - Keystone
April Trammell, SLP, DOR, Beacon Harbor, Keystone North
April Trammell transitioned into the Beacon Harbor family with the acquisition in December 2019, leaving her with only three months of “normalcy” to learn our CAPLICO culture and core values before the pandemic started and our health care world completely changed. April took advantage of every moment of those three months, and she was a sponge, soaking up everything she could learn and asking for more. She showed true ownership from day one, asking questions, starting programs, and striving to make the Beacon Harbor Therapy team the best it could be. She embraced their CAPLICO culture and began doing things with and for her staff to illustrate Customer Second and Celebration. Read On...
Katie Kellagher, SLP, DOR, Legend NW Houston, Keystone East
Soon after graduating from Texas Tech University, Katie started working at one of our Legend Healthcare locations, and shortly after that, she stepped into the role of ADOR. Although she was initially hesitant to take the next step into a leadership role, in 2019 the nudging paid off and Katie transitioned into the role as DOR at Legend Oaks Northwest Houston. 

Katie is incredibly humble and displays Level 5 leadership qualities; for example, if you give her praise, she will shyly say thank you and credit the success to her team. The demographic of her facility is primarily made up of long-term care residents. Katie quickly realized and embraced the need for creating a therapeutic environment for those residents, building solid relationships with orthotic and wheelchair vendors, and increased her proficiency in understanding PASRR and how valuable access to therapy services can be for that resident population.  Read On...
Michael Ong, PT, DOR, Legacy Rehabilitation and Living, Keystone West
When Michael Ong began his studies in the Philippines, he set out on a course to be a surgeon. As he continued his studies and began his internship, he realized that he wanted to provide more hands-on care. He discovered a passion for exercise and patient progression, which he sees as the backbone of physical therapy. Michael started his career in the United States in Florida as a physical therapist. He established core skills and a love for his profession and his patients. 

After 11 years in Florida, his job as a travel therapist took him to a position in Amarillo, Texas. Even though he was originally scheduled to be there for only three months, he decided to become a permanent member of the team and took a full-time position under then DOR, Marisa Parker. When Marisa became the executive director of the facility, Michael stepped into the DOR role in September 2019. Hesitant at first, he grew into a true leader. The facility program had already been successful and expectations were high. Michael stepped up to the challenge, seeking out ways to learn everything he could about leading his team. He has been a trailblazer in long-term care programming and frequently leads Keystone West and the top one-third in all Keystone therapy metrics, all while finding new and creative ways to improve patient outcomes. Read On...