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Fall Blend Spotlight
Our new fall blends are here! This week we are highlighting Dark Fay's Wishes. This blend of caramel and Chinese black tea is perfect when cooler temps abound.

It makes a great compliment to harvest rituals and celebrations, as well as a perfect offering for the Fair Folk. Traditionally, bowls of milk would be left out for the fairies, and this delightful blend contains caramel pieces, sure to please fairies and humans alike!

Life Forecasts
In keeping with our motto "Infuse Your Life", I also offer " Life Forecasts". These forecasts take the form of tarot and tea leaf readings.

I view Life Forecasts as a form of spiritual GPS, they help clarify where you are in relation to a situation and the likely trajectory if you stay on a given path.

Curious? You will find more information about these services on our website.
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