July 11, 2019 
Join Now & Help Our Group Health Plan
Build a Strong Foundation for Future

Last year, American Pharmacies delivered on its pledge to bring a strong group health insurance plan offering to you with highly competitive benefits and rates.Our 2019 launch of our Mutual Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) plan was success, as more than 350 American Pharmacies shareholders, employees and dependents are now enrolled in our professionally managed group plan offering health, dental, vision, life and AD&D through United Health Care.

Many of those who enrolled in the plan last year are enjoying significant premium reductions from their former insurance coverage. Check the 2019 coverages and monthly premiums for yourself in our five health plan offerings and you will see that both benefits and cost are highly competitive and may even bring you significant savings. We are hoping that 2020 rates hold close to what we achieved in 2019.

Though the initial rates are attractive and very competitive, there is far more at stake here than current benefits and costs. Increasing enrollment in the plan for 2020 will help APRx achieve future plan improvements:
  • As the covered group grows in size with each successive year, premiums will rise at a lesser rate and perhaps even decrease as the risk is spread across an ever-larger group.
  • When the plan reaches sufficient size, we can create a self-funded arrangement and assume financial responsibility for claims payments, administrative costs and reinsurance. This would lower premiums even more.
  • When the plan achieves self-funded status, APRx will have more input on benefit design and coverages, meaning we can help shape the plan to better meet our group's characteristics and needs. Most notably, we would be positioned to form a community pharmacy preferred PBM benefit.
Although open enrollment for the plan will begin this fall, an employee census is needed to qualify for 2020 participation. To get started, simply complete the short, editable 2020 Interest Form. Please submit the completed form as soon as possible before July 31 to APRx General Counsel Miguel Rodriguez by email at mrodriguez@aprx.org or by FAX to 512-992-1391. Miguel or Rick Goebel, APRx's managed care consultant, will get back to you to collect your census information in order to obtain a quote.

As APRX President Mike Gohlke said last year when we created this plan, "This is the greatest opportunity we have to control our health-care costs. Your commitment will jump-start this initiative and help us achieve even greater savings with self-funding in the future. Please look beyond this year and take that leap of faith. This will be big for you and our organization down the line." 

Your APRx Board

Alton Kanak, R.Ph.
Joe Ochoa, R.Ph.  
Vice Chairman

Steve Hoffart, Pharm.D.
Lynn Everett, R.Ph.
Mike Muecke, R.Ph.
Vance Oglesbee, R.Ph.  
Bruce Rogers, R.Ph.
Your APRx Staff

Mike Gohlke, President
Laird Leavoy
Sr. VP, Sales & Operations

John Cooper
VP of Sourcing & Consulting Services

Ryan Gevara
Vice President of Sales 

Nathan Rawls 
National Accounts Director

Torey Eckhardt
National Accounts Manager

Brandon Beavers
Pharmacy Business Consultant

Chris Benest
National Account Manager

Kristin De Felice
National Account Manager

Tyler Nunley
Pharmacy Business Consultant

Ryan McDonald
Pharmacy Business Consultant

Austin Zook
Pharmacy Programs Manager

Chuck Waters
Dir. of  Marketing, Comm.,
 & Member Services

Charlotte Hutchison
Marketing & Communications

Samantha Vossenberg
Executive Director,
Strategic Sourcing

Paxton Barnes
Business Development Analyst

Jeff Jacobs
Pharmacy Operations Manager

Cristina Rucobo
Sales & Operations Analyst  

Brennan Brown
Pricing Analyst

Paula Gray
Administrative Assistant

General Counsel
Miguel Rodriguez

Rick Goebel
Managed Care Consultant