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July 2021

In-person meetings are cautiously returning across the company, and the power of presence is an extraordinary thing. Never again will a hug be just a hug, or a meeting be just a meeting. When all of the Therapy Resources recently got together for the first time since 2019, it was evident how much we gain from being in the same room, sharing stories face to face, and healing from the still palpable scars of the pandemic. Amazing what can happen when the collective hearts of those on a mission to dignify LTC come together to support one another and grow! 
Spotlighting Our Nurses
Chelsey Terrell, RN, Pointe Meadows Health and Rehabilitation, Lehi, Utah
By Scott Hollander, Therapy Recruiting Resource
Chelsey (pictured with husband Porter) is one of the most extraordinary nurses in our organization. She has a heart of gold and is dedicated like no other. She has an amazing way with her patients, gentle but firm, compassionate but real. You can hear her laughter through the hallways every time she is working. CAPLICO is who she is. With a true focus on Love One Another, she brings accountability to her colleagues. No slack is allowed when she is around, and all staff members respond positively to her leadership and direction. Chelsey stepped up to fill the interim DON role recently, and during that time she helped to revamp infection control policies, truly acting like an owner to ensure the safety of the residents. Chelsey has been with Pointe Meadows since it was opened in 2017, and Pointe Meadows wouldn’t be the same without her. She is a passionate and caring leader, and she makes a difference in the lives of everyone she touches. We love you Chelsey! Thank you for all you do!
Summer Olympic Celebration
By Dennis Baloy, Therapy Resource/DOR, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Fullerton, CA
We brought the Summer Olympics right to our residents here at St Elizabeth in Fullerton, CA! Our events were weight lifting, rowing, corn hole, and the grand finale with wheelchair races. Therapists and nurses cheered on each patient, flags were waved in the facility and bells were rung as they crossed the finish line! We ended the event with everyone receiving a gold medal as we all sang our National Anthem. It was both fun and emotional as we all celebrated together!
Awesome Transfer Training Video
With support from their CEO, Katherine Oh at Grossmont Post-Acute in La Mesa, CA, Tali Howard, Karen and Eric worked with Alan Gibby to put together a training video on transfer training. Karen and Eric have been doing the training live for the nurses and CNAs every month at orientation, and they came up with the idea of putting it together in a video. We are so excited about this video and the opportunity it presents to re-think and level up some of our training tools. For access to this internal video, it will soon be posted on our LMS site. Please take a look and share ideas for other demonstration training videos we might want to add to our library for nurses and CNAs.  
Many thanks to Karen, Eric, Tali, Katherine and Alan for having the idea and the creativity and for taking the time to make it happen!  
Passion for Learning
Elyse Matson, Therapy SLP Resource, recently completed trainings in the ID/NV market with SLPs and DORs. This training focused on the importance of:
  • SLP case mix accuracy 
  • Various tools for evaluation and treatment of dysphagia 
  • Integration of Resistive Muscle Strength Training (RMST) into clinical practice 
  • The importance of cognitive intervention and correct coding of cognitive codes 
  • Implementing skilled maintenance programming with LTC residents

Training activities included administering the BIMs and accuracy of scoring; a review of cranial nerve assessments; understanding a language crosswalk between section K and SLP documentation; clinical importance of RMST and treatment tools that can be used to integrate this treatment approach into practice; review of coding guidelines around cognitive assessment and treatment codes; and treatment plans and documentation examples with maintenance programming. 

It is important for not only our SLPs to have access to all of the tools and resources to practice at the top of their profession, but also for non-SLP therapy leaders to fully understand and support SLPs in all aspects of SLP programming. 
Snapshots from the Field: Meetings and Trainings with our Clinicians
By Elyse Matson, M.A. CCC-SLP Resource
Last week Heather Bjernudd, Monument Therapy Resource and I spent some time in the Monument market to visit the amazing SLPs at Millennium and Opus Post Acute Care in South Carolina. Melissa and McKenzie really live CAPLICO with strong ownership and intelligent risk-taking in order to create a great speech team! 

Our training focused on improving the services provided for patients with tracheostomies and ventilators. It was really fun to discuss cases, airways and team roles. It was also great meeting the OT staff at Millennium who were busy starting their Abilities Care Program. Betty and Kimberly really understand how to tap into those remaining abilities of their residents.  
Next, it was time to meet Kelly Alvord, PT, Therapy Resource at Sunstone Market, and Amanda Grace, OTR, Abilities Care Resource in the Emerald Market for a LIVE Abilities Care Training! It was a wonderful day with nearly 50 participants. The day began at the beautiful Olathe, KS Community Center with all disciplines together. Can do, May do, Will do was our morning mantra. In the afternoon, the SLPs and PTs were off to the Health Care Resort of Olathe. The training was interactive with lots of discussions about making our therapy meaningful for the residents. 
Clinical Instructors: One of the Most Influential Parts of Our Professional Growth
By Joseph Benzon (JB) Chua, PT, CEEAA, DOR, Summerfield Healthcare, Santa Rosa, CA
“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” — Anthony J. D’Angelo

Clinical Instructors (CIs) are individuals who will create, mold and influence our personalities as we tackle the ever-changing world of healthcare. I, myself, started as a student who was trained by some of the best therapists in our organization. Janet Weinberger, PT, was a lead PT at Summerfield when she took me under her wings and taught me not only great clinical skills, but also strong clinical documentation skills. She’s now on our ADR and Appeals team. Janet’s DOR was Lori O’Hara, SLP. She led her team in Summerfield with her great knowledge and driven attitude and had inspired me to do the same. Lori is now the lead therapist helping us navigate the new payment system of PDPM. Lastly, my former DOR and resource, Gina Tucker-Roghi, OTR, helped me to identify the unique talent of every individual and foster these individuals to really shine (much like her Abilities Care Approach, right?).

...Our profession as well as our organization is shaped by each and every talented and driven therapist. Share your knowledge and keep the passion for learning alive.
Successful Integration of Think Thin and Respiratory Muscle Strength Training (RMST)
Suzanne Estebo Simko, M.S. CCC-SLP, Olympia Transitional Care, Olympia, WA
I will say, every patient (at least five) that I have put on a free water protocol has passed an instrumental and been upgraded to thin liquids successfully. I have a patient who is a younger CVA. When I asked if his decreased vocal volume was his "normal voice," he stated, "no," and began to cry. I started him on a breather for respiratory muscle training, and his vocal volume increased after the first round of exercises and has continued to improve thereafter. We are really working on self-monitoring now. I love our Pennant Speechie meetings and learning from everyone else!  
Tips to Help With Point of Service Documentation
By Carly Peevers, SLP, and Danielle Long, SLP, Rosewood Rehabilitation, Reno, NV
On a recent Pennant ID/NV SLP call, the following tips were shared to help improve Point of Service (POS) documentation. Although it was an SLP focused call, these tips are great for all disciplines.

  1. Documenting while with a patient does not decrease the quality of therapy being provided.
  2. POS documentation can be used as a therapy tool.     
  3. POS documentation is easier than at the end-of-day documentation.
  4. POS documentation actually makes your notes and billing more accurate and in real time.
For more tips, check out this resource: 
Danielle shared how she added a chair to her WOW (workstation on wheels) for efficient treatment and POS documentation. Pictured is the WOW that she takes around the facility. 
Therapist Spotlight: David Cox
By Angela Anderson, DOR, Gateway Transitional Care Center, Pocatello, ID
In October of last year, right in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak in our little town, we were able to hire one of the best PTs we have had at Gateway. Despite the conditions surrounding his introduction to Gateway, he quickly demonstrated CAPLICO values, and his leadership skills started to shine. In the short time he has been with us, he adapted to the craziness of the pandemic and pulled Nursing and Therapy together with his obvious clinical competence and excellent communication skills.   

David Cox, PT, DPT, (pictured left with wife Kaitlin) graduated from the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, which is consistently ranked in the top 10 Physical Therapy schools in the nation. His areas of specialty include neurological disorders (stroke, spinal cord injury, nerve damage, etc), disorders of balance, vestibular rehabilitation, post concussion symptoms, lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain and knee pain. He is co-author of the article, “Fatigue and Functional Outcomes in Cancer Rehabilitation,” published in the journal Supportive Care in Cancer. He is an exceptional teacher and is a Credentialed Clinical Instructor who has brought us multiple students from his Alma Mater. David is actively working toward a board certification as a neurological clinical specialist.  

The things that I have appreciated the most about David aside from the valuable clinical competence is his effect on the rest of the therapy team and IDT. He treats the team as he would want to be treated and goes above and beyond to bring excellent clinical care and outcomes to our building. His culture is contagious and we are grateful for him!
DOR Spotlight: Roe Hughes
By by Heather Bjernudd, Therapy Resource, Monument, SC
I am excited to welcome our new Director of Rehab, Roe Hughes, at Rock Hill PACC in Rock Hill, South Carolina! Roe has been a PRN Speech Pathologist at the facility for a few years. The timing was right when this position recently opened up, and we are thankful to have Roe join our Ensign Therapy Family! 

Roe has two beautiful daughters, ages 2 and 9. Her passion and energy exude our CAPLICO values. She believes caring for others is the greatest gift we can share. Roe told me that her life's motto has always been that “service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth." She also said that Speech Therapy has afforded her the opportunity to help care for others. Roe has a wealth of clinical experience and is definitely a great addition to the Rock Hill Team. Welcome to Our Family, Roe!
CTO Recognition
By Kelly Alvord, Therapy Resource, Sunstone, UT
Congratulations to Kirk Player for earning the CTO recognition!
Kirk (pictured with wife Katie) joined Pinnacle Nursing and Rehab in Price, UT, back in November 2019, and that was a huge win for all of us. Kirk has shown the ownership at Pinnacle, within the Sunstone market and with the whole organization. He’s elevated the care, the fun, the teamwork, the culture, the performance, the innovation and so much more. 

Kirk has gone above and beyond for all of us, like wearing a pink bunny costume and being a live target for the residents and staff to “shoot” at him, helping patients relive work experiences by running a backhoe, and bringing his horse to interact with residents and staff where big smiles were created. He’s presented on Webex to the whole Ensign organization by sharing his development of programs and community outreach. He’s been heavily involved with the Sunstone market at cluster/market meetings and supporting fellow DORs. 

Kirk has also been a big part of the financial performance at Pinnacle, where therapy margin and facility EBITDAR has almost doubled and their LTC/Outpatient program has quadrupled since Kirk has joined us. He works extremely hard and he is results-driven, but he also knows how to have fun while doing it. Thanks, Kirk, and congratulations on this well-deserved achievement.    
Congratulations to Neeka E Majzoubi, 2020 Graduate of The University of
St Augustine, Austin, TX 
By Jamie Funk, Therapy Recruiting Resource
Neeka was the winner of our Amazon gift card drawing for responding to our recruiting survey sent to recent therapy grads in our Applicant Tracking System database. We wanted to find out where recent grads are looking for therapy jobs, and she was one of approximately 40 people who helped us out. What we learned is that the majority of therapists simply use a Google search to look for jobs in specific geographic locations. Based on this information, we are currently working on ensuring that our jobs can be found by the “Google-bots” when they are posted. 

We are also working on linking related posts and articles to our jobs and social media posts to get more internet exposure. Stay tuned as we continue to increase our effectiveness on the world wide web!
Moments of Truth
Submitted by Katie Kellagher CCC-SLP, DOR, Legend Oaks NW Houston, TX
I want to take this opportunity to recognize two amazing COTAs from Legend Oaks Northwest Houston, Rene Haynes and Cocoa Hampton. Our building has been experiencing staffing difficulties and these two wonderful people have stepped up multiple times to help with patient care on the floor. They have stayed late after treating their caseload and even came in to work a shift on the weekend. They are a true example of “Dignifying long term care in the eyes of the world,” and I am so proud to have them as part of our Rehab team and Legend Oaks Northwest family.
Out-Of-The-Box Way to Keep
Spirits High By Suzanne Estebo Simko, M.S. CCC-SLP, Olympia Transitional Care, Olympia, WA
Bailey Fuentes, COTA at Olympia Transitional Care, WA, demonstrates great empathy and innovative thinking for our residents at Olympia Transitional Care. She has recently taken a resident by the name of Terri under her wing and developed creative "out of the box" ways to keep Terri's spirits high during her extended stay. Bailey coupled Terri's love of cheering on others and stickers into a volunteer position for the Therapy department. She gave Terri the title of "Therapy Assistant" (complete with customized name badge) and makes sure to pay Terri in stickers each day for her "work." Bailey stated, "I just wanted to make sure that her quality of life was being served by helping others." Thank you, Bailey, for embracing “love one another” of CAPLICO! 
New Marksmanship Skills at Pinnacle Nursing and Rehab
By Kelly Alvord, Therapy Resource - Sunstone, UT
The Therapy Team at Pinnacle Nursing and Rehab brought a new skill of Marksmanship to Price, UT. They’ve added Nerf archery and Nerf axe-throwing to their Nerf gun range. They utilize these activities within their skilled interventions to make it fun and competitive for individual and group treatments.

A patient asked for his picture to be taken with his multiple bullseyes using his axe-throwing skills, so he could show his friends. Thanks, Pinnacle, for continuing to be innovative with your skilled intervention. 
Celebrating a Special Birthday
By Andy Cisneros, TPM/CTO, Westover Hills, San Antonio, TX
Today was a special day at Westover. It was the birthday of one of our residents. It wasn’t just any birthday, though; it was his 50th birthday. Delton was born with a rare disorder called Lesch-Nyhan syndrome and wasn’t expected to live until his 50th birthday. Not only is he living, he is thriving, and we wanted to celebrate him. He has a great love of music and will sing anytime he hears a song. He is especially fond of a Texas favorite, George Strait. He has never been able to go to a concert in his life, so we brought the “concert” to him. We played a copy of one of George Strait’s shows on the big screen as we enjoyed nachos and cake.
Celebrating Independence Day with Therapeutic Fun at Meadowview! 
By Dominic DeLaquil, Therapy Resource, Idaho/Nevada
To celebrate Independence Day, the therapy team at Meadowview Nursing and Rehabilitation in Nampa, Idaho, put together a day of fun, celebration and therapy for their residents. They had a festival outdoors that included music, snow cones and popcorn, and best of all, a dunk tank! The ED, DOR and DON all took turns on the dunk tank seat, as well as some of the therapists and other leaders in the building. Other therapists worked with the residents to successfully sink the management team! Therapists and nurses wore red, white and blue to celebrate the holiday. It was great fun for all!  
Watch the short video to see the ED Chase Gunderson get dunked by a resident (with some good aim!) as the wet DON and DOR watch from the sidelines

“It was a great way to get patients outside and build strength and coordination with a smile after a big year. It was also a good way to build positive culture among all the staff,” said Physical Therapist Tess Hurley. “It was a great and productive way to celebrate the patients and staff at Meadowview!” Great job, Meadowview, combining culture and celebration and the holiday with your therapeutic interventions!  
Congratulations to Hannah Allen, SLP, at St. Joseph Villa
By Gary McGiven, Therapy Resource, Milestone, UT  
Hannah completed her Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of swallowing (FEES) competency training and has become fully certified to independently complete FEEs diagnostics.

She is featured here with her clinical mentor, Matt Parsons, SLP, from our Paramount Health and Rehabilitation facility in Salt Lake City, UT.  
Group Contest at Keller Oaks
By Kristin Ryther, DOR, Keller Oaks Healthcare Center, Keller, TX
Keller puts the fun in functional with meaningful activities. This week, we highlighted Talent/Hobby Week.