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City's Startup Incubator Doubles in Size, Expands Role to Include
Education, in Just Two Years

Technology Park has long been the cornerstone of our city. Founded by Paul Duke in the 1970s and '80s, it attracted top engineers who came to work for companies that were developing cutting edge technology. Hayes Modems and others located here in Tech Park developed technology that impacted the world.
In  an effort to create an "innovation hub" to revitalize Tech Park, the city founded a startup incubator to help support entrepreneurs with their hardware and software startup companies. In October 2016, Prototype Prime opened its doors in 12,500 square feet of office space in Tech Park with two startup teams and three eager employees who were excited to get their concepts launched. Now just two years later, it has grown to 14 businesses with 51 employees.

  Trash Pickup, Recycling Service Update
In January, a new company, Waste Management, will begin collecting garbage and recycling material for the city.

Reminder ... New Hauler to Provide Service in 2019

Effective January 2019, the city will transition to a new solid waste and recycling collection provider, Waste Management. Waste Management (WM) will provide the City of Peachtree Corners automated cart services for waste and recycling collection. 

Highlights Include

Brand New Carts:  Each resident will receive 2 new carts (1 each, waste and recycling).  Cart deliveries will begin mid December and run through the end of the month.

Cast Your Ballot This Fall for Sunday Sales Referendum

On November 6, 2018, a special municipal election will be held at Peachtree Corners City Hall for qualified voters to decide whether to allow the City to permit and regulate Sunday sales of distilled spirits or alcoholic beverages by the drink from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.    Read More

Emita Su Voto Este Otoño Para El Referendo de Venta De Bebidas Alcohólicas Los Domingos

El 6 de noviembre de 2018, se llevara a cabo una elección especial en la cual se somete a
los votantes calificados de la ciudad su determinación el cual autorizan a la Ciudad permitir y regular la venta de bebidas destiladas o bebidas alcohólicas para su consumo por trago los domingos de 11:00 a.m. 12:30 p.m.     Mas

 Town Center News
The Lazy Dog Restaurant is expected to open its first location this side of the Mississippi in the spring 2019.
Restaurant with Dog-friendly Patio to Open in Town Center

Joining the growing list of eateries at the city's Town Center is California-based  Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. K nown for its pet-friendly accommodations, the business is scheduled to open in the spring 2019. It will be the first Lazy Dog location to open in the Atlanta metro area

The 8,000 square-foot restaurant will include a 1,400 square-foot outdoor patio featuring a fire pit and lounge. Dogs on leashes will be welcome on the patio.  The restaurant's interior offers cozy fireplaces and rustic mountain-themed decor, the extensive menu offers a variety starters, small plates, salads, burgers, pizza, chicken, steak and fish.    Read More
Jonathan Fountain (pictured) and co-founder Scott Betzel recently launch an online market place website for outdoor sports buffs.
Outdoor Sports Marketplace Growing at Prototype Prime Incubator

A former eBay merchant has founded a company in Peachtree Corners to connect outdoor sports enthusiasts through a website called The Flow.

Jonathan Fountain, with co-founder Scott Betzel, are in the process of signing up 5,000 initial members to be part of an outdoor sports network which allows members to buy and sell, set up activities, collaborate around causes, and quite simply just connect.

Fountain and Betzel, friends from Georgia Tech, are combining an online marketplace with a social networking space.    Read More
Check Out the New 'PCN' YouTube Channel

It's full of fun and interesting videos about life here in "The Corners" and all of the shows are hosted by residents who live right here in Peachtree Corners.

Be sure to visit the city's new YouTube Channel - Peachtree Corners Network  at: 

Water Restrictions Still in Place

Gwinnett County follows the state's year-round non-drought outdoor watering schedule for residential use, which allows landscape and lawn irrigation, before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m.

For questions regarding the outdoor watering schedule, please email

Interested in attending a free photography class? 

Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming workshops and and reserve your seat. Access the calendar here.

The calendar on the city's website is open for anyone in the community to post non-profit events that take place within the city limits.

When it rains pet waste left in streets, yards, or other open areas wash into storm drains, streams and into the Chattahoochee River.

Did you know ...

Polluted stormwater is the primary cause of water quality problems in the Chattahoochee River Basin. Every time it rains, water runs off the land as stormwater picking up pollutants and debris - including pet waste.

As pet waste decays, it uses up dissolved oxygen and releases compounds that are harmful to fish and other aquatic life.

Burn Ban Lifted Effective Oct. 1

T he annual outdoor burn ban officially ends on Sept. 30. 

Once the burn ban has been lifted, residents are required to first check with the Gwinnett County Fire Marshall to confirm if it is an allowable burn day.  Many factors, such as atmospheric conditions, come into play that affect whether its an allowable burn day.  Contact Burn Information Line: 678-518-4979 or

The burning of leaves, limbs and natural vegetation is allowed, however, no burning of solid waste or household garbage is allowed. Burning is NOT allowed on Sundays or nights.
Home-Based Businesses Required to File for Occupational Tax Certificate

Did you know that if you are you operating a business out of your home, you are required to submit an application with the city and adhere to the requirements for a home-based occupation?

Please read the  Qualifications and Conditions to ensure you are able to comply with these guidelines. If you are unable to meet these guidelines, the business cannot be operated from your residence.

Owners of home-based businesses must also complete and submit a Business License Application. Forms are available on the  city's website. For questions, please contact the Business License Office by  email or by phone: 678-691-1208. 
Calling All U.S. Veterans

The Peachtree Corners Veterans Monument Association has made arrangements with Tytan Creates, an award-winning content creation company, to record short video introductions of the veterans of Peachtree Corners.  

The recordings will be incorporated into the Monument's Interactive component. Each recording session will last no more than 15 minutes, with the final product to be a one to five minute edited recording. The recording will be linked to the veteran's name and/or paver and will "pop up" when someone looks up the veteran on our roster or looks at his/her paver.        Read More

City Adds 22 New Businesses in August

City Hall processed new occupational tax certificates for a variety of businesses last month including a locksmith, an auto parts store and a state-chartered elementary school.

See the  complete list of businesses  along with contact information.
Check Out Upcoming Events and Classes at Prototype Prime

Whether you're considering diving into the world of entrepreneurship or looking for ways to expand your business, take a few minutes to peruse the list of learning opportunities offered at Prototype Prime this month.

Sept. 19: Join ATDC Community Catalyst, Jenny Bass, for a casual discussion from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m., sign up  here.

Sept, 27: Meet with ATDC CTO in residence, Michael Sengbusch, from 2-4 p.m. Sign up here.

For questions, contact Zoe Fox at Prototype Prime.

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